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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dog Days Of Summer

So, the saga with the house we're under contract continues - I'm giving it a couple of weeks and then we might be yelling Uncle, we'll see. But that leaves David with a couple of weeks to finish projects around here - I had asked him to specifically do two things. He gets edgy because we're between houses but we will spend money on these projects at some point, either now or later. Won't be any cheaper so might as well get it down. The livng room is coming out great, it will be double the size of the original when he's finished. Reuben has finally made peace with it - for the longest time he would not go past where the original wall had been. We did manage to coax him over, but then he'd Scary Pee and bolt so we let him be. He finally figured it out a couple of weeks ago and joins Molly on the bench to spy on the Potentially Dangerous Neighbors. We actually peep at them a little as there are two fighting over a property line. One neighbor has lined up 2 x 4"s and the offended neighbor sneaks over and  tosses them in his driveway. Then he puts them back. Rinse, repeat. Our next door neighbors continue not to speak to us over the ditch that he told everyone was overflow from our septic system - when it rains there is about a quart of water in it. He was wrong but cannot admit it so when we go outside I wave at him and he creeps back in his house. And yes I do it on purpose, it's funny to see him turn himself inside out pretending he does not see us. I do really love our neighborhood. Anyhow, the other thing I asked David to do was fence in part of the yard - we have 6 acres and two side butt up against farm land. When we let the dogs out we have to go with them, if you're doing anything outside you have to constantly keep an eye on them. It is not very relaxing to be reading(Molly - come!) or BBQing (Reuben - get over here!), or watering the garden (NO! STOPTHAT!). We have a lovely backporch with wicker furniture that we never get to enjoy. So David fenced in about a half acre, not a lot but it's plenty of room for Frick and Frack to run around. He is putting a gate in the back so he can get the lawn tractor in to mow and I can still take them out to the woods. But we can let them out in the morning without having to go out with them and it's nice to sit and not worry if they're running off. David did have to agree it was a good idea. My garden is starting to stall, I brought the last load of zucchini into the office - but I grew so much I was able to zucchini an office of almost 20 people. There are a few left but they will be for me, David would like some zucchini bread so I'll make some next week. And the pumpkins are doing fine, but still a little disappointed they are not watermelons. I guess I'll have to work on my gardening skills. 

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