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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Of Course!

Happy Halloween -  I hope everyone has something fun planned. Since I'm not actually a big Trick or Treat fan it's not a big thing on my end. We have plans to go to a friend's house for dinner tonight, I'll leave a bowl of candy on the steps just in case. We had a trick or treat at work on Friday - that was a busy day. We had the staff meeting first thing in the morning, then a going away party for 3 staff members - the office is splitting and one of my co-workers is going to another office. Then after that everyone got their costumes on for the afternoon - Doris and I were Fred and Barney which was fun. At the moment I'm sitting with my feet up - I was told to keep off that foot as much as possible for the next couple of weeks at least and have a return appointment on the 11th. The shot worked, but yesterday afternoon it started hurting again - not as much but it's disappointing. So I'm trying to be careful and stretching it a few times a day. I've been watching Halloween movies of course and have started a new knitting project. I haven't made a shawl lately and there is one on the internet that I downloaded and kept. It's the Revontuli Shawl (that's Finnish for "Northern Lights")and you can find the pattern on Ravelry. I do love that website but it's a bit overwhelming if you're looking for something to knit - you put in "shawl" or "socks" and thousands upon thousands of patterns come spilling out - it took me a few times to figure out how to narrow down my search but once you get the hang of it, it's a great place for free patterns. You would think with all the free stuff I could stop buying knitting books - but those I love to sit with and page through with a cup of coffee. My collection is huge at this point, I especially am taken with sock books for some reason.  I stopped buying cookbooks though a few years ago - first of all with all that knitting who has time to cook and second of all, I've found for every cookbook I've ever bought there will be 2 or 3 recipes I'll use and the rest of the book is useless. For that the internet is perfect because I find a good recipe and just   print it out without having to buy something I won't use.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well. That Was Interesting.

My foot continues to hurt, nothing has helped. Ice, heat, up down, off on, nothing. I've bought better shoes, used the inserts, stopped hiking.  There is nothing worse than an injury that won't go away - well, maybe being snatched bald by an angry ex-girlfriend would be worse, but not much. So I finally bit the bullet and went back to the podiatrist. I was avoiding him like the plague for obvious reasons  -  S-H-O-T.  He is concerned, I am concerned - it should be better. So he gave me a shot right in the BOTTOM OF MY FOOT IN MY HEEL.  A deep, 5 minute long injection as they have to "fan" it out into the tendon. No, you don't want to know. No really you don't. I didn't even want to know. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. I now have a spiffy band aid - the doctor said it will take a day or so for the pain to decrease - from the shot but hopefully it will get better. The other alternative is physical therapy. I have to admit the reason I don't want to do physical therapy is, well, hmm. I'm lazy. I don't want to spend the time at physical therapy when I can be using my time in a much more productive way like on Facebook or cruising by the yarn shot ogling the latest wool. I would have to see if my policy covered it and how much the co-pay was and I'd rather be calling Knitpicks and ordering stuff. A copay is money out the window, Knitpicks is a yarn swift that is Forever. I've been told Motrin, elevation, ice heat and stay off it for a couple of weeks.  I will try. Not being able to hike or even do our morning walk has been hard on Pearl - she's used to a lot of activity and me sitting in a chair all morning and reading is not computing for her. She keeps trotting over to my chair hopefully and then quietly waiting. I feel bad for her until she starts whining and then I want to smack her. I want to but I don't as that would be pointless anyhow -she'd just whine more.  I just tell her Be Quiet. Then I tell her I Said Be Quiet. She is a pest.  The hunting season has come just in time, even though it's not every day it gets her out and gets her some exercise at least.  She and David have gotten a few birds, they aren't used to this area so David has gone to a couple different places trying them out. Since he's working most of the weekend it's nice he has a few days during the week when it's less crowded. I'm deciding on my next project - I did one more hat and have half a sock left for the latest pair but I don't know what I'm knitting next. I have some yarn I'm going to skein tonight as I have a project in mind - we'll see. Since I'm staying off my feet for a few weeks I suppose I have time.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year Again

 I'm sure I am the World's Worst Vegetarian - not only do I wear leather but I - eek - support hunting. I'm the one that told the Yarn Hater where the game preserve was located, I gave him the map with all the areas marked. I helped train the hunting dog and when he bought a gun on the Internet to resell, I was the one who suggested he keep it instead since he really really liked it. When they come home with game I have my camera in hand hurrying them towards a good background.  A lot of people find this a strange vegetarian activity but the truth of the matter is -  I just can't eat meat. I don't like it the way some people don't like beets or those horrid little Lima beans.  It has nothing to do with animal rights or Green Peace - I just don't eat it. What I don't understand is people that get upset by it that DO eat meat. Why do think that just because they didn't kill it personally that gets them off the hook for responsibility? I've had people tell me they can't bear to think of that poor little animal being hunted - but try telling them how to slaughter a pig correctly and it's hands on the ears and we need to change the subject. And you make sure the children don't hear! A lot of the problem is people are so far removed from the mechanics of meat they just don't add two and two anymore. Hamburger walked around at one point, lamb chops did too.  And  deer, turkeys, grouse that are hunted and killed - they roamed free didn't they? They weren't jammed in little pens in a barn waiting to get big enough to die. Things die and get eaten, that's the way it goes - just because you didn't participate doesn't keep your karma all clean and sparkly - and I think hunters waste less really. When you work that hard to get your meal you'd better believe you enjoy every last bite of it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Use What You Have

On of the things that the Internet has changed big time is shopping and the competition for your money. I'm a big fan of Eddie Bauer and Victoria's Secret and paid large amounts for these item years ago. And I abided by our family motto Why Buy One When You Can Buy Forty Seven.  Now I wouldn't even consider it - and it's all due to the Internet. There is not one thing you can not price shop for and find cheaper. Victoria's Secret - $50 for a bra? Not if you keep checking the clearance - it might not be the color you wanted but it's $19. Eddie Bauer? Outlet down the road who emails me all the big sales and if that's not cheap enough, Eddie Bauer Outlet Online for me. KnitPicks 40% off all books, Amazon - Used.  I'm going to Delaware in November and would like to visit some yarns shops. Plugged that into Google and Voila! - six possible suspects in under 4 seconds. But then the over shopping happens - I won't shop Borders unless I have a coupon, but I have a coupon at least twice a week now. We are reining in the grocery bill, we've had a few slip ups but before we shop we make a list all week. And the other thing - we're eating what we have. All of the cereal is gone before it gets replaced, I rummage the freezer every night and plan around what I find. I can only eat so much tofu, David can only eat so much hamburger. I noticed when Donna put her shopping list up for me a month or so ago she shops for what they're eating now - not what they might eat in a couple of months. And I think that's where a lot of our waste comes in. We cannot possibly eat 5 lbs of carrots before they spoil, what was I thinking when I bought 4 lbs of fresh tofu? Yes it was cheap but having to throw some out still cost me money. That store is a little bit of a hike, but let's face it - it's not going anywhere.  I got rid of all the weird foods I bought on a whim (capers? elderberry extract?) and I think before I buy. I've realized if I have to hunt that hard for a book I want - I probably don't want one and even if I use a coupon I'll still be spending $15 for something I wouldn't have bought if I DIDN'T have a coupon.  It's not perfect of course, I've had a few silly buys here and there and we will never go to Sams again BEFORE we have lunch, that's just asking for a car sagging from the weight of Yodels. I bring knitting or a book for my lunch hour instead of thinking of a store to visit and go straight home even if traffic is uber zippy. Until I win the lottery I will continue to cut back, cut down - and use what I have!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What A Fun Week So Far!

 Sunday I went to the Promenade Shops over in Center Valley, PA with a friend of mine from work.  We went to a Thai restaurant and I had the Vegan appetizer (NO BEEF HEARTS Donna!!) and we split the Pad Thai - Doris wanted shrimp so she had them put that on the side. I thought they were small and creepy but as a good Lunch Companion I didn't voice my opinion. We went to the book store but since I had cleaned up in the book department the previous day while shopping with the Yarn Hater I just browsed. We went to Sage for shoes, I bought a pair of Danskos which cost way more than we all know I ever spend on a pair of shoes, but they are quite swanky and are good for plantar faschitis. After that we headed home, it was a wonderful day and the weather was perfect. David and Pearl ventured out hunting for the first time since we've moved here - I gave him a map of the state lands - the park over from the one where I hike is for hunting. They got two grouse their first day out, Pearl flushed a woodcock today but David missed, she was a little disappointed in him but has kept her opinion to herself. I finished the second fish hat that I made for Doris's son and I'm now at loose ends (pun intended!) - I should finish the socks I've been working on forever but I'll glom over my knitting books and patterns to see what I want to make next. David is working for the next four days straight, he starts his part time job on Saturday. Halloween is coming and I'll be dressing up this year, working in pediatrics isn't all fun and games you know!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Out.

 David and  I went to Dickson City - we really haven't been there since we moved, but it's silly because it's pretty much the same distance as Bethlehem. We had to wait for the guy to deliver the stone this morning before we left, hilariously he was of course from NY - Mastic to be exact. One of the guys at work calls East Stroudsburg the sixth borough. Anyhow guy came and dumped oodles of stone and left us with piles of oodles of stone. The yard has been decimated, mulched and leveled, David needs to spread the stone now. After this we have to hook up the new heating unit and a few other things and then it's a halt until spring. I feel like we're hemorrhaging money but it's really that everything was on the back burner until the other house was sold, which it has been. We're spending but as usual we hunt for the best deal. The heating unit we bought was $1500 but David got the floor model - $700.  We're huge fans of Floor Models, Clearance and Sales. I prefer floor models because they're already put together most of the time, can be less than half the price and come with the same guarantees as the full priced stuff. Anyhow we had a great time, went to the Spanish restaurant we both like, the book store and Wegmans of course. We didn't get home until 6 pm, Pearl has been a whiny pest as of late and was whining up a storm (still is as a matter of fact). My plantar faschitis rages on and we are no longer hiking or walking which is driving her crazy and in turn, she drives me crazy. I'll probably be going back to the doctor's next week, it's no better and some days its worse.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cat Is A Hat

I am so pleased with this hat, aren't you? It actually came out better than the pattern - I embroidered the eyes instead of using buttons and added a little smile to it. I've found with children's hats the less complicated the detail the more they like it - and I don't use buttons unless I have to because you have to sew the snot out of them so no one chokes. I'm making another fish hat for a friend and then it's back to more hats for the clients. Hats are fun because they used up all your leftovers, they're quick and it's pretty instant gratification.  I've been offered money from all quarters lately - and it is as it's always been, a big NO. You can suggest I make you something, you can hint but that's as far as it goes. When I'm asked I'll say no and sorry - then turn around and do it anyway. Makes no sense? Yes it does. If I accept money I'm on a time schedule - it will have to be a certain pattern, color, yarn. If the recipient doesn't like it I have to do it again. It becomes a job. If I'm doing it to simply give it away, I think about the person I'm knitting it for, how much fun it is to get a gift unexpected - if they don't like it they're morally obligated to say thank you and act like it's the best thing they've ever gotten - after all I did go to trouble and it was sweet of me to do it, wasn't it? I knit and don't worry too much and move on when I'm done. I've left more knitted gifts strewn behind me than I can even begin to think about. I do sometimes keep things, sometimes they hang around until I find someone who will fit it, but for the most part it flows out the door. I've been knitting and crocheting since I was six, seven? Over 40 years, think of all that yarn! The Yarn Hater says nothing, he glares a  skein being carried by, some times, but it's futile to say anything. David has been busy all week by the way, since we've sold the other house and are no longer under such a large black cloud he's been decimating the yard. He put the driveway back where it was originally, fixed the berm around the pool, he's taken up the cockeyed walkway and will lay it back down after the stone is delivered. It will be great when it's done, no more Mrs Havisham!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Jumping

 If you look at any Blogger blog in the upper left hand corner, you'll see a little thing that says "next blog' - that's one of my favorite past times as it jumps you to random blogs on  the Internet. It seems to start off picking blogs that have something in common with the one you're reading. I sometimes visit my own blog to jump off of and it will start off with knitting blogs, then crafting, then stay at home moms, Christians, traveling Christians, travelers, etc. You get the idea. It gives you a weird snapshot of what people find interesting - my favorite one was a blog devoted to My Children's Allergies in which the blogger went into great depth of symptoms, medications and general reactions to all of the above. It was a bit of a snooze fest as you might imagine.  However since I tend to write about what I did today she might find me a bit of a sleeping pill also. Quiet weekend, I watched Sixteen Candles for the zillionth time and David couldn't believe I was watching That Again -we have this conversation every time it's on and I did point out I couldn't believe we were having this conversation Again. He cannot believe anyone would watch a movie over and over again. The next day I was parked on the couch watching The Quiet Man for the zillionth time - and David pulled up a couch and proceeded to watch it with me for the zillionth time. I asked him what the difference was and he seemed to think, well he really had no defense if you must know. I think the difference is John Wayne and that's about it.  I am spending a lot of couch time as you may have noticed - my plantar faschitis is a bit better today but I think I'll have to rest it despite having gotten thingies from the podiatrist. I did a short walk this morning and went out to get my hair cut but it's hurting now. I'm 2/3 of the way through the Cat Hat which is little and pink as the recipient is little and a big fan of anything pink. I  put my winter clothes out today also, I don't have as many of them as I thought but I think I did a major weeding when I put them up the last time. I'm going shopping next weekend with friends so I'll start at least looking. I had wanted to lose some weight first but let's be real - if we all REALLY waited to buy new clothes after we lost weight about 70% of us would be naked. The neighbors are not helping - I sent them over an apple pie and they sent back a lemon bread. Good thing my diet starts TOMORROW.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Walk In The Woods

Today was the first day I've been walking any distance in the past couple of weeks. I put the thingies in my hiking shoes that the podiatrist gave me and off we went. Pearl was wearing her new Sparkly Red Harness (that's an old picture) and I was able to let her off the leash a couple of times so she could really run which she does with great enthusiasm.She was dancing around in the deep woods but graciously ran back so she could poop dead center on the trail - apparently it's no fun unless I have something to clean up. And for the record I DO clean up after my dog,  I wouldn't want someone to leave that for me, would you? I forgot my camera on the kitchen table this morning so no pictures of the leaves turning of course. I need to practice more with my compass but it's hard to keep an eye on my direction, the path itself and Pearl, I'll get it down eventually. I came back to the house by 9:30 and we went out to breakfast, this week we went to Forks Diner in, quite naturally, Forks, PA. Our hostess was an old Greek guy wearing a baseball cap. He asked us if we wanted a booth or table and then waved in the general direction if that's what we wanted. Food was great of course, why is it the older the decor the better and cheaper the food? I went to the Kraemer's Yarn in Nazareth today, I needed a #5 16" circular for those that are interested and then we did Borders, then Wegmans since we were in the neighborhood. But then my foot was screaming - I suppose just because the podiatrist gave me those thingies it was maybe not a good idea to hike and walk for 6 hours straight. Bastards. David has Pearl Of Boundless Energy outside - he leveled the yard yesterday so now it involves a great deal of raking and what not, I'm on the couch with Vincent the cat who is currently working on Nap # 47 for the day. That's the kind of boy he is. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Shopping With The Scary People. And It's Not Even Halloween Yet.

We have a plaza of stores near us that is like the Mecca For Very Scary People - David didn't pick up milk today so I stopped there because it's on the way home. That's the only bonus, aside from being endlessly fascinating of course. When I parked the guy right across was checking his oil, his football shirt said MEAT across the back and he had tattoos on all his fingers plus up the side of his neck. It gave him a very trendy sort of look. He looked pretty mean, I would look mean too if I had to wear that outfit and the only thing meaner looking was his girlfriend. She was  like a jacked up crabby pants.. I think if MEAT and I were in a cage fight with her, two against one, it would be 50-50 odds. There are all sorts of  stores in there, it must be the only place you can pick up milk and get your body pierced a few doors down for $20 a poke. Since I got my Well pay from my job this week I could have come out of there looking just like Hell Raiser. Could too. Shut up. ANYHOW after I gawked at the clothing sale at the Ho Store - it's not really called that but if you need anything tight, low cut, stretchy and two for ten dollars you are in luck! - I finally went in to get my milk. Inside it was more fun, it's a pretty mixed crowd - thuggy people, grandparents, family, crazy looking people with fluffy fly away hair, move along move along. I did get my milk finally, did a little more sight seeing in the parking lot  and then sat in traffic - I think after this weekend it will calm down. I am going to hike a bit tomorrow - not over do it. I got some thingies to stick in my shoes and I have to wear them all the time, even in my slippers for two weeks at least. Of course they're too big to fit in most of my shoes and seem to prefer to be in anything Sensible And Sort Of Ugly. My foot doesn't feel too much better but it's only been one day. So far.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The People Under The Stairs....... what we've become lately. We have a huge deck that runs around the upper floor so underneath  is the only dry spot in town. I have a chair pushed up against the back wall so I have somewhere to sit.  We go out in the morning, I sit and read with a tiny book light, Pearl snuffles around for chipmunks and Vincent hops around while Claw hisses and growls at him. It's not great, but it's the only chance we get to go outside with all the rain lately. The sun came out for a couple of SECONDS - I was in the office so I missed it - and then the clouds moved back in and the rain commenced. Again.  The rest of the yard is just a big murky mess - David rented a big wood chipper the other day and spent two days chipping all the stuff he's chopped down, it really did take two days. We now are the proud owners of a 5 foot high pile of mulch but it's better than the 15 foot high brush pile that was overwhelming the driveway. I finished the pumpkin hat as you can see, I added the leaf and I think that made it a little niftier. I made it for a co-worker's new baby and I'm making another one for a friend. I've had a lot of time to knit - my plantar fachitis has hit all time high, I've iced, heating pad, stayed off it, rolled a ball back and forth with it, nothing helps - the other night it was actually throbbing. I have an appointment with the foot doctor tomorrow so hopefully I can get it fixed as I'm going to the Promenade shops with friends in a couple of weeks and it would be nice to be able to walk without feeling like I'm walking on a knife blade.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday. Deal With It.

Sunday - hmm, well it sort of sucked.  First of all I had to work, but on the other hand since I've left my other job this is actually the first weekend I've had to do anything in almost 2 months. My other job at times I would go up to 6 weeks without having a weekend off so I have no room to complain. I didn't do any hiking at all this weekend, after all that torrential rain I'm sure the trails are sopping and the other issue is my plantar faschitis has returned with a vengeance and I don't know why - I hiked all over WV without a problem so it has to be something else. This weekend something set it off so badly I'm most likely going to make an appointment with the foot doctor. Anyhoo, I had some stuff to do after I was done with my client but David said he wanted to go too before I had left. I came home by 11 and waited for David. And waited some more. After an hour and a half I called him (twice) and it turned out the range had opened late and he forgot I was sitting at home waiting for him. For two hours. I tried to go by myself but by that time traffic was backed up all over and after sitting in traffic for half an hour I was able to find a spot and turn around. I was a little mad. A LITTLE. ARRGH. So I came home and limped around for awhile, sat in the yard with Miss Pants. She's gotten used to the deer so she just stares them down. They stare back. She points. It's a living. David showed up later bearing ice cream sundaes and coffee, I was still mad but I ate it anyhow. No sense in letting a good ice cream go to waste. I'm 2/3 of the way through the pumpkin hat, it looks like it will fit the smaller baby - the yarn I'm using is thicker than the pattern calls for but it's also very stretchy so it will fit. I'll make the other one bigger and then I have a cat hat I'm going to be starting. It will be hats for awhile which is fun since I was on that Socks Shawls Socks Shawls merry go round for awhile.  I guess I'll be getting up in a minute and get my day started, next week I put my winter clothes out - the temps have dropped so I'm thinking it will be safe to do so. I think.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yarn And Shotguns, What More Can You Want.

 I finished the fish hat  so it's on to new projects this week. It came out pretty good - the shape is a little off because I had to downsize it (the original pattern is for an older child) but overall I think the person it's intended for will like it. I've been scouring the internet for a decent pumpkin hat pattern - and have come up with only one I liked (and didn't have to order and wait three weeks) - up at the Knitters Edge in Bethlehem. I looked up a gun shop for David on the same street so he would have a Fun Activity too. We also got a free trial card for Sam's Club in that area and I had a coupon for Borders. The knitting shop was packed as usual, I've never seen such a busy LYS, we actually had to look for parking! I asked for the pattern at the desk and they were giving them out for free - sweet! Of course since you're there you might as well look around and half an hour and $50 lighter I walked out the door. Love that place. David wasn't that impressed with the gun shop but it was worth a look - if there are guns involved it's always worth a look. Sam's Club was ok and the main reason we went was we were in that direction but we'd have to go a couple more times before getting a membership - there really wasn't a price difference or better quality than BJ's and it's only worth it if we're out in that direction.  Sometimes you get dazzled by all that bulk food so you need to step back and think about it. I played with my digital compass/GPS David bought me in the parking lot - I wandered around with it trying to see if it could locate the car while David packed the groceries in the car. He made some sort comment about some people Being No Help but I ignored that.  Im going to practice in the yard tomorrow. Borders was Borders - we went to a chain restaurant up there that we will never go to again - the staff was bizarre, the table sticky and there was the oddest odor pervading the place, I honestly can't put my finger on it. It was sort of a faint dirty sock smell I suppose - whatever, we ate fast safe food and then got the hell out of Dodge. David has been laughing all day about one of the staff, I refuse to discuss it. I also went to the chinese grocery, I've never been on a Saturday and I was the only one in the crowd that couldn't speak chinese. I waited on line with my basket and the girl let me ahead of everyone else - it's a neighborhood place and apparently your basket waits on line while you wander around the store with your friends and family, flinging things in your basket and chatting up everyone you haven't seen in a year. Since I had no one to talk to and was the only person actually standing on line (it was me and a line of baskets really) I went ahead and I was out. The rest of the day passed nicely, I watched Hallowed Ground in which the local townspeople were apparently ok with scarecrows animating with the returned Evil Souls and nailing tourists to giant crosses so they corn would grow well. The crows of course were busy popping eyeballs left and right, your usual small town. I started the pumpkin hat but we'll see - I'm having a little problem with gauge so it will most likely be restarted several times. Sigh, whatt else is new.