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Monday, April 30, 2007

I Am Officially 46 Now.

Yep, I am wallowing in my Old Ladyness, lala. This weekend was interesting, I went to my yoga class - I was the only one who showed up! But at the last minute someone from the Wednesday class came for a make-up class so it was actually the two of us. Her name is Susan and I hope to see her again, we spent about half an hour talking in the parking lot, it's funny how you meet people that you like, isn't it? After that David and I went grocery shopping, with the two of us going full steam during the week we no longer have time to run to the store to pick little items up - we do Guerilla Shopping in which we buy everything we can think of and more all at once. Sunday was my birthday of course, but the weather was also quite nice so we were all mowing the lawn which is growing like crazy. We went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch, then shopping and picked up a birthday cake and Jet Li movies. I LOVE birthday cake and I love Jet Li so it was a fun afternoon. I'm back to work this morning but for a half day, I've got to get my oil changed and hopefully my haircut today. I also heard from Adam on Saturday morning, he sounded a bit quiet which I initially attributed to Sadness over his recent breakup but it was actually Hungoverness from the night before in Tokyo where he was calling from. He's dating a little bit, but he said nothing serious for now, he's had enough of that. But he sounded very well and is looking foward I think to being reassigned in July. In the only other news I wrote to two more Hueckers since I had not heard from Huecker #1 that I wrote to - one of them is in Bunceton Missouri instead of Louisville Kentucky but I figure if our family can move around here - they probably moved around there.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

One More Day

So,  I will be 46 tomorrow, how strange is that. I have days that I'm actually amazed I'm that old now - I have all sorts of wrinkles and stuff and now understand the attraction of stretchy pants. I'm old enough to be a grandmother despite the fact I've been assured by all offspring I have only Grandcats and Granddogs to look forward to. I don't  feel that old most days, but on the other hand maybe I do and just don't realize it. I've been thinking a lot about the direction of my life and what I want to do with it - should I get a bit more into religion or is that just fear talking? There is a Buddhist group here by the way, but do I have time for it? I'll probably do what I've done my whole life, just let things unfold and deal with whatever appears. Next year Jackson will be graduating and that will open a whole new chapter of my life. David's been emailing me pictures of houses in Missouri believe it or not - but I told him we can't base where we live on the Arkansas flyaway (major duck hunting), he seems to think he can. That's down the road a bit and we'll probably end up staying here - West Virginia has become home for me, I'm very comfortable. I was out driving the other day and it dawned on me that I really know this place. That I navigate around it easily now without even thinking about it, I know where pretty much everything is. The idea of moving again is just tiring, even if it'll be right down the road or the next town. My job this week is overwhelming - I know it's because I've had to do visits on top of my regular job plus the looming spector of a full time nurse leaving with no replacement - I've fallen asleep at 8 every night this week from sheer exhaustion . But next week will be better and I already have a few irons in the fire and I'm taking off half a day on Monday so I can get my haircut and make an appointment to have this "temporary crown" (which has been in over a month now!) replaced. I guess I'm too busy to be old.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Holy Crap Batman, It's Friday!

Wow, I think this is the longest I've ever gone (with the exception of the computer being in the shop) without blogging. It's been a very busy week at work - with most of the infusions falling on this week plus the regular patient load I've been out of the office most of the beginning of the week. I've spent the last couple of days playing catch up and Bad News - the full time nurse is quitting due to personal problems at home. Hmm. Sort of leaves me as a Captain without a Ship. Well, I still have the ship, just don't have the crew but it'll work out eventually. I'm heading out to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for another seminar, I'm driving and Sophie and Deb are riding shotgun - we'll carpool again for the 2nd half later in the year. Home has been busy busy busy with the usual plus Pearl. We once again didn't get a bill for our taxes (due the 30th) and once again narrowly escaped having our names in the paper in the List Of Deadbeats Who Don't Pay Thier Taxes. I've sort of gleaned that is a very bad thing because EVERYONE reads it and you'll have a whole year to have to live it down in. I've got yoga tomorrow which I'm looking foward to, I just wish I had more time to actually do it more than once a week. David's been working steady, he's enjoying it I think except for the travel time - and of course Jackson needing to be picked up after school. I do it as much as I can, but with my job it's not always possible. Speaking of Jackson, we got into a conversation today somehow of what he'll look like as an adult. I was rather surprised when he told me he was pretty sure he'd look like Grandpa Carter! I asked how he'd come to that conclusion and he said everyone always said he looked like my side of the family and then he asked if I'd every really looked at the pictures we have of Grandpa in his 20's. Jackson said Grandpa had been very good looking in those pictures  - he said he didn't know for sure that was what he would look like, but he sure hoped he would! I guess I was a little taken aback because I never thought he'd looked at any of family pictures, let alone recognized anyone. It's funny what kids notice, isn't it?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Holy Crap Batman - It's Monday

Monday started off very well - I went straight to my 4 hour infusion, knitting in hand and spent the morning pleasantly. I've taken care of this particular patient for awhile now so it's gotten to the point of getting together with friends. When I got back to the office EVERYTHING hit the fan - and I only had two hours to deal with it before  my next visit. Mondays have turned into a free for all lately - all the doctors want thier labs MONDAY, all the wound vacs - MONDAY, insurance companies want thier weekly report MONDAY and  I've been doing visits on Monday along with everyone else as of course all the patients want to be seen MONDAY. It was two hair raising hours of phone calls and occasional whining with a few things hanging in the air for tomorrow. We'll hopefully be discharging a few of our Monday people in the near future. Then we had the opens done on the weekend, opens for this week and I'm still farming stuff out. The wierd thing is I know it'll calm down as the week progresses on  but it's hard not to get all wrapped up in the strum and drama. I take Pearl out when I get home now that the weather is warm, I fling dinner in the oven and grab a book and we head for the field out front. Pearl gets to run like a loon after being in the house all day and I get to sit back and take a break before phase two starts. That would be dinner dishes laundry cats dog bills phonecalls yada yada yada. David and Jackson are upstairs now watching some Fight Federation in which overly large and scary men are busy being scary with each other. I think you win a belt buckle or something  - you may be brain damaged but you'll have a new belt buckle. What more could you want out of life.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Better Days, Busy Days

We called the garage first thing this morning, David was being bit RUDE as he feels someone should've said something before her car started sounding like a blender and she had to be on call. The garage said bring it in, so we did then off to the office to pick up the papework from yesterday. I scheduled my calls for later in the day (remember the yoga class at noon!!) and David started calling around about a rental after making another somewhat RUDE comment about how we wouldn't have to be renting a car if SOMEONE had said ....I personally felt we should put it behind us. Now. Then he called the garage and my car was done! They are so super nice because they know what I do for a living and they even got it done before the yoga class. So we went to pick it up and then after restocking my car, off I was to my first yoga class. I was going to skip it, but I just brought my cell phone and called the office to ask if they could hold anything non emergent which they did. Yoga is much harder than you think - it looks like people standing in various positions but it's really not. Because when you do this stuff you have to stretch and straighten, flex and hold. You have to stretch and hold it until all of your muscles have the consistancy of speghetti and you just keep doing this until you are all stretched out and stuff. There were 5 people in the group (it's a small studio) and it was more interesting that I thought it was going to be. At the end they have this quiet relaxation thing which I spent hoping all my tendons would be able to still work. After that I did my 3 visits - I tried to call one patient that I kept getting this woman who said she didn't know him. Then she asked why I wanted to talk to him, I told her I just needed to and she said well, I don't know him. I knew that I said and then she asked, well, do you have business with him? I said no, then she said what did you want to talk to him about and I said I thought you didn't know him - she said I don't! and hung up the phone. It turned out the patient had changed his phone number but I just found it hilarious there's someone that nosy in the world!

Friday Sucked. Thank You For Asking.

My day started off not great - the visit nurse called me at home to let me know she had to call in sick.  I mentally went over her day and mine, which at this point were one in the same and changed into a pair of scrubs since I'd be doing visits for at least half of the day. When I got to the office the first question was when I'd be back - I pointed out I would have to be gone before answering that question. I fielded one patient off to the other nurse and the 3 left were in town but that doesn't guarentee anything. All 3 had things to discuss - a lot of times it's just a new face that brings that on, but they were valid issues so I made a list and was back in the office at one. That would be when the shit really hit the fan - we had two patients stolen by competing agencies that needed stealing back - our nurse liason did a great job on that one! I had two new admits I needed to get auth for - they both had the wrong information, no phone numbers and there is a person named Fran at one insurance company that needs to stop sighing just because some people don't know the first name of the surgeon or her provider number for The Health Plan Of Ohio.Then she gave me the number that turned out to be a bunch of letters - who's sighing now! I'm on call this weekend and I got one admission. Then I got two and got them scheduled. Then I was given SIX visits which is a bit much. Especially since my car that's been making a funny noise intermittently is now making it all the time but it was ok because I only had one admission. Sigh sigh sigh. Susan farmed out the admits and then I got a callback from a patient - a simple thing to grander events. Bridgeport was supposed to fax over the info on the 6 visits and for some reason it wouldn't come through. At 5:15 Susan sent me home and said she'd make sure they were there in the morning as I was far beyond Done. When I got home poor Pearl had been in the house all day so I let her out and found my book to read outside. The very nice thing is the sun has finally decided to make a guest star appearance over West Virginia so we stayed out for quite awhile. I'm probably going to rent a car today and hopefully my garage can squeeze me in. And the other good thing is if I do the 6  visits this weekend I can take a day off next week!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dueling Tractors

Well, with the warmer weather and rain the grass is getting lovely and green. And long. David came in after dinner and announced he wanted to show me how the little lawn tractor started. I pointed out I could see the tractor quite well from the couch if I hinkied up a bit and looked out the window. Apparently there was more to the situation as he thought not only could he show me how to start the lawn tractor but then since it was running I could perhaps use it. So Pearl in tow we went over the Clutch, Reverse and of course Stop. I spent the first part of my time shrieking MOVE PEARL as she was a bit confused  how I was going to throw the toy if I was on a John Deere and persisted in standing in front of it. Any of you who think she would eventually move when it got too close, well, you obviously don't know Pearl too well. Then there is the other problem which is not rolling the tractor. WV is not flat and our yard although flatter than most is on an incline. One of the common injuries around here in the warm weather is a fractured femur because that's what usually snaps when you go up the hill a little too far and your mower flips even though you did scoot all the way to one side. If your yard is really steep what you do is get a push mower and tie a rope to the handle. Then you stand at the top of the hill and pull and release the rope - I've seen it done and it works way better than you think it does. I got most of the side yard by the pool done - apparently the lady of the house will be surveying her estate from a different angle this year!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tut Tut It looks Like Rain

I took Pearl out for her usual 4:30 am stroll - yes, I've turned the dog into an insomniac also thank you for asking. The good news is the tempetures are on the rise (again), but of course the bad news is the the rain continues to fall. The ground is so saturated at this point the water just lies on top and what lies underneath defies description. Well, actually it doesn't since I've spent many happy paragraphs describing WV mud in detail, the words "pig poop" being used liberally. Speaking of pigs, David has been grousing about a neighbor down the road who has indeed added pigs to his landscape - right next to the gazabo. I think it's hilarious but David mutters something about zoning every time he passes. As far as I'm concerned if I don't have to sit on the gazabo I really don't care. I got my stuff from KnitPicks yesterday, David asked me what it was and I told him it was an equivalent to a shotgun which made things quiet on his end. I'll take a picture of the yarn I got - it is SO COOL. It's sapphire blue lace weight and I have a project in mind since I'm obsessed with lace at the moment. It will be my most difficult project so far - we'll see what happens. I suppose I should go exercise, I've been getting a bit discouraged lately, I've been keeping it off more or less, but it seems the second I go off my diet - even for a couple of days - the weight comes back very rapidly. I'm thinking part of the problem has been the awful weather lately, it just doesn't make you want to do anything but sit on the couch and eat and I'm sure if I started keeping track again, I would find I'm eating much more than I think I am. I have the worst problem in the evenings after dinner, the urge to pick lately is overwhelming at times and aside from going to bed at 6:15 pm I have no other solution. Of course then I'd be up at 2 am instead of 3:45.......

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence

Yes, it is still raining.but it's better than the snow the Crack Weather Team has been ballyhooing about for the past week. I have no idea how they come with these weather reports - Magic 8 Ball, Oujia Board, who knows? I take Pearl out between the rain drops, she is Bored Bored Bored and doesn't care how wet it is. David and I went to Exit 7 (if you're ever in WV that would be the one you want to go play at) and went to the book store. I got Vogue On the Go Shawls to add to my collection and David got a gun dog magazine. He dropped me off at Michaels while he went to Lowes, a typical Sunday afternoon. Jackson opted to stay home to wait for Becky, I've noticed he has STILL not changed the sheets on his bed and I'm about ready to kill him. When the cat starts refusing to sleep in your room, it's time to reevaluate your house keeping skills. I told him to change them a couple of weeks ago and it's still not done - at this point I just don't have the time or patience to be chasing him around. After Becky goes home I'm removing them from his bed and he'll have to do it. I can't believe Monday is tomorrow already, I wasn't on call this weekend but got called anyhow. Part of the reason is I had to stop in the office after I went to the yoga studio to look up and fax some labs that hadn't been resulted Friday. I was mulling over waiting until Monday but I knew the 2 AM Girl would have plenty to say about that, so I bit the bullet and went in. But since the on call coordinator physically saw me she knew I was around. It was no big deal - I think it was just faster and easier to call me. I'm still knitting that same shawl and when I get truly bored with it, add to the border of the afgan I'm making - and I have no idea what I'll do with either. I can always bring it in to Susan, she knows tons of people and manages to find a home for everything I can't. The shawl is coming out better than I thought it would - I was going to frog it at one point but I'm glad I didn't. It's my first attempt at a lace pattern and thankfully it's a fairly easy one.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Coming Up - Yoga!

There was a flyer at work for Inner Life Yoga studio - and when I looked up the address I realized it was right next door. I stopped in this morning and was told to call during the week for the Saturday class as all the classes are starting this coming week - how lucky was that! I've been working out at home, but I'm starting to get bored and I've walked down by the river a million billion times. And I've found with exercise you need to keep finding something new, otherwise it gets boring and you find excuses not to do it. I've done well so far, as of my birthday it will be a full year and I've managed to keep the weight off - I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm waiting for my birthday present, I ordered it last week so I would get exactly what I wanted. David and I are pretty lax about gift giving - and have been for awhile. We usually just go shopping on the birthday and the Birthday Person buys what they want - we've discovered it just saves a trip of having to return it and then go get what you want. We're off shopping today, David is making yet ANOTHER trip to exchange the pants he bought - this is the THIRD TIME. He refuses to try them on in the store, he'd rather buy them and then make multiple trips returning them for another size. Jackson will be tagging along also, he's had a bit of a problem with a kid at school. The kid claimed Jackson splashed his shirt when he and David pulled in to drop him off for school and told Jackson he had to buy him a new shirt. Jackson said sorry if I did that, but the kid then announced he wanted to fight - David had turned around and came back (he said he thought something was up the way the kid looked) and when he got there the principal was handling it. Jackson doesn't know if this kid will drop it or not - we're not too worried about the fighting part. David's taught both the boys how to box so he can easily defend himself but I just don't want this stupid thing to escalate into a major problem. There's always one, isn't there?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Is It Friday Already?

Business is booming at work, we all received emails that our office broke company records for billing - so the Powers That Be are quite happy. I've been shifting the visits to the nurses, it's gotten a little easier because  the patients in home care rotate constantly so most the patients that were "mine" have been discharged. I'm only keeping a few and will be remaining oncall in the visit nurse pool. I discussed this with my boss - it's much easier if there's 3 (or more) nurses to share the weekend oncall. When Lisa quit we were down to me and Mickey and since there are visits on the weekend it gets brutal having to do every other weekend. You end up working 12 days out of every 14 so being on call every 3rd week you feel like you get a break. I worked out the oncall schedule only to have to redo it - I managed to not only schedule myself for my birthday but also for my Dad's visit so I quickly redid it before I made it official. It's still pretty strange for me to be doing these things - and of course I still need more clothes. Shoes are an issue - I have come to the conclusion I'm too tall for heels, the 3 inch ones I tried on last week make me almost 6 foot. My closet is a sorry mess of hiking boots and sneakers and shopping doesn't do any good. Everything that I like has "Timberline" written on the side of it. Clothes I'm still hunting for too, since we've moved and as I've gotten older my clothes have gotten much more relaxed. Not to mention around here with all the hills and so forth clothes need to be practical. But we have Gabriel Brothers and I got there at least once a week to see what they have good - I do love that store! Ray will not be coming down this weekend - the weather looks like it'll be awful so hopefully the weather will get better in the next couple of weeks, I do miss him alot.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You're Getting Warmer....

The snow has finally disappeared, although I hesitate thinking it will be for good. Of course now the grass is resuming it's previous activity of growing so David broke out the mowers yesterday and started on the lower acres - we'll do around back over the weekend. He got a call from the real estate he's been speaking to, he'd been discussing our plans for next year with them earlier in the year and had mentioned that we'd signed with another real estate to sell the two wooded acres and nothing had happened. I've been telling David to call them and have them come get their signs - I was annoyed as we've been listed for over 6 months and they pretty much did nothing - the agent took no pictures and he brought not one person to look at it. So, the agent from Howard Hannah called to let David know a) his contract with agency #1 had expired and b) she has clients to look at the property already. This puts David in a quandry as he sort of changed his mind about selling and now he's really on the fence! Part of him would like to keep the property together but he's tired of taking care of it. David has said either you have a hundred acres or a half an acre - having 6 is tiring as you do have to mow them ALL. I think if he can get his asking price he'll sell - I told him since he's in charge of the yard it's up to him what he wants to do with it. In other news Ray is probably going to be visiting this weekend so I have to re-decat his room, we've been keeping the door closed but they keep getting in there anyhow. David and Pearl are still having thier Window War - Pearl likes to sit on the back of the couch in front of the picture window. She spends the entire day rubbing her nose all over it and David spends a significant amount of time cleaning it as it makes him crazy. He's considering curtains to discourage her but I think that will not work.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

At least that's what we're hoping - the temps are very slowly rising, it was pretty cold yesterday but not as cold as it was Easter. We had a lot of fun, everyone sat around all morning hogging down candy and watching tv. We decided to check out the restaurants in town - a surprising amount of them were open and not too busy. Cheddars which you can NEVER get into looked promising so we went there first. We got a table right away and had a great meal. David and I split a dessert and then we went to Barnes and Noble for a little while. We called Ray - someone broke his window so he was upset. He found someone to repair it so hopefully it'll be done before Friday. He's planning on coming out and the weather is supposed to be getting much warmer. We've been hearing from Adam quite a bit, he's broken up with his girlfriend and it looks like for good this time - it's hard to end a relationship. But they've been off and on for quite awhile now so we're not surprised. Work has been very busy, I'm sailing in strange waters and organizing is not the easiest, we're doing tons of admissions but they're all over the map. The part time nurse has her PA license, the full time doesn't and we're overwhelmed with PA patients and the rest are off the beaten track - in the complete other direction. So I've been picking up some and we're shifting some here and there and that's on top of everything else going on.  It'll straighten itself out eventually. It's hard getting stuff done at home, being full time means no more afternoons to play catch up and I usually have to go straight home after work to get dinner started and the dog out. It's just a little rough going for now.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter?

Not only is it staying in the 20's, it had the unmitigated gall to snow off and on all day yesterday. I had two jobs yesterday - one was in Bridgeport so I wasn't complaining too hard. I called David around 11 and told him to take Jackson out to lunch  - since I would be out most of the day so they might as well find something to do. After I finished the second job - with a huffy senior citizen who thought I should know all of this stuff how many times did he have to do this,etc.. - I of course hightailed it to Emily Drive, Home Of Everything That Is Fun. I didn't buy anything, there was some yarn on clearance but I have so much in my stash I have to be a bit pickier - besides the stuff I want is in Knit Picks, the Other Home Of Everything Fun -    - I LOVE this catalog and they love me too since they send me one every five minutes. When I got home David and Jackson were still out which gave me ample opportunity to hog down as much Easter candy as I could hold before they got back. My plan for today is to continue eating candy with a brief break for an early dinner at the buffet. I can't go too far as I'm still on call but we're not officially celebrating until next week so it's no big. We usually don't do too much - it's not a religious holiday for me - it's just an excuse to see how many peeps and bunnies  I can eat without going into a sugar induced coma. Everyone have a good holiday!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hamster On The Wheel

I've been upping my exercise a bit lately - I've started doing two minute sprints on the treadmill which if you know me is like walking on water. I'm fairly klutzy - the most uttered phrase in our house is "Are you alright?" followed by silence so they can figure out if I've actually done myself in this time or if I'm still drawing breath. Running on a treadmill to me feels like I'm running on top of a ball,( not to mention David bypassed the safety switch which adds a certain element of danger) so it's taken a while for me to be able to run without hanging onto the handles. But I can do it now after a few weeks and it makes it a bit more interesting. I think that's half the problem with exercise, is that no matter what you do it gets BORING after awhile. I've started lifting weights a little and I figure in a  couple of months we'll have the pool open so I can start swimming again. Between the rain and the cold I haven't been down to the park in ages, not to mention David has been driving Jackson to school in the morning. I have to work today, I have a readmission and an admission so not too bad. We aren't doing a whole lot for Easter - we'll probably go out to the buffet in Carmicheals, we're sort of holding off until Ray can get here next weekend. The temps are still down in the 20's, my forsythia tree has suffered a great deal, when I looked at it yesterday half of the blossoms were on the ground. The cats are getting annoyed and don't know what to do with themselves, they're constantly at the front door only to reappear 10 minutes later at the side door wanting to come back in. I wish it would warm up again!

OH! I forgot to mention this - I got the results of the OASIS test I took a few weeks ago - I got them at the office to boot which I hate. If revenge is a dish best served cold than the results of a test are best served alone so you be all humilated and upset by yourself. No one was peeking over my shoulder but concerned citizens were aware I had the envelope - and with a pass rate last year of only 76% I was none too eager to open it. So I opened the top carefully and peered in so I could see just the first line of the letter -but by then I was a bit more confident as I could feel an object on the bottom. Having been through this before I know that they do not include a prize if you didn't pass - so yes, I did indeed pass and am now a Certified Oasis Specialist and I even have a button to prove it.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I Am Boycotting The Snow

Well. I got up this morning to 20 degree tempetures and SNOW. I refuse to photograph any of it as it all stinks. That's right - stinks all across the boards. And this super sucks since we were nearing the high 70's not 48 hours ago. David actually had to stop working on his latest project as he said the snow was almost white out condition at times in Blacksville. I on the other hand was doing my last infusion of the day well off the beaten track, in an early 18th century farm house, complete with dogs and a fireplace. All of which would be very cozy if it was not APRIL. How will the bunny find me in all of this nastiness? I do not feel like eating peeps or Cadbury eggs, what a sad thing that is. We called Ray and told him he was on hold until next weekend - I just can't see him driving in a potential snowstorm. Even if it's just flurries the mountain roads around here can get bad quickly and if it ices up they'll be impassible. So even though we're pretty disappointed we'll be reasonable and wait until next weekend. I'm on call this weekend and it looks like I'll be a busy bee so maybe it's all for the better. Jackson's been having a quiet vacation, he's over Becky's today and they're going to a movie. Pearl is doing very well by the way, she's actually calmed down since Charger passed away and has not destroyed one thing so we're thinking maybe it's time we had an "only dog".

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Moving Right Along

No, this is not a new picture - no time for picture taking these days! Monday at the moment is completely out of control at work - I had the new nurse with me orientating and the other nurse was doing her end of things. All of us just ran back and forth to the lab yesterday with no end in sight. And today there is just ONE patient to visit - I wish we could move some people off of Monday but it's just not possible. Jackson is on vacation and I think already bored with the laying around thing. I got home around 5:30 last night and David didn't get home until after 8 so there's no one to ferry him around during the day and after work - who feels like it? We did take him out to dinner on Sunday - he had a rather spectacular report card (aside from english). His math was a C - livable, English was a D but he's working on it BUT all of his other grades were A's. So we were thrilled of course. I'm going to try and take the rest of my leftover personal time today so we can do something. David will probably enlist him to help out at the job in Blacksville and I think in another day or two, he'll probably WANT to go!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

La la.

The Crack Weather Team Prediction: Warm and sunny, in the low to mid 70's. The reality - 50 - 60's with torrential rains followed by  occasional periods of Damp, Dismal and Disgusting. I got my summer clothes all sorted and put away - a first for me as I'm usually forced to wear turtlenecks well into June or find myself digging through a wrinkled mess trying to find something to wear that doesn't look like it spent the last 8 months in tiny ball in the back of a clothes bin. I also sorted out a a full bag of winterclothes to donate, there are some things I will never wear again no matter how many times I hang and store it. Or if it was ugly last year it will be ugly again this year, same for the worn, the spotted or the shirt that looked great in the store but hangs like a burlap bag when you get home. We're heading out to Blacksville after we drop Jackson off at Becky's - David has informed that although these people are not ultra religious I do indeed need to keep my paganist trap shut and there will be no talk of karma, alternate gods or anything of that ilk. We're also going to Gabriel Brothers as David needs some short sleeved shirts - once you shop for clothes in WV it's ruined anywhere else. I no longer haunt Victoria's Secret as my $4 bras from Gabes match my $10 underwear from Victoria's. My Lee jeans are about $7 as opposed to $30 elsewhere, you have to lurk the racks a bit more and try it on - not all mediums are the same - but it's very high quality clothes for a VERY low price. I guess I'd better get moving, have a great day everyone!