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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had my gigantic staff meeting, I mentioned at the start how I couldn't believe everyone made it - Linda piped up from the back that it was due to all of the threatening emails throughout the past week... The staff room was overflowing. I made a giant fruit salad, we had bagels, mini muffins, coffee - and my boss brought me flowers and a cake! I didn't think anyone knew, but they all did. It was fun having everyone sing Happy Birthday, no matter how old you get it still means a lot. The new associate director got flowers too - I really like her so far and I know I'm going to learn a lot from her. The rest of the day went well, I put the cake in the back so Peds could have too, David had flowers delivered to the office which was very nice. David built me floor to ceiling shelves in the living room which is all I wanted this year. My books have been packed for two years now, every time I want one I have to go sifting through the boxes so this weekend I'll be unpacking all my books and will finally have them within reach after all this time. Life is good most days, but some days it's better.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Pool

We've gotten two estimates for the pool. The pool is 16 x 4 feet deep. The first estimate was $1700. The second guy came and told David he usually doesn't do anything under $3000 but for us, $2500. I know there are some thinking that is not so bad but the people that bought our house in WV just had our old pool relined. Our old pool that is 32 x 16 and 10 feet deep on the end for $2300 - labor included. That is ridiculous. Part of it of course is the pool is really too small to swim in but filling it in wouldn't work either as we'd spend just as much - or more - putting something else in that didn't look like a pool had been there. We still have some time to figure it out so we'll just let it slide for now. The yard is looking much better these days, David has it trimmed back and has been taking down the dead trees, there will be plenty of firewood this fall. We don't have much in the way of grass and I'm not sure if we want to start that mess this year or will even have time. David has been clearing off piles of brush, dead leaves, old railroad ties, dead trees, etc - nothing has been taken care of for years. The neighbors told us it was a shame because when this house was bought, the people had put a lot of money in it and it had been a beautiful place. It rained all day yesterday which is one of the problems with the lack of grass of course, mud mud mud. Pearl is very rude and doesn't wipe her paws, not to mention the rain gets her all excited so she has to run back and forth. A lot. She's a bad dog, but we like her.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things May Appear Closer Than They Are

Yesterday did not go exactly as planned. I had signed up for the knitting class to meet people, relax and learn how to do this particular shawl - I've attempted it on my own in the past and was not successful. I'm still not. Timing was good yesterday, I scheduled my admit well and ended up with enough time to run back to the office, finish the paperwork and change and get over there. In retrospect I would have been better off with a sock class to start - the pattern is so complicated no one can really talk except on alternate rows which makes conversation a bit tricky as you have to stop talking on the even rows. I ripped mine out about a hundred times and left with only 4 rows done - we're supposed to have 50 done before the next class on the 8th - so now I'm all stressed out. About my knitting class. Go figure. I tried a couple of times last night and finally gave it up as it was really stressing me out then - I even woke up around midnight thinking about it! I think I'll try a thicker yarn today and straight needles and see if that helps - I' m considering calling in sick but that would be a wee bit over the top, wouldn't it? And I would mess up my Grand Plans - I've been with Bayada for over a year and have not called in sick once. I have 72 hours of sick time and if I can hang in there and go over 80 they give it back to you in cash! That's excellent because the last place I worked at punished you for not calling in sick - I lost over 3 weeks of sick time because I never called in. That makes me mad because you know everyone else calls in just to use it, so you end up with the very short end of the stick. I also have over 50 hours in vacation so if I die I'm covered. And of course there's that obsessive part of it as I became obsessed with not calling in awhile ago so it's not that I haven't been sick, I just can't make myself call in. There are some obsessions your superiors are in favor of, this would be one. It's raining a great deal today but we have plans to do the shopping and that's about it, I have one patient to see but all of this will cover what I spent for yarn so that's OK!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots Going On

David finished glopping out the pool and is now getting estimates on a new liner. We have a couple of months so he's checking out the Internet and will most likely install it himself. The first guy gave him a pretty high number (the pool is very small and it's more for looks than anything else), the second guy has already shown himself to be unreliable. He didn't show up, then called and pretended it was supposed to be today, then said he truck broke down - which is it buddy?- so I think he's off the roster already. I find it annoying how people will complain they can never get work and then do things like that. In the past we've occasionally tried to hire people and David gets so disgusted he ends up doing it himself anyhow - most of the reason is they simply don't show up when they say they will. And like this guy, if you can't even do it for the estimate, how will you behave when you've actually gotten the job? No thank you! I got my package so was happily glomming all over that last night - right after I got done having a hissy fit. I have that knitting class I signed up for weeks ago and of course at 4:55 we started getting referrals - at one point I had two which meant I wouldn't have been able to go to this class which of course, is nonrefundable. I do get upset because it seems like every time I plan something work interferes. That's probably not true but I do reserve the right to over react for at least five minutes. However I have it down to one admission and already have it scheduled so hopefully it will all work out. I also have to go shopping this weekend as I'm having a breakfast for the new boss on Thursday so that will be my weekend. My package from Knitpicks came when they said it would - the yarn is very nice and I got all sorts of stuff.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mailbox Patrol

As you get older your not so desirable traits tend to get a little stronger - mine of course of impatience. It makes me good at my job - I have to do it - and do it NOW. The phones go on at exactly 8:30 am (or earlier), paperwork moves along. But it makes me a major pain in the ass to UPS and Fed Ex, especially with 3 Day Shipping. And even worse I can Track A Package which which becomes a preoccupation at best, an obsessive demented activity at worst. I did indeed order yarn and other assorted Yarn Related Items from my favorite web store Knitpicks - I super love them and their yarn is not only high quality and low price but I can find colors and stuff I can't find anywhere else. Add in the 40% off all the books - Charge!! So I ordered at 4:03 PM yesterday and the clock started ticking. I've peeked throughout the day and still have two days to go - I will worry it won't get here, call Customer Service at least 10 times if it doesn't arrive by 4:03 on Friday - if I have to go through the weekend Package-Less, the drama will continue. I have my first knitting class on Saturday to distract me and will be using a yarn I bought at the shop - that's polite. I still have a $25 credit waiting for me in Milford, but I'll get to that eventually - it's not going anywhere and I have to see what I need later on. Work was fun today, we had Starr Medical talk and they brought breakfast from Panera Bread. Next week our new director starts and I'm having a breakfast for her at the meeting next week so I have to get that planned this weekend. We have CHAP coming, all sorts of things and I've been ordering to beat the band. Our business is picking up and I'm still sifting through the staff, busy busy. David bought a cap for his truck and put an ad in the local paper so we'll have to see what happens - this area is much more depressed than we realized so it's been pretty tough for him. We're also getting prices on the pool liner - we have a couple of months so we can do a lot of comparison before committing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Karma 101

I always think of Karma as looking at someone while trying to look like you're not looking. That's an odd way of putting it - but the basic principle is the same. Today, I had the opportunity to do something nice for someone who wasn't expecting it - and I would get nothing in return. That's a basic - it's not a swap meet A patient had been discussing an ingredient he loved and he couldn't find it anywhere, but I know they sell it near me. The patient lives in the yarn shop area so I was going to see him first, then off to Church to pray to the Wool God. Of course as I was about to leave the phone rang and it was a long several conversations, notes - then I remembered I also needed gas. So as I got into my car I did the math and if I skipped the grocery - I could make it. And that is where your karma gets a little boost - if there's suffering and sacrifice involved there's a few extra Buddha Points. I ran to the market, drove behind The Car That Only Goes Thirty Four Miles An Hour to the gas station, watching the clock, watching the speedometer, turtle slow. I sighed and gave it up, selfish thoughts for something I can do anytime. Got to the patient - absolute delight, change in menu for dinner, patient is doing very well, the gift was an unexpected and appreciated extra. When I left I realized it was a little earlier than I had anticipated and if I drove - I vacillated between hope and despair, 4:47, 4:48. I got there two minutes AFTER five - still open! Turns out this was the first day they started their spring and summer hours, open til 6 now - I bought the buttons and it put me right over the amount I needed for the free $25 rebate - to be paid in yarn of course on my next visit. That is what happens karma-wise when you're a good egg rolling on the path. But if you start feeling good and thinking you're all that - a cop will show and drive behind you the entire length of 209, speed limit 45 and they're just looking for an excuse. A little cosmic reminder that no matter how well you behaved today, you could be sidewalk jam tomorrow in the greater scheme of things. David was emptying the pool out when I got home, gobs and gobs of Pre-Frog goo, sigh, Karma calls again. 3 trips to the swamp to give the tadpoles a chance, as the end of the day if you can stay even, that's all you can ask most days.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I tried to get out of here in time on Saturday - but between this and that, plus I had sort of forgotten how far it is to Pittston from here - I ran way late. But on the way there I was rummaging through my wallet and found my CPR - dated for October. That was confusing until I remembered that when I moved here I had to take it again because it took so long to get my card from WV. After I took it here, my first card wandered into the area so I indeed have two cards. Since I was near to Pittston I popped my head in and decided against taking it. I was so late it would've distracted the class and it was two more hours. This gave me Bonus Shopping Time. So off to Dickson City I scampered, coupons in hand and a song in my heart. I mainly poked around, there's not much I need these days but managed to get a couple of pair of shoes for work and a good book. While at Borders there was story time for the kids and the woman leading it was singing Ten Pigs In a Bed - I almost started laughing because I had been known to sing that to Liz when we were drunk teenagers. Then she started singing Little Bunny Foo Foo which the boys of course liked, it's a bit odd though isn't it? The day was cold and grey so it was a good day for all of this. Then last night was Dr. Who marathon, I didn't get to see the new episode but it will be on every week so no big there. I spoke to Adam, they'll be out of port in the near future and he's trying to start planning on what he'll do after the navy. This time I think he'll be better prepared than the last. Today I have nothing on the boards, David and I are plotting small trips for the summer I think, once we get everything settled here.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I've got to take a CPR class in Pittson on Saturday - at first I was a little annoyed - my days off are far and few between most times - but I haven't been down in that area in months so after the class I'll be going to Dickson City to do a little shopping while I'm there. David continues to work on the yard, it's dilapidated appearance reminds me of Mrs. Havershand's mansion in Great Expectations. I'm sure when they put in the pool and did all those configurations with the railroad ties it looked nice, but now the ties are all decayed and tilting, the cement is faded, the pool is full of tadpoles (David keeps pumping, it keeps raining). All I need is the dried out wedding cake and tattered wedding gown to traipse around the yard - that actually sounds like a fun, doesn't it? But she never went outside, did she, so I would have to sit in the dusty house with the shades pulled, not much fun after all. Work is picking up again, everyone but one person showed for the weekly meeting, the staff is bursting at the seams - we are supposed to move into the new building in October, but they haven't even broken ground yet so we shall see. I finished the sleeve on the sweater last night so I'll be able to finish it this weekend, that went pretty fast. I have to figure out what yarn I'll be using for the class I'm taking, I suppose it would be polite to use a yarn I bought at the shop, I'll be picking one out this weekend.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Days Roll On

The weather is slowly getting warmer, we had a few days of summer and then plunged right back into late winter. But now the temps are steady in the 40's to 70's - I'll take that. I finally after all these months, signed up for a knitting class. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to pick one - I wanted something a little challenging and then it needed to fit into my schedule. We're going away for a few days early summer, there's another Bayada party, Ray, I work, etc... so it took a bit of checking my calendar and so forth to find one. I've also been thinking of trying to start a knitting group right here in the community, but that will come right back down to my schedule which is overfull at best, frantic at worst. I've hired a crew of nurses but in home care you can hire a dozen, if one or two work out that's good. The sweater is almost done, I have half a sleeve, the button band and it's finished. I have to see patients in Milford next week which would work because I need buttons to match and the shop out there sells the perfect color! David and I have started doing a bit in the yard, but it will be rough going. The former owners landscaping consisted of rotten railroad ties and about 7 flowers - then David started pulling out the ties and released an army of carpenter ants - that was a bit of a shrieker. The frogs have abandoned the pool but have left eggs all over the place. Bastards

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Matter How Far They Are, They Can Still Make You Crazy

We heard from Jackson a few times this weekend, he is of course stationed in San Diego for the duration of his enlistment. Sometimes it's hard to remember he's only 20, he was born mature and he does super weird stuff like save for his retirement and plan for the future. But his age occasionally shows. And here is the difference between 20 and 50 -
Jackson - "did I tell you my wallet was stolen last week? and it had my social security card and drivers license in it? Should I do something?"
Me - "ACK!!"
We finally convinced him this might be an issue but he's shipping out very soon which compounds things. David signed him up for Life lock - we've had that for quite awhile and it really does work. Things like this happen in the navy, Adam has had his wallet stolen, but it's difficult because of location. You're supposed to go to the local police and fill out a report, but finding the police station in a strange town can be daunting and that's providing you can get time off to go in the first place. His driver's license is a bit more of a trick since it was issued in WV and according to the person at the DMV he has to go back to have his picture taken - David is calling again today as that doesn't sound right. It will get straightened out. I'm back to work today, I'm glad I took Friday off, the weekend was nice and quiet for once, nothing but calm stuff - sometimes you just need that time to really do nothing at all. The sweater is moving along quite nicely, I finished the first sleeve yesterday so all that's left is the second sleeve, sewing it up and the button band - done! It went really fast, I'm not used to using bulky yarn and large needles and was surprised at how quickly it goes. I did buy some more yarn this weekend but it was ALL on sale - AC Moore's was clearing out the last of the expensive yarn that hadn't sold (who would pay $11 for 50 grams at AC Moores? When I shop there I want a bargain!) and then the yarn shop had sock yarn 50% off so that was added to my stash. But I have slowed down and I'm using what I have. I also signed up for a knitting class - I'll be making a swallowtail shawl which looks more complicated than it is (I hope).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day Off

I had an actual day off - only two easily handled calls from the office, the rest of the day was mine. I did nothing. We drove out to the other Wegmans to check it out and I got to go to the Hobby Lobby - you know I loved that! They have furniture, loads of knick knacks, cute signs, and arts and crafts. I just looked at the yarn, didn't buy it. There was some I was thinking about but decided against, you can't just buy something because it's on clearance, well, actually you CAN but my standards are tad bit higher because my closet is overflowing at this point. Wegmans in Wilson was ok, but I like the one in Bethlehem better. We did try to find a bookstore my GPS said was there, but it wasn't so back home we went. I knit, slept, took a nap with the dog, ate old easter candy(just a little!). Ate dinner, watched old movies, read - sometimes you need a day just muck about, move slowly and little, just hang. So it was a good day all in all. The sweater is coming along well, I have the back, the left front and half of the right front finished. It's going pretty fast because the yarn is bulky and I'm using large needles. We reduced the price of the house in Lake Ariel a little the other day, it's still rented and all, but we would like it to just be sold. The rent covers the mortgage so at least that's not a worry. I'm going to switch out my clothes today, of course the temps have dropped back into the sixties which is normal. I have to weed through all of it - how do you accumulate so many clothes that don't fit??

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year Again

I have no one to blame but myself of course. David and I were so good for such a long time and then it was a Crap Festival everyday. We were like a pair of ten years left on our own for the weekend - Lucky Charms for dinner, Ring Dings for dessert, Entemanns for breakfast. Part of it was stress, David was sick for such a long time, work was overwhelming. In those situations hummus and carrot sticks doesn't cut it - nothing but a Brownie Blizzard from Dairy Queen will quell that pain, let me tell you. Exercise fell to the wayside to complicate it and the next thing you know the Fat Lady is singing and your belly's sticking out instead of sinking in. I'm back on my usual diet - the worst part is I actually feel better, I'm not dragging at 10 from the sugar crash anymore but why can't Yodels make me feel like that? Exercise for me can be a bit difficult, I was going to start walking the dog in the mornings or after work BUT Miss Behave needs an electric collar, there are no shoulders on these narrow twisty roads and we've already had two loose pit bulls in the yard so I would also need pepper spray and a stick. Maybe riot gear. I do have my portable DVD and have found some exercise DVDs that have it in ten minute programs. I won't loose 50 pounds but it's do-able. I've been back on my ellipse which also has 20 minute programs and I make my lunch while I make my breakfast - but I always bring my lunch anyhow. We heard from Jackson last night, the Unhappy Helmsman, but that will pass, it always does.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The temps continue to stay high, how odd is that. The bear has stayed out of the yard, he apparently knows what's good for him - our neighbor potshots him with a pellet gun which I'm not sure how much that helps but this isn't WV where you could just dispatch him and be done with it. I've started my new knitting project, it's a sweater as I had said, I've been alternately knitting socks and shawls for quite awhile. Shawls take forever and socks don't so it makes a good combination. I have socks that need to be finished, I had started them when we flew down to Florida. DPNs apparently do not set off any alarms as they're fairly wee and attacking anyone with them could take quite a while, providing they were willing to sit still for it. We fired up the BBQ again last night, we'll be doing that quite a bit over the summer. I love to slice up zucchini, spray it with PAM and a shot of Mr. Dash - they are so good! I've got to switch over to my summer clothes, also weed out all the stuff I don't wear. The hard clothes to get rid of are the ones you've bought because they were on sale, they were cool looking, they might fit someday, etc.........and there they hang, never worn and some insanely out of fashion. Some I just transfer - there are two things that Setsu gave me years ago and every year one goes back with the winter clothes and the other comes out for the summer. I know it's been a long time, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That's What You Get For Complaining About The Heat

Yep, the temps shot right up to eighty. Which puts us in a bit of a quandry - this house has no central air and electric baseboards. We were going to deal with that issue once we sold the other house, which of course, isn't selling. We have an airconditioner but given what electric costs around here, we're a little loath to hook it up. Things here are very expensive, much more than we ever anticipated and it's not getting any better. I want to have a garden this year too which is becoming a bone of contention already. It's not the garden, it's the lousy deer who have been eyeballing the property daily - I chase them off whenever I see them - stinkin beasts. AND THEN there was a bear hanging about - David put the trash in the back of the truck to take down to the road (he's still not 100%) and it took one of the bags, sorted it to see if there was anything good and then made like an egg and beat it because Pearl The Bear Avenger was barking in the atrium. SO now I have to keep not only deer out of the yard, but the bears which are, from what I understand, a much tougher customer. Linda has told me throwing rocks is not a good idea and whacking them with sticks is also not an option. I'm toying with the concept of some sort of catapult but I'm sure if anyone loses an eye, it will be me. Not to mention being on point against a forest full of stupid animals WHO SHOULD BE STAYING ON THEIR OWN SIDE OF THE WOODS I just don't have the time. But on that topic, I'm taking a personal day on Friday - if you knew how much vacation, sick time, etc I've accrued after only one year you would cry. That's what happens when you work all the time. I'm close to the 80 hours for sick time - after that they pay you for it. Whoo Hoo. Work has slowed down so I'm taking advantage of it catching up and getting the new staff ready for when we do pick up. But having a 3 day weekend and no where to go (I hope!!), well, I just hope it happens.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is here. So are the Vermin.

Well, Happy Easter everyone, David and I will be spending the day quietly. He's better and the pain is less, but he's still quite limited. But he's improving rapidly at this point, so it won't be long. Good thing we have Peeps! The weather has turned warm over the past week - we moved here in the fall and buying a house in winter is not a good time to get a clear picture of where you live. We moved to the WV house in the spring, early summer the problems were immediately identifiable. My clearest memory of my first days there are going to make tea and having a cockroach cheerfully wiggle out of one of the burners, run across the stove and disappear down the crack. Ekk. The centipede invasion, barn rats, brambles. We haven't seen too much in the way of bugs, we had one mouse briefly get in which was dispatched rather quickly by Vincent The Brave and so far there was just some general dampness in the very corner of the basement during the very heavy rains. But the yard! How lovely in the snow and cold, but now. The former residents decorated with those railroad ties that were super popular in the 80's, now are rotted and crooked - and you can't burn the buggers either. The lawn consists of mud and wild onions, if they were ramps I would be joyous, but they are just useless. The pool might just be drained this year and dealt with next year, we haven't sold the other house and that will be a big expense. David is trying to figure out that one too as the cement is cracked, the railroad ties are collapsing - but we're keeping it because once we get the atrium done it will look beautiful. The rest of the yard though is quite lovely, rolling waves of green moss, it looks poetic in some places. We'll get it straightened out - and as long as the bugs and deer stay on their side of the forest things will be just fine.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin came out last week and announced he is gay. David said he knew he was all along. How did you know? and David said, "Well, look how good looking he is - you can't be that good looking and not be gay"." So, you have to be really good looking to be gay?(and who decides THAT one anyhow? Is there a committee?). Well", I asked, "where does that put you?". "What do you mean by that?". "Does that mean you're not good looking enough to be gay?". That lead to a discussion as to whether David is good looking enough to be gay (he thinks he is). Amusing the conversations you have after 30 or so years. Anyhow, speaking of David he's much better, packing is done, swelling is down, antibiotics are started - he's still in pain but it's getting better. I started a new project, a sweater, but it's too small I think so I' m sure I'll be frogging it tomorrow. I have to work a bit tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be very lowkey. David can only be upright for about 20 minutes at a time so that limits things. A bit.

Up And Down

David is slowly recovering from the latest insult, pain of course if the biggest set back for him - he can lay flat but can only stand for a few minutes at a time. He has the MRSA again and we're packing too - deja vu,deja vu. It's in the front this time, a boil instead of a cyst. After he's done with the antibiotic they're doing the MRSA eradication so hopefully this will be it. On the upside - it's fixable. In other news, the shawl is done, obviously. It's so big - it goes to my ankles from top to bottom, but even I have to say it came out perfectly! I'm keeping it for a few days to see if I can take a better picture of it and then, like everything else, off it goes. I have kept a total of 5 things I've knit and crocheted - which is a fairly small amount since I've been knitting and crocheting since I was 7. When I'm done, I'm done - it has to go. I'm not sure what people do with it - keep it, toss it, wear it, hide it. Don't know, on to other projects. And now the BIG NEWS - Jackson has made Master Helmsman of the USS Dewey - he likes to pretend it's not a big deal, but we all know it is. He was promoted to that position fast and even though it's more work, I think he's pretty happy with himself. It's hard keeping track of who's in and who's out - Jack was out, now he's in, Adam is in, John is out, Jackson is going out, John will be coming in and Adam will be going out. Adam is also starting another college course, he's hoping to be an english teacher after his Navy days are done so we have a lot of good going on. Hopefully David will recover quickly and we can move on from here. And thank goodness the weather has finally changed! It's spring and the green is showing from all that muck and mire. Of course now the house will go into phase 2 - we moved in the late fall so I'm sure there's some bugs involved. In a house that sat empty there always are, I just need them to show themselves before we eradicate them.