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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow Day

We got a little snow - about 2 inches - Reuben has been beside himself though. He bothers everyone all day to go out out out - we did put a sweater on him earlier but took it off as he not really needing it.  I had my second laser surgery done on the left eye on Friday. I took the day off as I'm not allowed to drive and even though it's not really painful, it's uncomfortable and it takes a few hours for my vision to clear up and to not be so light sensitive. David loaned me his heavy duty sunglasses for the trip home and then it was lights off for most of the day. I have to do the eye drops for 5 days and then return in 6 weeks but I've had no issues. It was the same as the last time, Dr. Fenghali tested the pressure in my eye, numbed it, did the laser treatment and then I sat for an hour in the office to make sure I didn't have any problems before heading home. I brought my latest project - a sock I'm knitting - and when I went to make my appointment to follow up one of the women showed me the sock she's knitting. I offered to get mine to show off but they both laughed and said they'd already peeked in my knitting bag with David's permission and they thought it was very nice and well knitted. I did end up having to pay my co-pay by the way as apparently, the Mayans were not correct. I got my Christmas cards out last week so I'm a little ahead of the game, it's been hard to get any enthusiasm started - David made the comment that once the kids grow up and leave, the magic goes along with them. I guess that's true. I'm not sure what we're doing for Christmas this year but I'm glad Adam will be here. He's a bit stressed about college - he needs to get some information - his vaccines, his W2, etc and its rough going. I did have a copy of his childhood immunizations so that is checked off his list. I've been having fun with my Kobo Vox, I've downloaded a bunch of books and did the set up - I can even access the Internet off of it! I know it's not Christmas but David said Go Ahead, so I did! I am still loving my TV set although we had a tiny to-do with Dish. We couldn't call out so David called them and it turned out we had not paid the bill. The reason was because it was being sent to someone else's house, David paid, they wrote down the correct address and everything is right with our world. Jackson and Brandi are here next week, then I'm on vacation for a week, then back to work, then we get our new dog Molly. Lots of stuff - but good stuff.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I love driving around West Virginia and Southwestern PA - sometimes, in my car, I feel like a marble in a shoot. I just go ping ponging down the road with all the other cars jettisoning along with me. I am still a little cautious- more or less. Well, usually less. I have learned around here you need to stay focused if you're on the back road - the guard rails are very sporadic if at all, the road goes up, down and all around. I use my GPS sometimes just to keep track of the road so I know when the next hairpin turn is coming up.  I took the back roads home today but was a bit annoyed, aside from forgetting my camera it was also raining cats and dogs so even if I'd had my camera it would have been uber yucky to get out.I contented myself with earmarking but then forgot where I'd been when I saw all sorts of cool stuff I might want to check out on any given weekend. I did manage at one point during the week to actually write down where one place was so I could come back but that was the best I'd done. I am off tomorrow to have my other eye done - I'm planning on finishing my Christmas cards early before I go -although the loss of vision would probably make it more of a challenge and more amusing for the recipient. Shopping is not much of a challenge either, most of it is cash and gift cards. Our friend Ray is just about the only person I really shop for and he's fun to give to, he seems to enjoys everything he gets from us. Or at least he makes you feel like he does. I have my main present already, it's a Kobo Arc which I have been wanting For - Ev - Er. I did peek. And I did charge it up. I am probably going to see if I can set it up just to make sure it works. Really. Then I will stinking put it back. After I peek at it again. Just once. Again. David just rolls his eyes and says to go ahead and peek, you already did it. I am super anticipating getting our new dog Molly in January - oh what fun that will be. I can't wait! She has some issues and needs some socialization but I'm sure she'll be fine once she gets settled in with Reuben The Rabblerouser. He has gotten a bit wilder lately but that's normal for the breed. He also has Adam to putz around with who is sort of the opposite of the Dog Whisperer. He is more of the Dog Winder because he can wind any vizsla up in a matter of moments, getting Reuben to race around the house like a rabbit on fire. But it's good for the dog to play. We have to decorate this weekend, finish shopping, get the house ready for guests. I am currently knitting a sock, I'm planning on taking it to my appointment tomorrow since I'll have to be there for an hour or so.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sun Will Come Out Again.

 So despite the strum and strife, the drama....things have started on the upswing. A little - but we'll take it. We applied for a rescue dog in Ohio. I filled out the application and worried a bit - when David talked the foster home I was trying hard not to wave my hands or think he had said The Wrong Thing that would make them think we barbequed dogs on the weekend or wore dog fur outfits around. Because the dog in question - is a 3 year old female and she's a vizsla and we really want her. So today I called Rhonda, chairperson of the Miami Valley Vizsla Rescue to see if they got my application and was told to my delight - she had already spoken to the foster family and had reviewed my application  and we were in! We are picking her up after the 14th - we have a lot going on before then and it wouldn't be fair to start off our relationship like that. So happy! The end of the world is tomorrow from what I understand so not sure if any of this is going to pan out but we'll see. My eye surgery is in a couple of days, both peepers will be zapped and I will be done. Thank goodness I only have two eyes. Adam is busy jumping hurdles for college - silly thing thought once you got in that was it - haha. Start of the road. So this opens up a whole other can of worms - does he still have health insurance? Has he had all of his vaccines? Where does he find that? Acck! We need to get a move on for Christmas, we've been half heartedly moving towards it because we aren't really celebrating until everyone gets here. I am working towards the end of the week, it seems to never end, does it?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Little Break From The Drama.

 I'm posting pictures of the shawl I finished - really, it did not come out even vaguely like the picture - I have no idea if it's me or the pattern. But it's an even triangle and as Reuben The Model is demonstrating, it drapes beautifully. Speaking of dogs we are (hopefully) going to be adopting a rescue dog after the holidays. It may fall through of course - the dog we have our hearts set on have other people that want her, but if it does, we'll just try again. We just don't have the time for another puppy and a full grown dog would be a better choice - so everyone cross your fingers please! Adam is starting to settle in - he's waiting to hear if he's been accepted by the local college (he's applied to three) and has a couple of job applications in. Jackson will be here after the holidays for a couple of weeks so we're working towards that, and I'm getting what I want for Christmas. We have had some not so good things, a very good friend of ours had a cardiac event - but he's on the mend thank goodness. David is heading off to Ray's tomorrow to do some more handyman stuff and to deliver gifts. We will see him again in a couple of weeks when Jackson and Brandi come down. Yesterday was busy - I had to do a nurse orientation but since the only day the nurse could come was Saturday - and in Wheeling, I was up and out before 8 am. I got there earlier than expected so I found a nice graveyard to explore and of course got so bedazzled I was almost late.  I finished up around close to 4 pm and decided to do a little shopping in Triadelphia - there's a bad decision for you. It was so packed it was awful and it seems the new thing now is to only have one or two cashiers - how frustrating is that. Two stores I just simply left - the book store I managed to stick it out but even then it was making me fussy. Getting out of the place was worse, traffic was jammed all the way back - good thing I didn't have the double espresso to go or I'd have been crawling out of my skin. The good thing is I get a day off after New Years so I can stretch out what's left of my vacation while Jackson is here. I am off on Friday but it's not a fun off, I'm getting the other eye done. But I only have two peepers so I'll be done. Thank goodness

Saturday, December 8, 2012


 Adam arrived yesterday around 2pm, along with my glaucoma, buying the second house, David and his never ending Saga Of The Van which is an entry all on it's own, Adam is moving back home for the time being. Things were not working out in Norfolk and we thought it would be best if he came back here and did a full on Do Over. We had left the back door open as David was with me since I was told I was not to be driving after getting my eye lasered - given the fact I couldn't even take the gloomy daylight with a pair of heavy sunglasses I was grateful he was available to take me there and back, even if it did mean hanging out in the waiting room for most of the morning. But I digress. It took a lot for Adam to make this decision and even though it's only for a few months, it was still hard for him. But he had to admit it's too expensive for him to make a go of it, especially if he wants to go to college. Reuben is beyond delighted - he parks his butt next to Adam and last night disappeared on us. Such a little traitor - the first pretty face shows up and off he goes. It is fun having him here - last night was cheesy movies and pizza night, we watched the Wrath of Khan and a few other shows - they are way more fun when there's someone to watch. Of course I was watching from my dark corner of the living room, but I got to see. But there's the other side, he is really out of his element right now, I'm sure he misses his friends, his house, his life. But on the upside he's been in contact with his best friend from high school who happens to live in Pittsburgh, not 60 miles away - how's that for karma?He's been in contact with WVU who is going over his transcript and is currently at a job fair. Once he gets settled with all of that we can start looking for an inexpensive place for him to live. In the meantime he's going to help David finish the house if Bruceton Mills which David is very relieved about - this mess with the van has really put him behind the 8 ball and with Adam here he can get it done and rented. Other then that - not much going on (ha ha). I finished the shawl and it's busy blocking upstairs on the floor - it didn't come out like I hoped but it's in the shape of a shawl so I can live with that. I'm going to make some socks next,then who knows. We went to Clarksburg again today and this time I got to buy stuff at AC Moores. I also went to the Nest and scored the last skein of Madelene Tosh lace weight in Mica. The weekend will continue to be dreary I think as per the weather so no walking tomorrow I think. Oh well if we don't walk I think we'll decorate the house for Christmas.

Friday, December 7, 2012

There Will Be No Cheaters Here!

 I am probably the poster child of why you should NOT buy over the counter cheaters and skip  a regular eye appointment.  I was tempted but knew I would need bifocals, and really - the appointment was $75, I've dropped more on a good yarn sale. I had some changes in my vision which is why I made the appointment in the first place - and the optometrist noticed some hinky goings on. I was sent to and  diagnosed by Dr. Fenghali the glaucoma specialist and it was found in the very early stages - before damage has started. My first appointment he decided to not treat right off the bat as it wasn't even really treatable - but this week on my 3 month follow up the pressure was not so good and the glaucoma is progressing. There is no problems with my sight yet but the doctor decided to skip the eye drops and go straight to laser treatment. The other very upside is it will delay my having to do daily eye drops for two to three years and of course, stop the damage from progressing. Going to the specialist is it's own brand of weird - my eyeballs get numbed and then I keep my eyes open while various objects are pressed on them. I can see it, but can't feel it. With the laser, your eye is kept wide open with this big lens and the laser shot to the exact place. Then you sit in the waiting room for about an hour or so so they can check the pressure before you leave. The treatment can cause it to skyrocket. David had to take the day off too as I couldn't drive after my zapping. He amused himself by watching TV and visiting the vending machine downstairs. I of course brought my knitting, I'm on the last row and a half and I figured I would be able to see well enough out of the other peeper. Speaking of peepers I was getting very peeped at from the receptionist's window - turns out there are knitters and crocheters in the office so I had to hold up my project and answers questions as to the weight of my yarn and the size of my needles. I've always brought my knitting if I know I'm going to be sitting  - it's like bees to a flower, if there's any knitters or crocheters in sight they can't help but come over to see what you have good. I was released after a recheck and given a prescription for  prednisone eye drops 4 times a day for 5 days and don't mess it up. I have to get the other eye done in a couple of weeks and even though I don't want to, I'm so grateful to be treated well before I have to worry about losing my sight - a good argument for going to the eye doctor, isn't it? We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond for a new footstool, Reuben has rendered the one I have not even up to Welfare Status so I was in the market for a new one. I had a coupon for 20% off but they only had really big ones which I don't need in my little house. I handed the coupon off to an instantly smiling person and got one at Target. I told a nurse I loved her scrubs too which made her smile. Why? Because when I was in Walmart the other night to pick up a couple things after work a girl and her mother were coming down the aisle. The girl pointed right at me and said really loudly "I really like that shirt you're wearing! It's really nice!" - she was totally serious and I smiled all the way home. I used to do that too to people, there is nothing so wonderful as an unexpected compliment so I'm going to try to say out loud when I really like something instead of thinking it in my head where no one can appreciate it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hooray For Donna!

 Yes there is a back way! I was really despairing about this blog, unbeknowest to me there is a limit on the amount of pictures you can post on your free blog. Then it's a monthly charge. Since there are hundreds of free sites I am not paying for this one. So Donna told me if I got another gmail address, then went to setting and invited myself I would be able to post pictures as Julia #2. Yes it makes no sense. But I'll take it, it's the first thing that's gone right all day. Things had begun to straighten up and now we're back to full tilt. Part of me just wants the whole mess to bottom out, sink the damn ship already, give me the life boat and let me paddle on. I miss my Pearl like a crazy person all day today, the rest of life is quietly imploding. Glass is breaking as fast as I can sweep it up, on and on, never ends. But I get up each and every day, get dressed and jump back in - there's no choice right now for me, none at all. I'm sure there are many worse off, just as I am convinced there are many people better off - what difference does it make? It's my mess and I'll cry if I want to. But it will go back up again - at some point. I hope.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dinner's Ready!

I have not moved the blog yet - and I may not if I can figure out how to get around the no picture thing. We had our neighbors over for dinner last night - we've been trying for a month but either they're busy or we are. But we found a weekend we could get together so yesterday was the day. We cleaned the house, put the extra chairs in the basement - I have no idea WHY we have never done this before - why we have seven chairs jammed in our little kitchen all the time. Probably because we have them. Anyhoo - I made lasagna which if you're my age is The Company Dinner. Why? Well, because it's perfect - you can do meat, no meat - it can be made ahead of time so when the guests arrive you're not frantically chopping and stirring. I made it in a dutch oven, my stepbrothers have been facebooking their results back and forth so I decided since I'd just bought a beautiful red Dutch Oven that was the way to go. I used my smaller one for the vegetarian version, the new monster one for the full on sausage version. I made it first thing in the morning, as I was stirring the scent was a I remembered we'd had a power outage and the date was a bit more then I had thought it was - David ended up running to the supermarket, better safe then sorry. And it's not a good idea to to play Russian Roulette with the company. Good fences make good neighbors but not dishing out the food poisoning does a better job. I made the sauce from scratch, tons of cheese, the dutch oven stacked it high - everything in the fridge til dinner. We did cheese and crackers for starters, another thing my generation understands. It was two kinds of cheese - one white one yellow on square crackers. We had plenty of wine, I had two chilling in the fridge - Jim brought white and red. They got the grand tour, Robin grew up next door so she was pretty taken with the upstairs, especially since she knows what it did look like. We sat down to start in the living room, Reuben was beside himself, especially when the cheese plate came around - it was hard to convince he was not supposed to be competing for it. All he knew was I had a big plate of cheese and he needed to get in there for his half! Arrgh! Back to school Reuben, back to school. I made sure everyone admired our $75 dollar chair and table set, yes we are still proud of that. I served a little salad just so we could say we did and then the lasagna and garlic bread. It came really really good- I was even a little surprised at how much more evenly it cooked and nothing dried out. We had so much fun - these are two of the people we wish we saw more of. After dinner was coffee, pie, baklava and they left around ten. Reuben did very well - I'm walking him again next weekend with Charlene to continue socializing him. And today I am doing nothing more or less. I cleaned out the dresser in the guest room since Adam will be moving here in the next week or so, but other wise not too much to do. We cleaned the house yesterday and the wash is done. Ahh.