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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just me and my girl!

Now it's Claw's turn to be Pet of The Day! David has returned from Uncharted Territory, also known as Pennsylvania. He found one house and put a bid on it. It's of course more than we expected to pay. The houses that were in $100,000 - 110,000 looked big on the internet but were "cozy" in real life. Anyone that's gone house hunting will tell you any house that's advertised as "cozy" or worse, a "cottage" it's for sure it'l look like an oversized shed. Then we've got to deal with selling our house - this week we're fooling around with: the building inspector, the hot tub guy, and the septic guy. David and I are of course, stressing to beat the band. If we don't get into a house soon and get all this stuff straightened out - we'll be homeless. Well, actually not, we'll be living in New Jersey which is sort of like being homeless but we'll be in a house and I suppose we'll have to wear tacky clothes and vacation on the Joisy Shaws. The building inspector just left, apparently we have a huge hornets nest in one of our attics. I'm sure the first of many surprises......

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Who Goes There

It's Copper's turn to be the Pet Of The Day! That's his favorite spot to sit, he can see down the stairs and out the front door, yet remain completely safe from anything that might be vaguely threatening. I'm off for 2 days and then back to the salt mines.  I had a new preceptor last night at work -  my other one, Michelle, has gone on vacation. She's a bit loopy, but I like her. She doesn't have a computer at home so she gets her email at work which would be OK if she and her mother weren't fighting. When her mother emails her she crys hysterically (her mother's apparently related to my Uncle's wife in the Nasty Email Dept)and then spends the rest of the shift crying, calling her boyfriend and composing a response which we all get to hear. I don't mind - but it makes it awful hard to ask any questions! David called this morning and thinks he's found a house. It's a little more than we had budgeted for - but what house isn't? - but it does have a WORKING hot tub. So we shall see.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Lips that touch litter shall never touch mine

We've completely despaired of making him stay out of the litter pan. I personally enjoy the way Charger comes strolling out of the bathroom with litter stuck all over his face and looks at me like he's done nothing. David's always claimed Charger is like a flamingo - you know how they eat shrimp to stay pink? - David says that's how he maintains his brown color.... Anyhow, David called from the Poconos yesterday. He had a good trip with only one wrong turn which only added about 20 minutes to his trip. And even better yet, our friend Ray was able to join him! Ray met him at the hotel and they spent Sunday catching up with each other. Ray said if we decide to buy in that area, he's also seriously considering buying a house there, his neighborhood in Kearny has gotten pretty bad in the past ten years - that would be so great. I worry  about Ray, from his description of how his neighborhood has gotten I'm afraid sometimes there's gang activity. Jackson is taking great advantage of David not being here, since I'm working nights there's no one to tell him to go to bed or to get up. Consequently, I think he's on my schedule, sans the paycheck. Work is fine with the exception of the fact I working the last of six shifts in seven days. But I'm off tomorrow, whoopie!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Better Days

Well, David is off to Pa tommorrow morning to go look at houses. He has been freaking out since last week. Like tuna cassaroles, Lesters do not travel well. Of course to add to the fun the motel he booked a room at is off a route so he can't bring it up on his GPS. He took his truck to the car place to have to oil changed and got home just in time for the oil light to go on since they didn't put enough oil in - so back he went. I'm working the 7p to 7a shift so I won't get to see him off, what else what else? The people buying the house decided the other day they DO want a structural inspection. Now,we had one done not six months ago so I doubt anything has changed between now and then, but it's just one more thing to worry about.  Our good friend Ray has been kind enough to offer his sister's house in NJ if we can't find a house in time so that at least takes a little of the pressure off. Good things I work nights since I'm up anyhow!!

Monday, June 21, 2004

If only this were my life

I wish I had a little blue dog toy stuffed with catnip that made me feel like this. Instead I get to be all stressed out and yelling. I know once this moving thing is over we'll all feel better but for now I feel like the patient I took care of this week. He described the way he felt as "like something's got a hold of me and won't let go".  I've been knitting like crazy which helps and trying to get organized. But I just look at the mess we have in the garage (after only 6 months!!)and despair. A little sneaky part of me wishes these people that bought the house will develop a problem and nix the deal - but then the other part of me is very excited about moving into a community with tennis courts and swimming pools. And renting is so out of the question, when I put "rental" in my search engine I come up with hundreds of hits. When I add "pets allowed" it comes back with one or zero. And to complicate it , we dont' have just one small animal, we have two cats and two large dogs. They're all older, house broken and not destructive but no one wants to hear it. The second you say dog click goes the phone.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

What have we done now?

David and I had been talking about selling the house - this is just too far for anyone to come see us or for us to travel back home. So we put our house up for sale 7 days ago. The last two times this house was sold it took almost a year each time. I figured that was great - we'd have time to look, etc. Who would've thought in a million years a couple would walk in here 5 days later, make an offer for the asking price in CASH and want us out in 45 days. I've been waking up paralyzed for the past two mornings, I have no IDEA how we're going to pull this off this time! We dont even have a defiante place to move to yet, just somewhere in Pa. This may fall through of course, they might sober up or something, but the way my life runs I'm sure this will balloon up into some major event.