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Sunday, July 31, 2005

This Beautiful Morning Is Pre-empted By What Else Lies Below

ARRGH!! David had gotten almost the entire pasture mowed down last night when he discovered a mucky part in the middle. After further investigation and a bit of digging, discovered the mystery of the low water pressure and the high water bill - we have a leak in the water main. He thinks it's probably been leaking for quite awhile, but since the pasture was so overgrown and it's probably not a big leak, you wouldn't have noticed. So this morning he was out there bright and early digging away, but the pipe was only about a foot and half underground so it wasn't too big of a procedure.. The water is off while he looks for the leak and hopefully this will not turn into an enourmous frigging mess. I have to go out on a job today but it's just down the road from me (for once!) so hopefully it will go quick. We've started letting Vincent out, he's a bit more worrisome than Claw since he doesn't stick too close to the house but he seems to be staying in the yard and does come back when called (eventually!). Yesterday the heat and humidity was pretty overwhelming for him, when I brought him in his mouth was hanging open he was panting so hard. He went and laid on the kitchen floor (it's tile) for half an hour to cool down, sometimes it doesn't pay to be a black cat, especially in July in WV.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

What Lies Below

That's the groundhog who appears to have moved in, probably under the deck. So now we have: toads, frogs, groundhogs, birds, bunnies, some unidentified creature that hides around the shed and peeks at David then runs away and the occasional deer. The deer here are different then Pa - they're huge, healthy and very skittish. We sometimes see them in the lower fields but they bolt if they see you unlike in Pa where they're so used to people that they run to you in case you have food.  I suppose if you move into a rural area you have to expect a lot of animals to be sharing your space. I'm still fighting with that stupid frog who refuses to leave my pool. When I come outside he quick runs and hides in the skimmer,hunkering down in the bottom like I can't see him. David thought I should put him in the woods but I've pointed out if the frog could find his way back from the Walnut Lane Inn Bar And Lounge, finding his way back from the woods would be a piece of cake. David and Jackson have been working for most of the week in Buchannon which is a little over an hour from here - Jackson's been working hard and David said he calculates his pay hourly, making announcements of How Much I Made Now throughout the day. In the next few weeks we have to deal with motor vehicles, I'm not looking foward to that. David's going to do most of it as I'm no good with that stuff and have no patience at all but I'm sure there is a mess just waiting to happen.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Did I Miss A Spot?

David's new obsession is mowing one of the front fields down and he's been working  on it a bit at a time daily. We're leaving the field behind the barn as is with just a few paths mowed so you can walk it. The dogs like the unmown field because they can pretend to be real hunting dogs which totally annoys the local bunny population.  I had an interview yesterday - it was a leftover so I decided to go anyhow. The pay was less which was not a good thing, but was livable until I asked about the benefits - SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS OUT OF MY PAYCHECK A MONTH. I was like you have got to be kidding!! I told her I would let her know next week but I don't think so. It's a shame because it was a good job unless you like money and eating and stuff. The good thing that came out of it was I found a Hostess Outlet - whoo hoo! The only thing you've got to be careful about is perishables like bread, I bought one loaf (85 cents) and David said it was sort of damp and had a big hole through it so he is refusing to eat it. I guess saving money doesn't run in this family.Jackson and I went out later and got caught in a sudden downpour, it got a little scary at one point because the windshield wipers could barely keep up with the rain. We did a bunch of errands and then on the way back I took a picture of this church, I'm not sure what denomination it is, but it's pretty neat - isn't it? David and Jackson are off to work today, hopefully Jackson will get up. Yesterday he was giving David a hard time so David just left him home. I think he was ok with that until he realized people that stay home stay poor.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I Toad You Not To Touch It!

Yet another frog variation - and you should not pick them up because it's nothing more than a big trick. They sit there in the grass looking all cute and friendly and when you pick them up - THEY TINKLE ON YOUR HAND. That's thier big defense, incontinence. I've got to admit it's works well, but it seems sort of  cowardly to pee  on your enemy - but then again I'm not a toad so I doubt my opinion on this topic holds much weight. And as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Anyhow, yes, that's another pile of never ending trash, when David cleared out behind the barn it was lying in the underbrush, on the brush,etc.. so it's another trip to the dump this weekend. And there's more trash  in the woods we own just in case we get bored. The pictures of the plants are nettles, they get this purple flowerish thing on top, that would be the only pleasant thing about them. They grow to about 6 feet, spread like crazy and if you fall in to them, you'll be the sorriest person on earth because they're covered from top to bottom with hundreds of  razor sharp little needles. Who comes up with this crap? Spiny plants, peeing toads, trash piles, HA! Vacation paradise if I ever saw one. Mr. Lee continues to be fine and lording the Baby Blanket over the other two cats. It's still her favorite possession and Vincent has finally given up trying to Overthrow The Blanket. Dogs are fine, still no sign of brains, but we can always hope. The weather was supposed to be sunny and in the 90's but it was more like the 80's and muggy AND a thunderstorm blew in so the crack weather team is doing it's usual good job of predicting the weather.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I finally let both cats out yesterday for an hour or so, we're still pretty skittish about it - I may say I'll be ok if one of them disappears, but it actually happening is a different ballgame.. Claw's fine, she potters around and comes back, Vincent is another story. I saw him go into the brush at the bottom of the yard, only to come flailing out of it 3 minutes later and running full out  back to the house. I'm guessing it had something to do with the mocking bird commotion he stirred up - those birds do NOT fool around and Vincent found that fact out in a hurry. David's still busy clearing the property in some areas, yesterday he did around the barn  by wrapping a rope around the brush and pulling it out with the lawn tractor. He'd been mowing that one field but almost set the tractor on fire so decided to give it a rest. He also went over to the church and installed the air conditioner someone donated so the church now has air. He starts that job tomorrow and will be taking Jackson with him. The guy said he'd pay Jackson a helper wage so Jackson's all excited about a paying job. He'll be old enough to drive after December and has been eyeballing cars for the past few months, a red camero in particular. David said he couldn't believe Jackson is talking about such an expensive car, but I pointed out very few teenage boys hope and dream for a Gremlin!!  He went to the movies with Becky and her cousins yesterday, they saw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which was great he said. Becky's family is visiting for the week so we haven't seen too much of her. I've been getting alot of use out of the pool, I'm in it every night after work. The humidity finally broke yesterday, we turned the ac off for the first time in a week. The heat is bad but  the humidity  really sucks - everything feels damp and smelly. David and I had to wash down the walls of Jackson's basement as they started mildewing before we turned on the AC, then it dried up right away and stopped so I'm guessing we're going to have to run it when it gets icky.

Friday, July 22, 2005

No Big News Today

The first 3 pictures are of Pennsylvania which I took on my way to one of my jobs. Hmm. They look pretty much the same as WV, don't they? It's a little strange living on the border as I can be in a whole other state in under 5 minutes from my house. My flowers are coming along well, as is my ivy, the only thing that's a pain is watering them because we only have one hose in the back. This house of course has it's little ideosycrisies that we will never figure out. Only one of the 3 bathrooms  has an outlet. There are phone jacks that don't work all over the house- at least 2 to 3 to a room. ALL the bedrooms have a dozen outlets, even the little 8 x 10 one. You turn on the dining room light from the kitchen, the kitchen light from the hall and the front light from the livingroom. I sure it made sense to someone at sometime, but now it's just silly. And we'll do what the previous owners did - just get used to it until we no longer notice it's odd. I've started letting Claw out, or more to the point Claw has started letting Claw out - she lurks around the doors constantly and zips out when she has the opportunity. As you can see, not much going on. David has started mowing one of the fields in front, but will be leaving the one behind the barn fallow. We've heard no more from the guy next door, but he's supposed to be here clearing the brush on his property on Saturday. Hopefully it will not be a "revenge" clearing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Some Old Problems, Some New Problems

I'm sure that's the same frog I pitched in the stream across from the bar last month, stinkin' frog thinks he can hide from me! So we are in a heated battle as to who owns the pool. The other frogs have the sense to leave by morning but this guy will not. And speaking of repeat offenders, I have poison ivy AGAIN, but it's not  as bad as the last time. My job continues to be overwhelming, the paperwork is unreal and when I'm not on the road I have to stay in the office and help with paperwork. And when I'm not busy helping with it, I'm busy generating it. They made me file stuff and then after a full afternoon is when I get told never to stick things in the purple files which means I have to quickly go around the next afternoon sneaky-pete taking things out of the purple files and putting them back in the to-be filed do-hickey. Hopefully, they will never catch on to the fact they're paying me to do that. David met up with the guy that bought 36 acres next door, he's a Weasel. He wanted us to trade him a right of way at the end of his driveway for access to the road. What he didn't tell us (but the neighbors made sure to!) is he plans on logging the property and the right of way is not for a house, but for logging trucks! He told David the property is landlocked and David said it was illegal to sell landlocked property. He told David he inherited it. David told him we had the old survey and it was formly owned by the coal mining company. He told David his family was coal miners and he inherited from them!! He'd also told David our fence was on his property and David told him we'd already talked to our lawyer and it was not(he'd originally stated it was and he would be "nice" and "let us" trade him the right of way...)Needless to say he went away empty handed and I'm very glad we talked to the neighbors first. I'm thinking of moving that tacky little statue outside, it was left by the former owners and if you hook it up, water comes out of it. But I guess that will just give the frog another reason to stay....

Monday, July 18, 2005

Little Road Trip

David and I went to the UU retreat yesterday - it was actually more of a brainstorming/finances/goals  meeting but we got to have lunch at a nice place and got to know some more of the church members. The woman sitting next to David is originally from Huntington, LI - how strange is that?? The meeting was held at Tygart State Park(pictures 5-8) which is right outside of Grafton (2-4). I think I may have been elected to head up the new Fundraising Committe which also appears to have one member (that would also be me). It's a fairly small congregation so you can have your own committee. Right now at the house the new issue is dampness, the weather is so humid it's unreal. And it doesn't go anywhere, just sort of hazes in place so as a result everything in the house is damp. Jackson's subterranian abode might become a problem since basements tend to be damp in any case so we've warned him he might need to come above ground if we can't straighten it out. I think we'll buy a dehumidifier later in the week and see if that helps. The frogs continue to descend on the pool at night, the moment the sun sets they come hopping across the patio and the chemicals don't seem to deter them. They don't really do anything, just paddle around a bit and then spend the rest of the evening croaking at each other, they get so loud sometimes you can't hear the tv! The 9th picture by the way is my FAVORITE house in the universe, I hope to win the lottery some day and own it for myself!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

No More Green!

David finished the front yesterday, doesn't it look so much better without the green-y part on the end? He'll paint the rest of the house tan eventually, but at least he got all the green and red off. He starts his job on Monday, he gets to drive alot too - he wants to come home every night instead of staying over which I would too. The one thing about living here is almost everything is 10 miles. Anything else is over that. I started doing a few visits the other day, it was a relief getting out of the office and away from all that paper! The people I work with are nice and pretty frazzled. They're just starting to get into the visit end of things (they were primarily private duty) so everyone is up in arms all the time. The only thing that's really giving me pause is I am working with some pediatric cases and they're very sick children, but I'll just have to see how that goes. Jackson's fine, his friend Marcus slept over last night so they'll be sleeping til one at least I'm sure. We've been having tons of thunderstorms lately, pretty much every day one rolls in. That's  par for the course around here and come August it'll all dry up. David's project this week was finding out what property we own. We'll eventually have it surveyed, but for now with so much going on all the time, we've pushed that down to the bottom of the laundry list. But he did go to town hall and get the old one and then walked the propertyline and found all the markers. So the second project he had was reclaiming some of our land from the neighbors. Tomorrow we're going out to Tygart Lake for the UU retreat - it's only a couple of hours and we get lunch at the lodge, basically it's a big meeting to discuss the goals of the church so it should be interesting. Today I think is just puttering around. And in other news, when we were cleaning the pool this morning (an endless and thankless task if there ever was one!) there was a big frog in it! And I'm positive it was the one I drove down to the stream, bastard! And yes, he was evicted but I could see him sitting in the bushes watching me with those sneaky goggly eyes he has.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Enough Of The Cat....

Since I've been orientating in the office for the past two days, there's not much to take pictures of. So, you get a picture of Mr. Lee hogging the chair. I started on Monday, we went through a lot of the paperwork since that's one of the big differences between hospital and home care - there are mountains of papers! They hired another nurse for the Fairmont district - the interesting thing is she was working at Mon Gen, the hospital that wouldn't call me back - and she walked off in the middle of a shift she said it was so bad over there(she was still on orientation). They told her she wouldn't be eligible for re-hire and she told them that wasn't much of a loss in her book. So, maybe it's all worked out for the best. I'm off for today so can catch up here on phone calls and then Thursday I'm off to the Uniontown office and go around with one of the nurses there since I 'll be doing the Pa side for now. David starts working on the 20th, he's got a renovation job out in Buchannon which is about 70 miles from here - a local guy bought a house out there. He can stay overnight in the guest house so he can come home every two days or so instead of driving all that distance every day. Not perfect but will do for now. Jackson will have to hold the fort, but since I'm working 4 days instead of 5 it shouldn't be too bad. Becky is coming over today, I told her to wear her bathing suit and they can go in the pool.(so much for not seeing Becky much!).We're still messing around with MHS and THAT paperwork, David finally called Jackson's old pediatrics and they faxed over the immunizations since his old highschool has not. As far as the Pa house goes we haven't heard anything so I'm guessing it's a no-go for sure.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Things I've Learned In WV

There are some items that don't belong on a clearance table and a home pregnancy test is one of them.

Before you go barreling down a road, it's a good idea to drive it at least once. Otherwise you might find yourself re-enacting the last scene out of Thelma and Louise.

Even if they are only 25 cents a pair, buying underpants at a yard sale is not a good idea.

Anyhow, I'm off to work in an hour or so, a little nervous. I keep waking up at 3am like clockwork due to all sorts of stress. David talked to RE agent and he said the potential buyer has not called him or Eileen so they've continued to show the house. We're giving it to the 15th and then told the RE to find renters, but not these people. Given thier behavior so far and the fact that I'm really mad at them, I don't want them in our house. I posted a picture of my latest project, I've actually made this sweater before but I have this interesting stringy sort of yarn so I thought I would try it for this. Jackson is having Becky over today, we don't see so much of her because she's at band camp for the summer.



Sunday, July 10, 2005

End Of My Loafing Days

Well, tomorrow's the day. No more knitting all day marathons, carousing or general horseplay. I've got to admit, I am looking foward to going back to work and meeting new people. Being off on the weekends is going to be strange, but I think when Jackson gets back to school it'll work out much better. David and I just got back from church, he decided to come with me this Sunday - he was surprised to find it was not full of barefoot hippies worshipping trees. AND he had a good time. This week the pagans were the speakers so the discussion afterword (and during!) the lecture was pretty interesting. So I think he'll be coming back with me. I posted pictures of Uniontown that I took the other day, the 7th picture is an episcopalian church which is huge and quite beautiful. I wish the pictures of the stained glass had come out better but it was too dark to post. We were going to go to Washington (PA) but I think that was a bit further that we had planned on. Today we're doing Sam's club and (YIPPEE!!)Cracker Barrel for a late lunch/early supper. I guess you would call that Lupper. I LOVE Cracker Barrel, I think it's the best!

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

Here we go again. The family that is supposed to be moving into our house called us yesterday to let us know that a client had bounced a big check (he's self employed)  and he wouldn't be putting the down payment in escrow until the 15th. David told him to talk to the RE but I have a feeling this deal will fall through again. The money was supposed to be in there yesterday - they can't move in til it is - but I don't think he put any money in at all. The agent will be in today and we'll discuss it with her, but I'm really angry now. We haven't really shown the house for a month because we had a deal with these people and in the meantime the bills have to be paid - by us. I'm thinking we're just going to have to rent it - but not to these people since we've been through the mill with them twice. I feel bad for them but we're not the salvation army -not to mention you don't agree to do something you can't afford in the first place, especially if you know you can't afford it. The  pool leak guy was here yesterday with his daughter the helper who looked totally thrilled to be spending the day helping her dad (NOT)  - they just find the leaks not fix them so he found the leaks. We have 3 small ones - all on the deep end of course. So we'll be looking into fixing that. Jackson slept over Marcus's last night, they were going to do fireworks with the neighbors so he probably had a good time. David and I are heading out to Uniontown this morning for a road trip since we've never been up that way. We had a serious thunderstorm last night, thunder rolling constantly with lightening every 15 seconds, Copper almost crawled out of his skin. I took a picture of the flowers I planted which are very cute I might add. And  a picture of the deck David moved, eventually there will be a walkway from the pool to it, but at least it's near the sliding glass door in the back now instead of all the way around the house.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

The Object Of My Affections.

This stupid rabbit comes here everyday lately and sits right in front of the sliding glass door, moving about in a snack-like way and driving Vincent C-R-A-Z-Y. There's a large number of baby bunnies so David said the cats HAVE to stay in. I just heard from the agency - I got the job!! and will be starting Monday. The icky thing is the benefits don't kick in for 3 months but we'll just have to deal with that for now. I guess I'd better enjoy the weekend. I took the kitchen apart yesterday as the project of the day - we're getting to the point now where things have a place or at least should. David finally put up my pot racks and I took everything out of the cabinets - once I rearranged them I found I had tons of room. The 4rth picture is the livingroom, you can see 4 of the lamps, there were 2 more on the other side plus the four in the ceiling fan. We took a couple out, fearing jets would try to land in front of the tv. Dont even try to "go to the light" in our house - you would be all day at it! AND we still have more table lamps to spare, but I guess we don't have to use them all. The dining room is still under rearrangement but is looking better. David called a  pool leak finding company, we're finally down to that. We're between a rock and a hard place, we don't want to spend the money right now to have it fixed but the only other options are to either drain it and hope it doesnt' collapse or let it go back to the Black Lagoon and let the frogs have at it. Neither of which are optional. David ordered the part for the hot tub and then of course there is the one in the house - the last picture. Since it's old, ugly, and has only two jets ten bucks says it runs like a top. Right now the cats enjoy it, we throw thier balls in it and they chase them around. Yesterday we had a mouse in the house, but despite all the frantic running about and peering under things, we've come to the conclusion none of our cats could catch a cold, let alone a mouse. Jackson was the head mouser and stepped on the dopey thing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005


The paperwork drags on and on with no end in sight. David and I spend a significant amount of time on the phone and at the dining room table, waiting on hold and filling out yet another form. Yesterday we went to Morgantown High School to enroll Jackson, the secretary pulled out a packet - not a good sign. David attempted to help but tends to ask too many questions (how old is he? when is his birthday? Does he live with us? really?ARRGH) so he instead spent most of the time chatting with the chemistry teacher and the secretary. I'm sure Jackson will be overwhelmed, all of the schools he's ever attended have been well below 1,000 students - this school is well above 2,000 and has 3 floors of classrooms. The way the school system works here is all the little towns have elementary and middle schools but EVERYONE either goes to MHS or UHS so the first year for them can be pretty tough.Jackson's  finger is much much better thank goodness, the swelling is finally going down. He came with me to the chinese grocery later on and I took pictures of the Monongalia River with his royal Crabbiness carping away the whole time. I heard from the agency and now they're having trouble getting my references, this just goes on an on, doesn't it? I'm hoping that will be resolved today and I can get to work, I'm just putzing at this point I'm so bored.  And the pool thing continues, we still can't find the leak so David called and left a message with a leak finding corporation, but they haven't called back as of yet. We put a bit of water in it last night since it seems to have stopped leaking BUT it also rained again last night so we have to wait til this afternoon.....if anyone has an idea or knows how to pinpoint a leak, let me know!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Pretty In Pink

I finally finished it, it came out a little bigger than planned - doesn't everything I make? - for the most part it came out pretty good.  But the person it's intended for is only 11 so she'll just have to step it up a bit on the growing. The fourth was fairly quiet, the people on the next hill over (picture #3) had some nice fireworks and if I had thought about it we would've gone into town where they had the big display at the river. Jackson would've liked us to buy some fireworks but I told him next year - since we're batting a thousand in the Things That Can Go Wrong dept I don't want to take any chances. We are still frigging around with the pool, it seems to have stopped leaking but we've tried everything and cannot find the hole. We need to do something as  the frogs are moving into the vents! David thought we could fill the hot tub for the time being but of course with our track record he then discovered the pipes weren't properly drained at some point and broke. It's not a big deal, but it's one more thing for the every expanding laundry list. Picture #7 is the ivy I planted - it was very tough going as we have clay here instead of dirt and sand. #8 is the tree David got carried away with pruning but he'll probably end up taking it out. It's half a hedge and half lilac. And the 10th picture is of Sheetz which my father claims he's never seen or been to which I'm not sure is possible once you get out of NY. The one near us is the busiest I've ever seen, constantly full and the place To Be Seen. We love Sheetz!

Monday, July 4, 2005

Squirrel Of My Dreams

Yes, the wicker squirrel is back where he belongs. David had brought the basket part last month but left the squirrel in Pa. Everytime I asked where something was David would say he hadn't had room - I was like how could you not have room for a wicker squirrel?? But he's back, sitting tastefully on my desk with his incredibly tasteful Fake Flowers, adds a certain je ne sais qui to the house. David arrived around noon yesterday, he came home early because the contracts had been signed on Saturday instead of Tuesday. We unloaded yet another load of stuff we dont' have room for. Part of the problem is we're doing all the outside stuff now while the weather is good and then during the fall and winter will do the inside. But until then we can't put shelves up and we're  leaving the two bedrooms that will be renovated first empty. Jackson's encouraging that because it keeps him in the basement/family room. Right now the little bugger has a couch, a futon, pool table and fireplace - it's like we handed him a makeout pit. However that's not a problem right now as the only girl he knows is Becky the Kicker. I'm glad we have all of our stuff here, although I'm still not sure how we ended up with so many table lamps. I took a picture of our dining room chandelier which I think is VERY cool. I stood on the table and washed it down and that really brought it back to life. A few of the balls on the bottom are missing but you can't tell if you dont' look closely. AND the most hilarious thing's made entirely of plastic!

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Sinking To Your Own Level

Vincent, part cat, part bathroom monitor. David has to fix the latch on the main bathroom as Vincent can push the door open and come right in. Which he does and is ok if you live here and are used to it. It can be quite disconcerting if you do not. A large part of his day is watching the toilet flush so if he hears someone go in, he runs right up there. Anyhow, enough of this potty talk. I finally finished filling out the paperwork for the travel agency and sent it off with a minimum of pawprints  and wrinkles so hopefully they won't think I'm one of those crazy cat collectors or something. David is heading home today so we should see him by this afternoon. He got Ray all straightened out and then went to our house in Pa to pack up the last of our stuff. He went down to the RE and they got all the papers signed, the deal is for lease to buy with them paying utilities and rent. David said they looked terrible (he's met them before) -  the house they'd been renting has been sold and they have to be out by the 9th, they'd been counting on getting the mortgage so I guess when it fell through it left them with a week and no where to go.The husband is self employed so the terms of the mortgage were much higher and the down payment was much bigger . The RE said they're planning on closing sooner than the 6 months and now that they have time to play around with, most likely will get a mortgage they can afford.  David said the husband looked stressed and the wife had been crying (we've been negotiating right up til Friday)- having been in that situation last year I'm sure we can both cetainly sympathize. But it works well for us, the rent will pay the mortgage so at least we'll have a bit of breathing room. Jackson and I have been having fun watching movies, we went out to see Mr and Mrs Smith the other day and we have HBO here so we saw a bunch of movies on that. His finger is still swollen of course (and probably will be for awhile) but he can move it so we'll just watch it for now. I took some pictures of the view from our front door but I have to say, the pictures don't do it justice. At night here we have hundreds of fireflies and I wish I could take a picture of them, it's the most amazing thing.

Friday, July 1, 2005

This Is Your Cat On Drugs

Claw found the catnip mouse ( AKA "cat drugs")she so loves the other day, but I have to say she's a mean drunk so we generally don't encourage her playing with it.. The other two cats could care less but Claw guards it like gold. I thought the pool had stopped leaking but it was a false sense of security because of the all the rain we had. It had stayed at 11" (David put a marker on the side) but this morning it was 1/2 an inch lower so we're back to watching the grass grow and pool drain.. The frogs don't seem to be concerned and are still partying in it at night so at least someone gets some use out of it. I went to my early interview this morning, but the nurse manager of the unit I was interviewing for had a crisis on the floor so I just did the human resources part and went home - the manager will get back to me. It sort of works out for me, I'm not going to hear about the visit nurse job until next week so I can keep everything on the back burner until I hear from them without having to put anyone off. I am getting a bit anxious though, being off this long is only fun if you're rich. Our RE from Pa called this morning and we are negotiating again. The guy that was hot to buy it but didn't get a mortgage still wants it so we're working on alternate finances and are trying to negotiate a lease to buy deal. They have to put money in eschrow (nonrefundable) and pay us rent. If they dont' go to closing in 6 months we can be Snidely Whiplashes and throw they're Little Nell butts out in the snow AND keep all the moola. I'm still fighting with the little milipedes, they're small but numerous, they're in the lower part of the house where the computer room is so for now it's typetypetypeWHAPWHAPWHAPPITYWHAPtypetype.......