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Sunday, February 28, 2010


While out shopping yesterday we needed to go to PetCo - and in front of the store, there they were. We only needed a couple of things and as we left the store a 10 year old came marching up and said.............."would you like to buy some girlscout cookies lady?" - it was all I could do not to push the twerp out of my way. I LOVE girlscout cookies - load me up girlfriend! It's a good thing they only have the cookie drive once a year or I wouldn't fit through doorways. And the best part is they're affordable - I'm still steaming over the boy scouts - $40 for a tin of popcorn?? That's not a fundraiser, that's ridiculous. So I'll stick to the girl scouts. Yesterday was fun. David and I picked up two Windsor chairs and a small settee for $75 off of Craig's list. We didn't buy too much furniture for this house yet - but we do enjoy the hunt. The art deco bedroom set remains in the Lake Ariel house, we're not sure what we'll be doing with it. We have another guest room but it's too small for a full size bed. We gave the mattress set to the tenant - she has a friend down on her luck who needed a bed - we weren't using it so off it went. We've never had a problem giving things away, we've discovered it comes and goes - we've been generous with others, others have been generous with us. You give it away, it comes back. On the other hand you do NOT want to entrust the family heirlooms to us, furniture stays but the littler stuff tends to get lost in the shuffle. I no longer say I'll never move again because we seem unable to stop at times. But we've made a good profit so aside from the occasional hysterical outburst from the cat, it's not a bad gig. But we tend to leave a trail behind us and there is little that cannot be bought or replaced easier than transporting it. The snow had started to melt a bit yesterday, but remains fairly deep - Pearl of course enjoys romping. Spring will be a problem though with her, where we lived in WV we had no close neighbors and our yard was 6 acres. Here we have one and the house is close to the road. The issue is Pearl feels her territory extends and anyone walking down the road she goes flying down there, barking and carrying on. Pearl doesn't bite, but I for one would not like a strange large dog doing that - and she doesn't come back when I call her. Right now it's not a big deal with the cold but as the weather gets warmer it will be an issue. So we are trying to figure out what to do about that. Today I have to go shopping for a dress, the trip to Disney is coming up fast and I'd like to get started while I have the time.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm not posting any snow pictures today - its that time of the year when every one is ENOUGH ALREADY. We didn't get as much as predicted ,but it was more than enough to be annoying. Last night the wind was whipping so we filled the tub halfway - we had containers at the last house "just in case" so eventually we will get a couple for this house. The big problem with a well is if the electric goes out you have no water. We've occasionally talked about buying a generator but it doesn't go out enough to support that expense. Of course if the electric ever does go out for an extended time I'm sure we'll revisit that decision with regret. I've been a bit better, the audit being over of course helps, there are things that still need fixing and I'm working on it, but I don't feel so under the gun. These are old pictures of the shawl - I've got about 30 more rows to go on it but there's no point in taking a picture as it's all balled up on the needles. I had last weekend off for real (!!) - and I started reading a Debbie Macomber book - anyone that knows me will know that is TOTALLY out of character for me(most of my recreational reading involves aliens, dragons or zombies). But if you're stressed, these books are the best. They're simply about people living in this town - all of their problems get solved, everyone gets a hug, they're soothing and calming. So I watch old movies, read my books and do a little knitting and everything kind gets back into perspective for me - at least for awhile.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop Flashing Me

I know I've written about this before - those absolute morons that insist on putting on their emergency flashers the second it starts raining or snowing. I have no idea why it annoys me so much - but it does. I can see it's snowing, we are ALL going 19 miles an hour,you have taillights so I can see you quite well, it is NOT an emergency. The throwback that was doing it last night on the way home was two cars ahead of me and I had to laugh because the person behind him was tailgating in retaliation - I actually thought the Flasher should get smacked, but that might be a chargeable thing. Tailgating is free. And then when I turned down my road which is a back road, there came someone the other way, not another car in sight - with their emergency flashers on - sometimes you can't fix stupid. Anyhow, speaking of driving - I realized the other day I can't get gas. The reason is my ATM card was cancelled due to somewhere I used it was compromised so the idea is they would cancel my card and issue a new one. They did indeed cancel my card, as to where the new one is any one's guess. It's funny how 10 years ago no one had an ATM card, now the idea of having to buy my gas with cash becomes a pain. Which it is - I have to run about the gas station doing this and that, you would think it's going to take hours the way I'm going on. I suppose I'll have to bite the bullet today and do it - or take up walking.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Tangled Yarn

The yarn I'm currently knitting with is very unusual, I love it. A hand dyed mercanized cotton, a little thicker than lace weight, but a wonderful heft to it. They only sell it in Milford and when what's left is gone, that's it no more. So every time I'm in the area I buy two or three skeins as it's expensive to boot, I have no doubt I'm known as The Woman That Buys That Yarn No One Else Wants. It's not the easiest to knit with and skeining it is a nightmare - they won't wind it for you at the yarn shop. It knots and tangles, stops and starts. I have a 1/3 of a skein currently thrown up on top of the entertainment system, hopelessly tangled. I should throw it out, but I pick it, work it a little and throw it back up there. I should throw it out, I probably don't need it and the amount of time it will take to wind it will take forever. But every time I go to throw it out - there's Bakem. When I was a teenager I made a practice of buying my yarn out of the discount bin - they sold this great yarn but it was ends of lots, some of it in messy loops, too much on a skein or too little. I'd bought a bag of black yarn - simply wonderful and hopelessly tangled. I was over visiting Liz with this and after what I considered endless fighting with the yarn, was going to throw it out. I can't remember how Liz's grandmother ended up with the yarn - I think she was over too and said she'd take the yarn if I was going to toss it. The next time I saw the yarn there were two facts. It was all neatly wound into ball and it was no longer mine - rule was if you didn't work for it, you didn't get it. That stuck with me - obviously - it odd how things people will say or do will impact your behavior or view point on not just tangled yarn, but what's worth working towards. So the yarn sits on top on my entertainment system - I don't know if I'll finish struggling through it, but I'll keep the yarn, just in case.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Don't Let It Be Monday Again.

I'm currently watching Willy Stark, yet another old black and white movie. Everyone is getting backhanded freely, the phrases "floozie" "dame" and "two timer" are used quite frequently - and the drama is over the top. The son, who was forced to play in the Big Game to make his father look good, is now sitting rather peevishly in a wheelchair being mighty annoyed. I love it and find it quite relaxing, I have no idea why. David and I watch a lot of crime shows - with only 4 channels I don't have much of a choice - but I've noticed lately there seems to be a run on who can produce the most Henious Crimes. They're running out of creative ways to produce victims, even the flesh eating serial killers are starting to wear thin. So when I can the The Classic Movie Channel is on, even if I'm not giving it my full attention. I'm hoping today stays quiet, after the past week's events all I'd like is one day of nothing. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Our office is growing again, we have nurses coming in, not fast enough but at least we'll have them. I did almost a full day on the road yesterday, not that I minded. The sun was out and the temps were in the 40's - spring is calling. David is almost fully recovered, the wound should be closed in another week or so and he has about 2 more weeks of antibiotics to go. Then it's back to the surgeon to see where we go from here. But he's been finishing the house and has been putting in applications as he thinks he might like to work for someone else for awhile. And I continue knitting, I picked up one more skein of the yarn I'm using so I should have enough to complete the shawl - then it's on to the next project. This one seems to be taking forever, but I think it's really I just haven't had the time to work on it.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I don't know what it is about this time of year, this is usually when David and I start our Annual Evaluation Of Things In General and mull over our next move. Would we be happier somewhere else? Should we stick it out here? We have come to the conclusion it is not a bad thing to be buying and selling houses, up until the Lake Ariel house things were ok, we make a profit on all these houses and even though I swear I will never move again - there is something about a new house, at least new to us. NO, there are no plans at the moment one way or the other - part of it truly is this job. We moved here so we could see friends and family, so we could do stuff. But with all the hours I have to put in, I barely have time to sleep at this time, let alone see anyone or join anything. I'm actually not complaining, more thinking out loud. The other issue is that since we're short a nurse at work I've had to go out and start doing patients again - and I do enjoy it. I love the driving, being outside, seeing people. I've been giving the Two AM Girl plenty to discuss with me - she appears now on a nightly basis and I am beginning to fade. This will all pass, I just wish it would pass a little faster.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Made It Through The Audit

What a rough couple of days - since it was the office's first audit it's considered a mock. We did middle of the road I suppose - there is tons of room for improvement but as my boss says, everyone needs a starting point and this is mine. My decision now - is do I want to continue? I'm not sure I'm cut out for the high stress or the endless time this job requires. I miss being on the road and seeing the patients, not being responsible for everything. On the other hand this has been a month of all sorts of events - and I've learned in the past not to make major decisions while everything is in high gear. That you need to wait until the dust clears and you have time to make a clear headed decision. So I will wait. And there are plenty of good things about this job - I finally got a good boss, I like my coworkers, and when I'm not being stressed to death it's a fun challenge. So right now I'm keeping my foot to the pedal and cruising along, just doing what I have to do.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Candy For Breakfast

Happy Valentine's Day - we're celebrating quietly as I am working again this weekend and then will do something next weekend. I think when you get older you get a bit more mobile about these things, that it becomes less about the day and more about the intent. We're always Valentines but on the 14th there's candy involved. Whoo Hoo. I did about 9 hours yesterday and will back again today mucking through the charts, I'm so tired. The snow continues to stay, but we're officially halfway through February and I think everyone can feel spring just around the corner. David took my car to be inspected yesterday and serviced - it didn't need the inspection and the mechanic said it was a great car. It has been a bit of getting used to - it just didn't feel like "my" car but over the past few weeks I've gotten more used to it - and really enjoy it. It has all sorts of features - seat warmers, side window defrosters, electric sun roof, what fun! I need to get it washed but in this cold weather I'm afraid the doors will freeze shut. David continues to improve and over the past couple of days has been getting back to his normal self. We did the shopping yesterday afternoon and he made it 2/3 of the way through, the last store he had to sit in the car as his back and hips started aching again. But it's much better and he still has 3 weeks of antibiotics to go. I got some more done on the shawl - I most likely will be ending it early, if I do the full 40 or 50 rows left it will be big enough to cover the dining room table. I think it's the gauge of the yarn - it doesn't really matter as it's a repeating pattern so you won't be able to tell.

Friday, February 12, 2010

In The Salt Mines

It has been an uphill battle lately, hasn't it? Piloniodal cysts, audit, piles of snow, crazy patients, disappearing (and reappearing) staff, too much work, birthday cards out(almost!) on time, not enough sleep, not enough coffee - the things your life is made of. But it's not all bad, and better yet - it does end. The audit is Monday, ready or not - I was glad on one hand for the extra time but a bit distraught for the same reason. I am at the point the stress is breaking and I just wanted it to be over - good or bad. Exalt me, kick me, just do it and go. David is doing well, the antibiotics are kicking in big time and today he had his last follow up visit, no more wound packing as the MD feels it will close up on its own, which it's doing at record speed. When he's done with the antibiotics he has another follow up to consult if they need to do anything further - apparently once you've had one, you are at risk to get another one. I am working through yet another weekend - next weekend I'm hoping to have at least one day to myself - it's funny how when you have no time, you very much start to appreciate any little time you do get. I look forward to an extra half in hour in bed or an hour after dinner to knit. I'm still working on the shawl, I have about 50 rounds to go but not sure if I'll do all of them . The yarn is a bit thicker than the pattern calls for and I don't want it this side of gigantic. And I have the yarn for my next project that will be a sweater. I know what I want to make I just need to find a pattern to fit the plan. Sort of like my life, don't you think?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time To Pack It In.

The interesting thing about David's cyst is it was not a simple lancing - it was an I & D which means of course it needs to be packed - twice a day. Now, I do remember my original contract covered For Better For Worse, For Richer or Poorer, Good Times and Bad, nothing about packing a wound. But I like him so I do it. The interesting thing is when it's someone you know it is very different - you can use Two Words all you want (Stop It. Be Quiet. Excuse Me!) - but it is little weird on both sides. David said it's a very odd feeling and I'm sure it is - it's almost 6 centimeters deep and I can get almost an entire 4 x 4 in it. The surgeon has me packing it with betadine, I'm guessing because it was so badly infected. David on the whole though is much better - it's amazing what the correct treatment and the right antibiotics can do - the swelling's almost completely gone, the drainage is no longer infected - even his sinuses have cleared up. Now I have to get through the audit - I worked all weekend, dredging through chart after chart, I'll ride it out and do better next time. I have a full time nurse I've hired and have my fingers crossed - if we have someone full time it will be so much easier - part of the problem I think is my time is so divided.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My. How Interesting.

It just gets crazier as the days roll on. David had been to the doctor for his pilonoidal cyst - they were treating it with antibiotics. He went back and they changed the antibiotics but that was all - the doctor told him to be patient, but patience is not always a good thing. When I looked at it yesterday it was more swollen, he had +3 pitting edema around the site, I won't go into more detail but it had ranged into the Scary Levels. I called my office on my way to a patient's house for the surgeon's number - I've coordinated care with the nurse there so we've spoken a few times. They went and got her and I described what it looked like - she gave me an appointment for noon as she too thought he needed to be seen right away. The surgeon's exam took approximately 2 seconds and they did an I & D 10 minutes later - not only was it abcessed (the surgeon could stick his entire finger down the tunnel) but the culture came back positive for MRSA so David is also on antibiotics for a month. I'm grateful to the nurse for getting us in so quickly, I hate to think of what would have happened if David had waited for his Monday appointment. So he's hurting but mending - and of course my office is still being audited on Thursday, we're getting pounded with patients, so until next week I continue to run and run - but it will end and life will go on. We're currently watching Bad Day At Black Rock and so far the expected snow has not fallen, I'm enjoying a little quiet time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

What a busy weekend I had. I know this will be done in a couple of weeks, but it's awfully uncomfortable right now. I am at the point of giving this job a couple more months - I've never been management so I had no idea if I would like it or I could even do it. I'm back to doing visits, our staffing is so spotty I've ended up being the visit nurse every weekend, at least for a few visits and it's not that it's overwhelming - it's just reminding me of what I do very well and it's hard not to miss it. So we shall see - now is the not the time to make decisions while I'm under the gun and so forth. The weather continues to be very cold, David and I had a ventless gas heater installed at the bottom of the stairs and it works very well. We have to get rid of the electric heat this summer, the bills are astronomical - we run it low and turn it down during the day while we're out and the bills still top out at almost $700 a month, that's insane. We had put the ventless heater in because if the electricity goes out you have a heat source but when we run it, it heats the house pretty well so I think we'll try to use it more.