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Saturday, January 14, 2017


The other day someone posted some silly article about rules for visiting a new mother - it was the usual crap. So I just made a little comment about how it doesn't apply to grandmas, just something silly. Of course we immediately  had the Easily Offended who felt the need to make rude comments, such as "selfish", blah blah blah. I turned off the notifications as I've learned from experience ANYTHING you say will just esculate the situation, like a cyber dog pile. The thing is - the article was stupid in my opinion, all it really was was common sense and and somewhat offensive. Why would I bother visiting anyone that had a list of rules for me before I even hit the door? But that is neither here nor there.

What I found offensive was the people that felt the need to attack what really was, no matter how you read it, a silly comment. These are people that are raising our next generation and it's frightening. They have no filter, no common sense and are so focused on thier "rights" they take nothing else into account except thier own opinion. Any other view is attacked and destroyed - and the things people do and say are almost breathtaking. All I can think when Iread some of these things is - would you say that to someone face to face? If you were across the dinner table would you do all that name calling? Do you really behave like that in real life? 

During the election I probably unfollowed a dozen people - and unfriended a few more - that is something that doesn't need to be on social media. EVER. I know there's some people thinking now it's their right to voice their opinion - and you are very correct. But there's a bit differentce between voicing your opinion and being a screaming piece of shit bully that insists on pushing it down my throat - regardless of whether it's a manifesto on what is required to visit you and your baby (and just for the record I hope you like being alone, all the time with your bubble baby and list of rules) or an opinion on whether Trump should (NOT) be president. I can't say I follow my own rules all of the time, but I will tell you when I feel like I'm not - I stop and leave. I try very hard to read what I'm posting first before hitting send - if that person was in the room with me would I actually say that to them? Would it hurt thier feelings? And if it would - I don't. 

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