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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Sorry about the delay in posting, I'm having a lot of trouble with this blog. Posting pictures has become near to impossible - I can't seem to use the ones on my IPad and the downstairs computer refused to post them at all. I have managed to get one on and it seems to be sparkling for whatever reasons the Internet Gods have determined. Anyhow, Jackson and Brandi arrived last week after a miscalculation of time. They thought it would take them six hours and it actually took eleven - oops! But they managed to get here a day ahead of the bad weather which we were grateful for. They both look great and we were so happy to see them. We left the Christmas tree and decorations up for them - it was not a stretch since we hadn't put them up til New Years Eve anyhow. Molly was doing her usual noodling and carrying on, but after a day or so decided she enjoyed the guests, going so far as snuggling with Brandi on the couch. She has come a long way, hasn't she? Reuben is a Guest Slut and does not have to be asked twice and will sleep with the guest if the opportunity arises. And if the opportunity doesn't arise, he'll sleep with them anyhow.  We've been doing stuff of course, we've been out to dinner, I took Brandi shopping and David took Jackson to the WV Gun Club for his friends to see him. Adam has been very much enjoying spending time with his brother and new sister in law.  On Sunday we set out for Pittsburgh to the Phipps Conservatory - what an amazing place. It was established in the late 1800s and has grown over the past century of course. We were there for a couple of hours and then struck out for (mecca) a yarn store down the road. At that point there were varied complaints but Natural Stitches turned out to be housed in a strip mall that also had a Gamestop and a Chinese buffet so everyone got something and we all got lunch. While we were eating I was using my Yelp to see if there were any malls but we had passed the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History which was immediately voted for our next stop. It was GREAT. We were there for hours and managed to tour the entire facility. The modern art display got a few laughs - there was a stained couch cushion leaned up against the wall, Brandi accidentally stood on a piece of "art", there were two buckets of what appeared to be dirty water but it was actually filled with clear resin that imitated dirty water, etc...And there really WAS a blank canvas that has been on display since 1965. The gem room got my attention, there were dinosaurs, sculptures, paintings, it was unbelievable.  And Pittsburgh, it turns out, is not so far away after all, it took about an hour and 15 minutes, very do-able. Monday was a lay around day and we finally made the Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings which everyone enjoyed. Yesterday was a loss, the temperatures at 6 am were I believe about -7 and I don't think it every got up past 4 degrees, way too cold to do anything. We ended up letting all the dogs sleep with us along with the cat, with the low temps and the wind blowing like a freight train it was impossible to stay warm!  Today is a bit better, David is going out to check on the Bridgeport house and then will be back as Jackson and Brandi will be leaving either tomorrow or Friday to head off to see the aunts for a few days before going home.

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