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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year

 I  try not to make serious resolutions - they generally don't pan out, do they? Why on earth would it be more beneficial to start my diet now as opposed to July?  I think this time of year I try to sort out the past few months and see where I'm going, what's working and what is not. I'm on call again - most jobs one person works the eves of Christmas and New Years and someone else works the actual holiday, this job one person works both. I am mulling over my job situation of course, I try not to make decisions while I am being a crabby pants but the call policy of this outfit is not what I had signed up for - and it is beating me down, quite badly at times. But that is on the back burner for now - I'm on vacation for a week or so and Jackson and Brandi will be arriving here around ten pm tonight due to a slight misjudgement of travel time. I've got the guestroom made up and  did a bit of dusting, so we are ready I suppose. They want to go to the asylum and then on Sunday we are venturing into new territory - Pittsburgh! to go to the Phipps Conservatory and just do some general Peeping and So Forth. On the home front I continue to battle the woods, the briers for the most part are getting on my last nerve. I cut and throw them, they bounce back and stick to everything, I bleed like water spout some days. But we are making good progress and it's good for the dogs to be outside so much. That gets to be a chore some days, between my work schedule and David's plus it getting dark so early I have gotten into the habit of rushing home. I race in, throw the e collars on them and we race out the back so they can get a least a half an hour or so before night falls. We have been barbecuing at least once a week so that helps- we can cook while they race around the yard - and it jazzes up a blah menu in the winter. The weather continues to seesaw, it was so warm on Saturday I was running around without a coat, then it was a sheet of ice the other day - I slipped on the deck and really bruised my knee quite badly, still smarts. Then today it is a little cold, but warm enough for a mid weight jacket, the mud is spectacular. I'm stuck home today on call so not much going on, my knitting is not going so well - the pattern is complicated with no charts and little direction so it's a bit of a forced march. It will not look like the pattern but that's OK, it should look OK, unless you knit and know what your looking at, then you might get a bit snippy about it. So back to the musings of the new year - my job is on the list of considerations, I am staying in this house because I really like it here, I will continue to Battle The Woods and of course I will knit. Happy New Year!

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