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Sunday, January 4, 2015


I had to show my latest bruise to David twice - I showed it to him the other day and he was just meh about it. I thought it was impressive - I actually  managed to bruise the top of my foot, a pretty difficult feat if you ask me. How do you bruise the top of your foot you wonder - well, I was clearing brush in the woods with the dogs nearby. We started back and Molly started running, I started  too because that's what I do. We were jumping ditches and the third one, well not so much. I didn't realize the ground had defrosted enough to make mud. As I hit the other side my foot slipped, whacked it on a branch and back in the ditch I went. Molly hopped back in too since it looked so fun and then Reuben popped back. Descendents of Lassie they are not. So when I showed to David it had not quite gone technicolor yet so that is what led him to declare it was not my best work. It did darken up today but David remains not impressed. But that's ok, given my klutz nature there will be more opportunities. I fall probably once a month or so, there's nothing neurological wrong with me - I simply don't watch where I'm going and run into, fall on, fall off and fall over a variety of objects. But on the upside I have never broken anything, not a toe, not a finger,nada. Neat! I other news I got a new car this weekend. My Subaru was only a 2012 but given my huge amount of driving I've racked up almost 80,000 miles and am that far from the end of my extended warranty. I was at the point of needing new tires, new brakes, etc.. I was not overly happy with the car, not that there's anything wrong with it - it's a fine car but just didn't suit me. We had started looking a couple of weeks ago the used car market is pretty good right now. I ended up with another Subaru but the Forester. It's higher off the ground, same gas mileage, only had 2000 miles and was quite a bit less than the CRVs I had been looking at. The payments are about the same and I got a better warranty. It took longer than I thought it would - I usually give it half an hour including the free coffee. But they prefer it take like three long days or so in which you are forced to sit in the lounge and drink not so good coffee until your heart stops just for something to do. But like all good things it did end and I have a pretty super ride this week. We are still muckin around with the Bridgeport house, deal fell through again, that's twice. It's upsetting and annoying but we've been down this road before.  Our record for selling a house is four times, so here's to hoping we don't break our record.

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