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Sunday, April 19, 2015

To Be Or Clot To Be, That Is The Question.

 SO, I got the results of the Leiden Factor 5 blood test back a couple of weeks ago. I waited for a few days and then finally called - the person cheerfully was "hmm, Julia L-e-s-t-e-r, oh there you are! It's positive so I guess we'd better make you an appointment with the hematologist. Hello? Are you there? Hello?" I was a bit astonished as the only thing I thought would be positive would be, well me being negative. So they sent my results to hematology and I had an appointment on Wednesday. First of all it's in the Cancer Center which was a bit daunting, I felt very out of place to say the least. They had sent me the forms at home so that was all done. I had brought what I consider my "car sock" - I leave it in the backseat so if I have spare time I just knit on that. They called me and did my weight, my vitals, etc - it was very weird as there is nothing wrong with me, I was asked if I was ever tired or had fallen lately. I actually lied on falling question but technically my falling is usually related to a Common Sense Deficit such as standing on a tippy chair in the woods trying to reach something. Or chasing the dog through the mud and going ass over tea kettle into a ditch. So in order to cut to the chase I said no. The doctor was very nice and told me I only had one copy of the Factor 5 gene which is a good thing. However, having had clots in the past and my family history that is a not so good thing so I have to have MORE blood tests. I am only on baby aspirin twice a day so that was a super fun thing. I bought the little orange chewable ones which was not a good idea as I ate 6 of them the first day. They are very good. They also remind me of my friend in 4rth grade Kathy Turner from Arkansas - she was the baby aspirin addict. Her mother tried to keep them out of her reach but if you slept over Kathy's house she would push the chairs up to the counter. She would stand on her tiptoes reaching way to the back of the very top shelf and there would be the orange baby aspirins that she would split with her guest. I'm surprised we didn't bleed out some weekends. ANYHOW, I have to get more tests done, then another appointment in 6 weeks and hopefully it will remain a couple of little aspirins a day. That I can handle.

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