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Friday, April 10, 2015

what A Week!!

wow,what a week! It started out ok, the house was going to be sold Monday,Tuesday I had my first doctor's  appointment for a baseline. Monday came - not a peep from the RE, nothing nada. We had a lovely blow out fight of course, David dragged the Afghan and his share of the dogs and slept in the guest room. The next morning things had calmed, my  MD appointment  went well, we decided to go to Morgantown to shop and relax, then phone range when we got there - closing at two. Quick food shopped, David dropped me and the food off and then went to the closing. He returned triumphant, money in the bank. Easter was Sunday so we planned a quiet dinner to celebrate the sale and the holiday. Wednesday I got a text from my sister's wife that Janet might have had a TIA, but she was stable. Thursday morning the shit hit the fan
I had left my phone in the car at work so went down to get my phone and found a text from Diane that Janet had a stroke. After a 20 minute meltdown I spoke to my boss, finished my work, quick got my oil changed for the trip ahead and the next morning drove straight from my house to Riddle hospital. Janet was up and talking much to my relief - Diane hoped she would be released that night but they weren't done with her yet.Our family has a genetic clotting disorder but she had tested negative so they needed to look further. In the meantime Diane had managed to cut her finger badly enough for stitches. Yikes! But things got better, Janet got sprung in the morning and in the afternoon I got to go to the pickle store AND a yarn store. I stayed for Easter dinner, it was nice having dinner with family. I took off around 3, loaded with an Easter dinner for David, he ate late, but he got dinner too.On Monday I got labs drawn because our family has a genetic clotting disorder. I called the doctors office this morning and surprise, I have it. So I will be visiting the hematologic next week, but better to find out this way then to throw a clot.

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