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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Arrgh. I left my last client's home in the afternoon around 5 - and ended up on 376 which sucks for a variety of reasons, but the big one is rush hour traffic. And construction. But driving around would have meant driving back so I finally made it to 51 which goes toward Washington. On the way there was an accident, one man got out holding his head with a facial wound pouring. I do usually stop, but I could see two people in scrubs jogging by my car with a few other off duty people so since my help was most likely not needed, I headed on. I hate making that decision because you always feel like you should have stopped, even though you know the ambulance is on the way and there's not much you could have done that three people are already doing. I hit more traffic, and some more. I just wanted to go home.
There's a heavy merge from the one highway to the other, with construction. You have to turn around pretty much to see on the oncoming traffic - there was a jeep in front of me that had started to go, so I turned to see if I could get into traffic - I could!- I hit the gas.....and then I hit the jeep. That apparently could not get out so he was still there. At that point would be when I whacked my face on the steering wheel, the parking brake got jammed, arrgh!! It took me a second to get it out of gear and pull over. I ran out to check to make sure the other driver was ok - he was upset, but fine and already taking pictures with his phone. I called the police who asked me where we were - I knew I was near Washington but who memorizes the exit ramps? Since there was no injury we exchanged insurance information and I limped home. I bonked the back of his car up but I really did a number on my car. The front panel is bent, the bumper is totally creased in, you can't even open the hood! We got one estimate this morning and David decided to bring it to Bortz in Waynesburg as they could do it much faster. My insurance covers a rental til it 's fixed and will cover the other car. I'm better today, so far no bruising but my face is still a little swollen and really hurts so it's rest and ice. No, I didn't go to the doctor because even if it is  a little fractured it would just have to heal on it's own. I'm still pretty upset, but I'm glad no one was really hurt - now I have to deal with the fall out. 

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