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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yard Work

So, this morning I decided I would mow the paths in the wooded portion of our property. They cover about 3 acres, plus the big open area in the middle - it takes a couple of hours give or take. . David sighed - we have been arguing over this for a few years now. I mow the paths about 3 or 4 times during the summer, otherwise the growth quickly overtakes it. We have a small mower I use and he is very selfish with it. He goes on and on about how I don't watch where I'm going, and you're going to bend the shaft and then we might as well throw it out, you're just going to hurt yourself anyhow, blah blah blah. But he gave it up and brought it to the edge and then mowed the middle with the big ride on tractor since I've actually cleared enough for him to do that.  While he was doing this I got the front part done but then WHACK. Hit a stump - it died. So I trudled it over to a different part before David saw what I did and THUMP, hit another one. This one flung something right at my leg and really whacked it.

I have always bruised well, but since I'm on a daily dose of aspirin that has completely upped the ante. I got an instant raised area since it was most likely bleeding underneath which then turned red. Fortunately my shorts covered that particular sin so we didn't have to have that discussion. David came over and said in a very snarky way  I had bent the blade, so he had to take it off and straighten it, then put it back on. He said not to hit any more stumps or roots - THUMP. WHACK. sigh. After the third time he hit his limit since the other thing that annoys the crap out of him is I actually expect him to instantly fix all the things I break. Which, if you know me is a fairly regular occurrence. I announced it was not my fault and he responded he felt it was since I was the one touching the lawn mower. I also claimed I had no idea how that happened and I didn't think it was related to stump whacking but since the evidence was literally right under my feet that got me no where.

So, he fixed it ONE MORE TIME which lasted about 2 minutes, when I came out of the woods he just shook his head and ignored me. I dragged the mower quite meanly across the yard to show it what I thought of it and deposited in front of the shed where it remains with it's sad little bent up blades. David said you can only bend the blades so many times before you can't fix it and he didn't seem to care if I believed him or not. He's at Lowes now picking up a new blade which I may or may not have access to until Tuesday which is the day he designated he will be able to tolerate me doing any more yard work. My leg actually doesn't look too bad, I put some ice on and the swelling went down so hopefully the bruise will be under the size of a cantaloupe and will heal before Tuesday when I resume my yard work. 

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