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Friday, May 12, 2017

Not My President

Years ago in my junior year of high school I was stalked for a brief period of time - he just started following me everywhere - I could not make him stop. I did tell the school and was told they could do nothing - because he hadn't actually "done" anything -  but I should come back if he did. I say it was brief because I used to walk home for lunch and one day my mother came home early and saw him. When I told her why he was lurking outside she went out and gave him an earful - and it ended that day. Because in my mother's opinion waiting for him to do something was not a good option. And so it is with Trump.

The other day someone asked me what he had done - had my rights been violated? Had I been denied property? Even abortion is still in place. But like my stalker  he's not doing a full on attack - that would get him impeached or someone would wing him - not smart. Instead, he and his posse are nipping like  pirhanas at the edges til they bring us down. He didn't ban abortion - but they are defunding Planned Parenthood and any other abortion providers. Despite the fact that NO government funding goes to this - it is a travesty as abortion is such a small but important part of their services. He has made it ok to berate and belittle women by his actions - did you see the inauguration pictures where his wife walked behind him with her head down? The horrible things he has said about women - and still does?

He has made the religious faction more brave, the southern states have been trying to pass anti - gay laws. And no most of them are not effective, but you know what? You throw enough shit at a wall some it is bound to stick. The trump supporters turn a blind eye to his activities with Russia, his employing family members, that he is still running his businesses - it's jaw dropping. So no, he has not actually "done" too much yet - but it's not for lack of trying - and do we really want to wait until he does?

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