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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shuffling Shuffling

So for Mother's day this year I got to do laundry and clean out the basement. Adam did call and I got a nice gift from Brandi and Jackson, but other than that it's a bit ho-hum around here. According to David I'm not his mother and that's that. Oh well. So - we are (hoping) to get started on shuffling all the real estate around soon. We are still wanting  to close earlier but so far no amount of wailing and emailing has moved the date. The buyer for our flip is ready and so are we! but you know how lawyers go. I asked David if he thought she could be bought by a pair of handmade socks but he didn't think so - so we wait.

The game plan is as soon as we close we can start ferrying the small stuff over to declutter the house - not that it's that cluttered mind you but books need to be off the shelves, pictures down, counters cleared. It needs to look like someone can live there - not lived in. I have half of my knitting stuff boxed up, after that goes the other half will follow. Today I did the root cellar in the basement where we put a lot of our  attic-y things, Jackson and Adam still have stuff here. But Jackson is clear across the country and in the Navy, Adam is apartment living in New Orleans. I did weed it down (the real junky junk went) the rest we will slog over to the new house for now. All told it's about 10 small to medium boxes so it's fine. I have to say it's so much easier when we do it a little at a time as opposed when we've had to pack up all at once

When you do that you start off really good - sorting, carefully wrapping and packing, labeling each box clearly. Halfway through - it's every man for himself. You just start flinging stuff in a box and taping it shut like your latest murder victim is in there - you arrive at your destination with a pile of boxes marked "CRAP" in big psychotically angry letters. You can't find any household stuff - the mops, the shower curtains, the cleaning supplies are all gone. Then you remember you threw them all out because you can buy them when you get there - which is how you end up exhaustively flinging stuff in a cart at Walmarts and the bill tallies up to What! because you didn't realize how much it would cost to replace it. Yeah - not my first rodeo. So we are trying to do a bit a couple of times a week and offloading the things we are really not keeping - my dresser with the drawers that fall out , the lamp that doesn't work but we keep hoping the Magical Thinking will work and fix it, on and on. But all I can think is - it will be nice to be done.

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