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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Someone recently posted an article about a woman in an Asian country that had 18 abortions in order to give her husband a son - it was supposed to be anti-abortion propaganda. I immediately unfriended this person - and I remain beyond disgusted as this party touts themselves as deeply religious and humanitarian. I did not unfriend because of the anti-abortion stance - every one's entitled to their opinion. I did because I do not need to see such a hateful, misogynist person - someone who hides behind "god's word" to justify  their finger pointing at someone, who obviously does not need one more finger pointed at them. If you really understood this article you would understand this woman is living in a culture where the female population is not valued - her husband was obviously in support of her killing the unwanted female fetuses and most likely is the one that pressured her into it. 

In the documentary "It's a Girl" they interview a woman from India who is not only hiding from her husband - but her mother in law as well.  When they discovered she was pregnant with twin girls both demanded she abort - when she refused they attacked her, actually pushing her down the stairs and her ending up hospitalized. She and both of her daughters survived, but she was divorced and still hiding - where is your outrage at that?? Or the fact that most of these abortions are female - that woman are pushed and bullied into aborting their daughters - does your "religious values" not cover this? Female genital mutilation, that ISIS regularly kidnaps and rapes women with the intention of impregnating them, all crimes against women and ALL you're concerned about is no one has an abortion?? Seriously?

There are now reports that the abortion rates are starting to rise and it's a direct result of the religious right that is fighting to close Planned Parenthood. keep people from having abortions we take away their birth control and then we - guess what! - punish women for getting pregnant. Because that seems to be the real agenda here, for all their yammering about no more free birth control and no more abortions you sure don't hear too much about the men that made them pregnant, do you? Not a peep! When Brock Turner raped that poor young woman you certainly didn't see anything posted by Miss Morals, when ISIS kidnapped and raped all of those school girls, not a peep - nothing. You should be ashamed of yourself, truly. As I've said before and I'll say it again, people like this are one more reason to not believe in a god. And I'll say this again - if you're really pro-life - support legislature that jails and punishes dead beat dads, adopt a child, support Planned Parenthood, teach your daughters and sons about being responsible and using birth control, push for better laws to incarcerate rapists and other sex offenders. If you wish to be just "pro-birth", well, you can just go to hell. And I'll be more than happy to give you a push in the right direction. 

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