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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Reading Program

I love to read - everyone that knows me, knows that. But I really love to read in the summer. I know a lot of that is due to the summer reading program my mother signed me up for every year at the library - and all of my friends were in it too. That really heralded the start of summer, it was different from school reading - you still had to read so many books but you could read what ever you wanted to. There was an official sheet for you to keep track, I can't remember if you had to read one book a week or a total before the end of the summer. You got a prize of course, a book mark or something and of course stickers to keep you going. So here I am, fifty years later with my nose still stuck in a book all the time!

I have an ereader now so instead of stacks of books for David to grumble about -  he now just has credit card charges to grumble about  - but he is relieved not to have a room full anymore. It does fascinate me though that if you took all my ebooks you could easily fill a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves and still not have enough room. My summer reading is fairly eclectic - ghosts, witches,murder mysteries, Debbie Macomber - a little (she's usually reserved for winter, curled up on the couch reading though). All of my books are usually adventuresome, some are re-reads (I will never stop reading A Wrinkle In Time -ever!), I just love to read. I have to say one of the biggest things I'll miss about our property is all of my reading spots. I have old wooden chairs throughout our woods to sit and read. It is wonderful - the dogs snort and snuffle in the underbrush, I can sit and read. I have some spots in the sun for the chillier days, others are under a thick,green canopy of leaves to keep me cool. 

There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting under a tree during the summer and reading the afternoon away. And I do spend a lot of time outside reading - I figure I might as well, the dogs get their exercise and I get to relax, what more can you want? I already have a spot picked out on our new property but it will take some doing I think. The dogs will not be familiar with it and I don't know where the neighbor's property line is - where we are now the dogs have a general idea of how far they can go before I call them back. But we'll also have a big back porch to sit on so that will be my back up. And we are hopefully going to be at the new house in a couple of weeks - I can't wait for our new adventure to begin! Have reader, will travel!

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