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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go.

 I have not really talked (too much) about Pearl - she has her ups and downs, we are starting to lean a little more toward the down lately.  We just had an incident where she was acting very strangely and it turned out to be a false pregnancy -  aside from that she is sort of OK believe it or not, but we are entering the Play It By Ear phase, I know we'll know when it's time, but we're still not ready. Is anyone ever?  We are still over a month away from opening day, Pearl's favorite time of year and she is truly one of those hunting dogs that lives for the hunt. But we know she can't do a full out at this point, what will a month bring? And David wants that last time with his girl - his hunting with Pearl and Jackson he'll tell you is one of his most cherished memories. Watching Jackson with the dog they trained, hours in the field doing what all three of them loved best. Everyday after school they would be down in the game lands, every Saturday, hours. So, there is a reasonably priced hunting preserve and David booked a half day, six birds - and I'm going too. Yes, the vegetarian is going on a hunt. With guns and stuff. The reason is he needs someone to man the camera as we are going to take pictures. I have no idea how to do my hair or what I'm going to be wearing, someone has announced it will be pants and not a nice skirt even if I do have something woodsy, or at least what I would consider a woodsy fashion statement. He is toying around with bringing Reuben the Carsick but we'll see. I am not thrilled about hunting but I will do it for them. And since my FAVORITE yarn store is closing their doors forever, I will have not much to do. Yes, you heard that right, another economic casualty, Bloomin Yarns where I've spent many happy hours will be shutting their doors forever. I went up and did some final shopping, happy for the good deals but not happy for the reason. It's scary how many little non-essential places fail, I could blame it on Obama I suppose. I watched the debates for awhile the other night but turned it off. Obama is the most ineffective, invisible president we've ever had. I could not tell you what his kids names are or what he did last week, he is just there occupying the seat for now. But Romney is SCARY and  I will not vote for anyone with a religious agenda, Cotton Mather anyone? so that knocks out everyone but Boss and Roseanne.  Not knowing what Obama practices or what his religious beliefs are in his favor in my opinion. It's like being a nurse - if I come in to take care of you what I do in my personal life does not matter, the president should follow suit.

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