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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buckwheat Festival For Me!

 I go to the Buckwheat Festival every year, we eat the pancakes, look a the arts and crafts, peek at the animals and eat crap. It's a quiet life, but it's mine. I haven't been to Preston County in a long time- the leaves are just starting to turn and it's so beautiful, we really did enjoy the ride. We've never done the festival on Sunday - it was OK. We got to the pancake breakfast at the firehouse right before everyone started showing up. They're well prepared though - most of the local high school kids are cleaning the tables, running for coffee, etc and I don't think we've ever not been able to find a spot. It's all a bit pricey but supports the fire station and David eats all the sausage he can - there is an advantage to eating with the vegetarian. After we looked at the Arts and Crafts - I didn't have time to enter anything but will make it next year. I bought a t-shirt, couldn't buy the ramp wine though because of the blue laws and I was not waiting til after one. I was glad we'd brought some cash with us, a lot of these vendors don't take debit cards which in this day and age, does make you look twice. The barns weren't open so there was no sheep-peeping for me so off we went - next year we will go on Saturday like we usually do. On the way back we stopped at an interesting graveyard with a fountain that I took pictures of, then I had David drive around to where I saw some statues for picture taking. I thought it looked a little odd - they were detailed,lovely religious - plastic junk!! I couldn't believe it! I had David stop at the one by the mausoleum which I went tappy on it's head - plastic! There was a big one behind the building which I took a picture of and then patted it - how strange it felt. I gave it a few good  raps on the head and it  made a funny bonking noise -  however before I did that it would have been a good idea to turn and around to make sure there wasn't an entire family standing behind the glass wall in the mausoleum watching me whack away at the angel....... good thing my wheel man had the engine running! We must  have  laughed halfway through Preston county about that one. I stopped at the farm stand on route 7, when I was a visit nurse I was a frequent shopper there. It not only has fresh vegetables and fruit, but also a large selection of grains, spices, dried fruit, etc... and all reasonably priced. I got vital wheat gluten, flax meal, whole wheat flour, turmeric, sea salt, etc... I then noticed a sign that they didn't take debit cards - only checks or cash - so I had to run outside and borrow a five from the wheel man which left us with about $1.73 to come home with. I unloaded the car while David prepared the house for Reuben's release from the kennel box. It does not matter if he's in there 5 minutes or 5 hours, when he sees me he stops and pees. So - we prop the back door open, open the kennel and then run helter skelter  out the back door yelling  Come On Reuben!! Anything to save the carpet!

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Sinéad said...

Sounds like you had a fun time, but I admit to laughing at the sight of you bonking an angel on the head!