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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grilling Season.

 The newest change I've made to my diet is I'm back to grilling again on the BBQ. The gazebo we bought is fantastic, I slid our patio set over a bit and  pushed the grill under it a couple of weeks ago so we can now use it year around. David was a little so-so but has gotten on the bandwagon and was out there flipping burgers last night. Of course since the weather decided to go back to spring for the first day of winter that's not too much of a hardship these days. The temperatures have gotten so warm a long sleeved shirt will suffice.  This morning I took Molly to the park to meet up with Charlene my friend and Libby who is Molly's friend. Molly has no issues with her at this point, she seems to recognize her and has relaxed to the point they walk together side by side. She will still not allow Charlene to pet her, but you can see she's starting to want her to. The rain was sputtering when we got there but we brought umbrellas and for most of the time it was just windy and damp, we ended up putting our umbrellas down as the wind was wanting to turn them inside out. So the weather was not the greatest but we both know these warm days will be far and few between for awhile so it doesn't have to be perfect for us to walk. When I got back I took both dogs outside and into the woods for about an hour, then they went in the house while I took the grill apart as it had reached a critical point in the Ickiness Factor.  I scrubbed the bananas out of it , that got done and I have chicken marinating  for tonight. Hmm, are you surprised after all I've been writing about factory farming that I would be marinating chicken from Sam's Club? I am still forging forward with that - I admit I've eaten a little cheese and had milk in my coffee, but it's greatly reduced and as I replace the dairy with soy based substitutes it will decrease further. David and I have started talking about the meat part of it and possibly looking into buying a side of beef from a local farmer - I'm not opposed to burgers and so forth, just the methods that are being employed to obtain them. Did you know that 40 years ago there were hundreds of slaughter houses privately owned and now there are 13? For the entire nation?  And that will be eventually reduced to one or two. That they can "process" up to 32,000 pigs a day? That a great deal of the workers have constant infections from the meat they work with and their hands can become so infected they lose their nails?  That all the beef and chicken you're eating has been rinsed with bleach or ammonia to keep the levels of E. Coli down - did you know that? Well, neither did I - and all of this is simply due to me trying to find a diet I can stay on. Now I have to find a diet I can live with.

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