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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What a Differ-Fence!

David put in a fence about a month or so ago,  when he had some downtime I put it on the list of things that I really wanted done. He fenced in about half an acre, not a lot but enough for the two dogs to have room to romp. What a difference! We actually use the backporch now - this morning I dragged out my tablet, my bluetooth keyboard and a giant cup of coffee. While they investigated the grape arbor for birds, the garden for rabbits, etc I was able to do paperwork for work to get ahead for the week. It's no fun working on my day off, but at least I could do it in my backyard so it makes it a little less annoying. And with no office distractions it goes much quicker.  David was in NJ for a few days visiting Ray - he managed to get sick, not sure if it was from the heat or a migraine, but he recovered by the next morning and they had a good visit. They went out to dinner with Jackie, did the park and book store, David did some minor repairs that needed to be done. He was gone for about 4 days so I spent that time....well, cleaning the house of course. I don't know about you but I find it much easier to get stuff done when there's no one here but me. I cleaned out my yarn and got rid of all the stuff I bought on clearance years ago - the electric blue fun fur, the stuff that was just weird and  tatty looking, etc...I got rid of all the magazines I've collected, clothes I don't wear, the shoes that don't really fit, the books I don't read and are collecting dust. I got six bags all together. In the morning I  went first to the house we bought in Waynesburg, I had seen the outtside but had not been inside. I let myself in and just loved the fireplace. It's an antique mantel and so much more beautiful up close and not peering through a window. I spent the next hour taking pictures and looking everywhere with my little flashlight. The one thing I did notice is there is no bathroom on the main floor - and the one in the walkout basement is a former DIY project from someone with not enough talent to do those sort of things. The one on the second floor which was original to the house you need to walk through the bedroom to get to it - I'm sure when the house was built there was reason for it. But who wants a house that the main bathroom is on the second floor and whoever is in the upstairs bedroom has no privacy at all - not me! I went back to the main floor and noticed there is a large closet in one of the downstiairs bedroom that shares a wall with the end of the hall - that will be the half bath, and better yet it will look like it's always been there - problem solved. After I was done with that I took my 6 bags of stuff I don't need and dropped them off in Morgantown at the the Salvation Army. Then I dorked around West Virginia of course, what else would I do? The asian grocery wasn't open yet - boo - the co-op moved and I was too lazy to find it. I went to the fancy Krogers on Stewartstown road (oh get over it - you think it's fancy too!) and looked at all the little shops they've adding - and are adding. It seems like everytime I go there they're adding something else.  I wandered home , cleaned some more and just flopped.  The dogs have been bunking with me while David was gone and this morning I woke up and noticed there was something small,brown, and poo shaped on David's side of the bed. Hmm. It appears there was a tussle over a prize cat poo out of the litter box and the victor had brought it to bed to protect it from the Usurper. This was not how I planned to start my day, especially since I had already changed the sheets the other day.  I wondered if I could just Febreeze where the poop had proudly been displayed but then realized if the poo smell came back and I was outed, well, that would be ugly. Very very ugly. 

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