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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kim Davis who?

 I saw that Kim Davis was still trying to sneaky deny marriage licenses, even made CNN(again) and all I could think was ..... why is this idiot news in the first place?? The religion she follows is one of those run of the mill female oppression types - no cutting your hair, no make up, dresses, cover up those tatas, etc... I mean seriously, who wants to follow a god that insists you look like a wet noodle all the time? But I digress. It is perfectly fine with me that Kim Davis does not like gay people - I seriously do not care what floats her boat. She's kind of out there and if you have seen her, this is less about religion and more about her meeting famous people. I did catch her get out of prison shot and she was playing it up to beat the band, holding hands with Mick Huckabee, crying and praising the lord, but you could see she was thinking she was the Cat's Pajamas, couldn't you?

She is a small, mean narrow minded woman - nothing more, nothing less. This has gotten her attention and given the fact she was on CNN again, she will continue to misbehave until, well, until we stop paying attention to her. This is like the Duggars, isn't it? Everyone offended by thier anti-gayness, them holding themselves up as Devout Christians and then it comes to light that not only did thier oldest son Josh molest 4 of his sisters (one was FIVE!), but they allowed it to go on - and then had his victims try to figure out what they did to cause it, forced them to continue to live with thier attacker and let him continue - until it came out all big and larger than life. They are no longer in the media and honestly  - who cares what they believe - Holy Crap!
I only posted one thing about Kim Davis and then stopped - because she does not deserve any attention for behaving like a spoiled child. If she was that offended she needed to transfer - qui-et-ly. There are a few others that are trying the religious waters, there is an airline server that has become a muslim and wants to keep her job but will not serve alcohol - her answer is to have her co-workers do her job. And this was going on until one of her co-workers got fed up, who can blame them? If it does not work with your religious beliefs, that's fine - but find a job that does and don't expect everyone to accomodate you. I am a vegetarian and that is sometimes not a good thing. When they throw lunches at work I have a less than 50/50 chance of being able to participate and sometimes it's just annoying, I mean really - you couldn't have just ONE sandwich with no meat? But, being a vegetarian is my choice and as it is, I know to still bring my own lunch on days they are doing a luncheon and if I'm out at a restuarant I might have to figure out what I can have - but I am not starving and I'm used to it. In other words I have adjusted to the world, it did not adjust to ME. So this will be the last I will say about Kim Davis - and if we all stop posting about her - she will go quietly away and she can be as anti - everything she wants to be. .(But I do have to admit the memes are pretty funny, aren't they? )

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