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Monday, May 23, 2016

Circle Your Wagons

This trip has been harder and yet way more fun than anticipated, not counting the part where I thought Jackson might be dead. I would be all for unseeing  that, but he's fine so let's move along. I'm glad I put an extra day just in case as we will be using part of it. We did great yesterday - took off early with the goal of about 800 miles landing us in Butte Montana. The girls are still tiny enough that they spend most of their time sleeping,eating and pooping their weight but being in a car seat for 10 hours a day is tough. They're not uncomfortable but need frequent breaks for cuddling and staring at various objects,this week it's fans and doors. Maggie the dog rides in the Subaru with Jackson unless I'm giving him a break,then she rides with me. She's very good but only loves Jacskon. When I drive she's sits in the backseat staring at me like a dog napper, I'm sure she'll develop Stockholm syndrome at some point.

Brandi is a super trooper, I could not ask for a better daugher in law and it's been fun spending so much time with her. We spent yesterday reading the billboards out loud as there is a lot of strange activities you can do out here. Pet alligators, see a 6 foot rabbit, get all your animal parts needs. We discovered on the first day it was easier if one person sat in the back between the two girls - they love to eat when we drive and you can comfort them. They are such beautiful babies and so much fun. We ended up taking more frequent stops yesterday than anticipated and our goal of Butte was too lofty. I had a back up destination closer so I texted them to head there. David called and when I asked him to find the number of the Super 8 he actually called to book the room - they were full!! He quickly called around and found another place down the road so when we arrived we just pulled in and got to our rooms. I am so grateful, can you imagine after 12 hours of travel with babies and a dog to have to find a hotel? A big thank you to David, one more reason he's the best

So I reconfigured our trip and we have a little over 11 hours left to drive. We will do at least 8 today,then finish up on Tuesday. This will make it a bit tight fir me as. I have to be at the airport Wednesday morning around 4:30 am. But it is what it is and it has been fun

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