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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dog Days

So, I'm feeling a bit less fatigued - I arrived home around midnight on Wednesday, took Thursday off - which  I spent pretty much sleeping, worked all day Friday and now a 3 day weekend, thank goodness! All that flying, driving, sleep deprived time has caught up with me, I was joking around at work I might take a page out of George Costanza's book and nap under my desk (one of the funniest Seinfeld episodes ever!). So I'm super tired and dragging but and this is complicated by my right foot having issues. It has been swelling behind the ankle and there's a hard, round bit that's pretty sore - but it's not red or hot so I'm hoping it's just strain from pushing a gas pedal  for four days straight, then another day from work as opposed to say, a blood clot. But I was very careful to take my daily dose of aspirin and to get out of the car and walk at least every two to three hours. It was throbbing last night so I got up and wrapped a heating pad around it and went back to sleep. That seemed to help a bit. Today I went shopping with David - the fridge was bare! - and then have kept it up for today. I just don't have time for this!

It seems that since I've come back we've hit instant summer - sun blazing, hot and humid. The dogs of course are still enjoying the woods and continue skulking and partroling. I know to come in when Molly looks as if she will dig a hole. When we first had her that completely flummoxed Rueben - he would stare at her trying to figure out why she was digging a big hole. The place she was taken from in Ohio had no shelter at all, this meant she was completely exposed to the elements. The temperatures in that area soar to over 100 degrees - and most animals will dig a hole to lay in to try to stay cool. Reuben, however, when exposed to the elements will lay on the vent pumping out the airconditioning and have some filtered ice water - he still looks confused if she starts to dig as he considers this completely unnatural. So we try to stay in the shade and when I see they're getting too hot we head in. 

I have a ton of stuff I need to get done, the house needs cleaned, my paths need mowed, on and on. But we have Monday off - we are doing nothing. I considered doing something to celebrate the holiday but I think the best celebration will be staying home with David and the dogs. Given how much time I spend away from home being here is sometimes all the vacation I need.

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