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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Going South

David said the other day "I know things happen, but do they always have to happen all at once?" - this has been a rough couple of months. David got ahold of WV to find out where the taxes they owed us were - H &R Block (who charged us over $400 by the way because our taxes are not standard) sent the wrong form so he had to call the owner. THEN he had to go down there because not only did that idiot screw up the WV portion by sending the wrong form, but she managed to fuck it all up. Excuse my french but there is no other way to say it. So they have two CPAs working to fix it, hopefully by next week and the only silver lining there is we overpaid. The fucking moron that did the taxes in the first place is mysteriously not answering her phone anymore. Hmm. I did get my car back which I am so glad for!! - no more wee little toy car and it looks almost OK but there is a gap on one side of the hood so I have to figure out when I can bring it back to be looked at. It's not a huge deal but just One More Thing. 

The house in Waynesburg has been looked at quite a lot but no takers so far unless we would like to hold another mortgage. Nope. We dropped the price a little which is not a big deal - we usually have 3 numbers to work with. The first number is the Magic Number which is where we start and if  we get it - it is dancing in the streets and margaritas all around, we've done it once. The next number is the Good Number where we not only break even but make a salary which is where we usually land. Then there is the Lowball Number - that one I always think of as the one where we get out of town with our underpants intact and nothing else,. We did that in East Stroudburg when we accidentally bought a house in the land of foreclosures. There actually is one more number that we have done once- Take A Bath Number, that one really sucks - the house isn't selling or you accidentally rent to own to the Freeloader who lives in your house til the sheriff comes to evict her. I still hope she is covered in boils and has hemorrhoids. Bastards.  This house was such a big project it took longer than expected which it feels like For-ev-ver.

And now David is winging his way to Long Island, or at least trying to. His mother, who is 94 this year fell and broke her hip about a month ago, she's been in rehab and was doing a bit better, but had a real set back earlier in the week. She is be a bit more stable, but David wanted to go see her so he finished up here and I dropped him off at the airport for a 4pm flight. Which got delayed due to thunderstorms so he sat in the plane for about two hours before it took off. Then when it arrived to Philly all the flights going to Islip had departed so he is stuck in Philadelphia for the night and then will depart in the morning. He'll be sleeping in the airport tonight as he has no idea where the hotels are or how to get there - American Airlines is not being very helpful.  He's a bit upset but what can you do? We'll just do what we always do, just roll along until it gets better. 

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