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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Where There's A Will There's A Fight

So, David did finally make it to Long Island  after an overnight stay which he paid for as the delay was an act of god as opposed to an act of American Airlines I suppose. His mother was doing better by the time he got there, her blood pressure was stabilized and she was glad to see him. He went to see his father - he stayed with my parents as apparently his sister  has had to move back home and is now living with their parents. David was there about 20 minutes when his father casually mentioned that everyone had been cut out of the will with the exception of  his sister who will now be inheriting EVERYTHING. David had the reaction most of us would - I mean, really - can you imagine coming home to see your mother and having that bombshell dropped on you? What a mess - it's really not the money. David's parents are older but are in fairly good health, it's a rare thing for someone to outlive their money these days. But as a  friend of mine said there's no better way to make someone feel unwanted and unloved than making sure you treat them as less than another sibling. The fact is there are four children that family, not one. But - as horrible and selfish people can be, there's not much you can do but let it go and move on. 

David decided he had come to visit his mother and that's what he did - there was a pall over the visit, but in the end he was glad he had gone. We live so far we rarely get home and chances are good this will be the last time he sees his parents, - it's just a shame this information could not have been shared well before his visit - or after.  We are still selling the house in Waynesburg, no takers so far but we have had some interest. We have a back up plan too. I've been busy at work, I've been working on tracheostomy and ventilators - did well on the trach and vent will be Monday - I'm reading and knitting of course, what else is new? 

And we are battling H & R Block - for the record I did tell David not to go there but he panicked and did it anyhow. They fucked up our taxes - sorry for the language but there is no other way to put it. They have two CPAs working on it and are now not answering our phone calls. David called the head office and lodged a complaint so hopefully that will get things moving. We still have not gotten our refund from WV because they sent the wrong form and when the owner looked it over it  turned out the jackass had also listed our flip house as a rental - we will get flattened for that next year if it's not fixed. But we have some fun stuff going on - the granddaughters are doing very well (I talked to Jackson today), they are now four months old - 13 and 14 lbs and right on target. It's amazing what modern medicine can do, isn't it? Jackson and Brandi are really loving the area too, David is shipping Jackson his shotgun for duck hunting season and you know who is now thinking about relocating.... (duck hunting? you have duck hunting?)....I"m almost done with the shawl I'm knitting but it's slow going, the last 19 rows are killing me!

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