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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Never Too Hot To Knit

I've been making this shawl for what appears to be forever, the pattern is Memphis out of Egyptian Shawls for anyone interested. It's about 15 rows to the end which doesn't sound too bad - until you realize each row is close to 700 stitches......and then there's the edging which is a project in itself. But it will be done at some point. It's just at the boring part where I just go around and around each row taking up to half an hour. I have about half a dozen more projects I've been thinking of  - most knitters I know have 3 or 4 projects going at once so they don't get bored. When you can't take it anymore you just pick up project B, then the other one, then back to the first one. But I just can't do that,  I like to complete one before starting the next - i want it done!

And no, the heat doesn't bother me, well not as a normal rule. We have central air but David sometimes likes to pretend to save money. There is nothing more fun than coming home to a house that feels like you'be been dropped into your own little section of hell. Better yet David will insist the weak fans are cooling the house off fine. The dogs arrange themselves hopefully near the air vents on the floor looking for a stray breeze - you can almost feel the tumbleweeds wanting to blow through the living room. The temperatures have been soaring in the mid to high 90's so the air is ON. David  actually turned it off yesterday but turned it back on rather quickly when I stood at the top of the stairs vowing I would end him if he touched it again. Electricity here, unlike Long Island is not expensive, running the air costs us about 75, maybe 100 dollars a month - and considering it's really only run part way through July to August we can afford it. 

It has gotten extremely hot this week - when you open the back door it's a furnace blast. I take the dogs straight to the woods where we can get a little relief in the shade - I get no objection to coming back in. My garden is watered every other day to keep it from giving up. Next year I will be doing a raised garden and no more seedlings! Last couple of years I grew from seeds and could not give it away fast enough. This year I decided to use started plants  and they are not producing too well. One zucchini of almost edible size has been squeezed out at great effort, there are two more that look like they started, then pooped out and gave up. Color me disappointed. 

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