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Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Day In the Life

So, we had to take Bob and Molly to the vet this Saturday, actually David was supposed to take them to the vet and I fake offered to go. You know, where you offer to go but in a way that discourages the other person - "I can go with you if you really need me to go with you. I need to finish up some paperwork but if you REALLY need me to go I can". Unfortunately, David is well versed in the fake offer technique and will quickly take me up on it. We are probably going to change vets soon, Dr. Hyde is rarely there anymore and they overbook worse than an airline. We arrived at 8am, I sat in the car with Molly and Bob, David went in. They were fairly quick, everyone got weighed (Bob weighing in at 9.4 lbs) and into a room. The tech did the vitals, then took Molly to have her blood drawn, returned her and there we sat. And Sat. And Sat. 

At one point David was going out to see if they had forgotten about us. The vet didn't come in til after 9, Molly and Bob got injected  much to their annoyance. So -an hour and a half later I took Bob and Molly out to the car to wait for David to get the paperwork. And wait. wait. Sigh. Around 10 we finally got moving, thank goodness. Poor Bob did not tolerate her booster shot well and spent the rest of the day (and night) curled up on the foot of our bed. But she's better today - David said she is no longer a free cat since she has cost us. But the vet told us she's free of any diseases, she been vaccinated and is ready to roll. The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet. We went grocery shopping like a pair of morons - no matter how hard we try we always end up back at the store for all the things we forgot. We ended up back out today as one of the items was toilet paper and we can do with out a few things, not that!

I spent the rest of the day cooking for the week, I try to cook anything that takes time on the weekend so during the week I can just reheat it. I had gotten out of the habit but what happens then is tacos every night. I'm officially part time as of this week - which led to a massive anxiety attack - don't you just love waking up around 1 am with your heart pounding so hard you can't breath? I finally got up and slept in the guest room so I wouldn't keep David up. Of course I was quickly joined by Molly& Reuben which is ok. There's nothing like a dog to hug to calm those nerves.  I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll stay that way. Knee jerk reaction is to email my boss to take it back but I'm going to give it a  couple of weeks before making any decisions. Not much else going on, work tomorrow. 

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