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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stay At Home.

So, I've reduced my work week to 4 days instead of 5. Between the driving, helping David with our other business I was just starting to have too hard a time of it. Lately the driving has been worse with all the construction and traffic on the backways - avoiding the construction, my ride went from 90 minutes to almost 2 hours. Each way. Working 4 days seemed the way to go, we can live with a little reduction in my paycheck and I hope it will make me feel less like I just work to work. So today me and my sidekick Molly went to our favorite park for an hour of  walking  And for the first time I left the electric collar at home. I usually just have it on her so if she gets too far I can beep her back - but I've realized she never really lets me out of her sight. This is not true if we have Reuben who always feels as if he must see the entire park. Right Now. But I digress. 

Trust is a hard thing for a rescue dog and once you earn it - it's a rare and wonderful thing. I've noticed our last few walks if she's scared she no longer wants to bolt - she runs to me and will let me put my laughable leash on her (a hamster could escape it). I was glad the Australian sheep herder dog was not there today for our first "solo" flight. That thing is nuts - I've actually never seen one of those dogs aggressive before. I know people that own them and years ago a woman David worked for had one - it's name was Petey and you could hug the stuffing out of him. The last time Molly and walked by the one we see at the park the owners actually had to pick it up. I took Molly off the path and she just snugged up to me, but that thing!! - was snarling and snapping as they carted it by. It always looks like it wants to end us. Seriously. But enough of that, the walk went fine and Molly Ann had a great time  of course. 

I went to see if I could get new glasses today, I've been having a lot of headaches and realized they tend to be worse at work. It's not work giving me a headache but I think staring at the computer all day. SO I went to Walmart and they could not find my insurance on the website. So I went out to my car and called Bayada who found it right away and said they would email me my card. SO, I went to Old Navy, then the grocery store, then Barnes and Noble where I found a book I really really wanted but put it back because I have yet to find a book I don't really really want. David can vouch for this when he gets my ebook bill every month and since I've already bought 2 books I really really want. So, since I've reduced my work I put it back. Sometimes I lay on the couch and announce I don't want to work anymore. That I want to be a housewife. David has pointed out that if you are a housewife you have to do things like the dishes, and vacuum, dust, pay bills, a lot of stuff. That is not so appealing. Anywho, Bayada did email me my card but by then I wanted to go home. Which I did. 

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