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Monday, April 24, 2017

End Of The Tour

If anyone is interested - and I doubt it - End Of The Tour is the name of one my favorite They Might Be Giants song which is why I occasionally use it. Anyhoo, The vacation went well and we had a great time seeing Jackson, Brandi and the girls. The last day we went to Deception Pass beach - I'm always amazed at the amount of driftwood on the beaches which you are not allowed to take by the way. We went out to a Mexican restaurant and for a pair of one year olds - they do very well. Delilah had me laughing, she does not like to be fed but since they were having rice and beans for dinner Jackson did give it a try. Every time the spoon got near she would open her mouth a pinhole which of course made it impossible. Mission accomplished and beans in her hair. They spent most of the time people watching and grinning at who ever was smiling at them.

We found a shuttle service that picks up ten minutes from their house which makes things much easier. The flight home was not too bad except for when we left Seattle. They had overbooked the flight wildly - by 15 seats - and I love the way they make it the passenger's problem. First they announce 20 times they are looking for volunteers. Then they start calling names and asking those people to "please come see the agents" , etc... it really makes you mad, doesn't it? One of the women in my knitting group worked for the airlines and said years ago overbooking made sense. You used to make your reservation and then paid when you got there. What used to happen was people would make 5 or 6 reservations to make sure they got a flight which would leave tons of empty seats for the no shows.She said one airline would usually double book 50 seats on a regular basis. But now you pay for your flight ahead of time, they are nonrefundable and non transferable with huge penalties - usually if someone misses their flight it's got to be a very good reason. So you would think the days of over booking would be over, wouldn't you?

We were allowed to take the flight we paid for (sigh) - I was also better prepared this time for traveling with David who prides himself on being a Light Traveler - translation - he brought nothing to do on a 8 hour flight with a two hour lay over not to mention the two hour wait prior to the flight. I have an ereader app on my tablet so David read old Robert B. Parker mysteries to and fro which he enjoyed a great deal. We arrived at the airport - along with our luggage on time so not too shabby. We use Globe parking - it's half what the airport charges and they pick you up and drop you off so you don't have to spend time looking for a space - or where you parked your car. When you get there your car is all warmed up and ready to go - I really like them. We got home around 1:30 am and by the time we got unpacked, the first load of wash started, the litter trays emptied, etc.... it was 2:30 so I'm having a little bit of trouble getting out of bed this morning. Back to work tomorrow and real life, but we had a really nice vacation.

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Donna Wood said...

I know it was hard to leave those sweet babies. I hope you spoiled them sufficiently while you were there.