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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting Back On That Horse

So, I've been really good for the past 3 or 4 months diet wise. I'm back to working out in the morning before work, I'm using the Weight Watchers online to track my food, I have a Fitbit that records my steps, my exercise and rattles my cage several times a day to get up and move. This was actually funny when traveling because it always seemed to choose to start with it's Get Up And Go! messages as we were mid flight. I didn't feel anyone would appreciate me power walking my 250 steps up and down the aisle so I chose to ignore it and let it be disappointed in me. It's actually been fairly rough going - on the upside I've lost 20 pounds. On the downside the Herculean Effort it took is distressing and often makes me want to throw in the towel to simply spend the rest of my life as a hot mess

Some days I feel like if burp twice I need to record that somewhere since I seem to have to write everything else down. But I persevere, because I know if I stop I will not only stop losing weight but I'll start to gain it. And if history repeats itself I'll gain an extra ten or so on top of it. Yuck. But you do have to have some sort of moderation,when I was on vacation I did eat crap and stuff, but not epic amounts of it. I saved the Epic Amounts for the trip home where I announced I would be eating nothing but junk from one end of the continent to the other - which I sort of did. But you can only eat so much in a short period of time so it was not that bad. This weekend was my birthday so I have eaten pecan pancakes, grilled cheese and cake (twice) but I will be back on track on Monday. The cake is really the only official crap in the house, the rest if fat free, vegetable and fruit stuff. 

And the other thing I HATE to admit is I do feel better when I eat right. Which sucks. Why can't Dairy Queen be good for you? Or Peeps? But there's a lot of good for you stuff that I do enjoy so I suppose I should stop complaining. Not to mention there is one more piece of birthday cake.........

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