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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


So, Jackson is finally home from deployment and we decided it would be a good time to go visit before everything explodes real estate-wise. At this point we have sold the Waynesburg house(again), we have a contract for the house in Mather which is contingent on the first house selling AND if all that goes through we will be selling our house in Garards Fort and moving to Mather until we can find something else we can annoy our family with. Before any of you start muttering They're Moving AGAIN, please note Mather is only about 25 miles from where we live now - I plan on this house being our opus. We've found a great real estate agent and she is working it back home while we're laying round out here on the West coast. The flight this time, with one minor exception when really well and we shuttled from the airport to here as the drop off is only about 20 minutes from their house.

The babies are really growing fast - part of the problem with living so far away is they are doing all this great stuff and they're doing it without us.  But we got to spend a real holiday with them, we were here for Easter so that was fun. I made lasagna and we sat around doing my favorite thing which is eating Peeps and chocolate for one day. The naval housing here is really amazing, the whole place is clean and the houses are huge. Of course the yards are tiny and you have lots of neighbors, but there's park areas on every block and it's pretty quiet here - and very very safe.  We went to a tulip place on Monday - this is where they grow them so it's miles of them! We did the tourista thing which was very fun, Delilah is now a walker so she insisted on walking so we saw a lot of it at Toddler-speed, but that's OK.

We're seeing Kim and Stephen on Thursday, she lives about 4 hours from here so they make a little trip of it. I love that I get to see her at least once a year now. I know she'd like us to consider moving out here and part of me really does think about it. But we don't know where Jackson and Brandi will end up next and with me, a large part of it is my job. It's hard to find a job where they don't tear you to pieces on a daily basis if you're a nurse - I have a great job with Bayada that not only treats me well, but pays me too! People will say it's not all about money, life is too short,etc... but realistically? I have to work, I have no choice and it's a big part of my day at this time.Even though it's "just a job" I don't want to have to spend 40 hours a week being miserable and overworked - and believe me, having moved multiple times I can tell you there are far more places willing to grind you into the ground than places that respect you. So for now it will be twice a year visits which will have to do for now. 

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