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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Is In The Air.

 Fall is coming fast - I know we'll have a few more hot days but you can already see the leaves starting to change and the air is a little chillier. The dogs are loving it - it actually invigorates them MORE if you can imagine that, they're constant out out out and sling around the yard like it's no body's business. David and Adam have worked all weekend, with the cooler temperatures David is trying to get the roof completely done while it's comfortable. He's had an awful cold for the past week and was finally feeling a bit better the other day. We don't see each other a lot lately, just Wednesdays at this point. Adam can only help on the weekends so for now he'll be working the weekends and continue to have Wednesday as his day off with me. We closed on the second house out in Fairmont on Friday - by email no less! - David has pulled up the carpet in the basement since it was Uber- Yucky but that house will be on the back burner for now. He needs to get the Clarksburg house done and on the market ASAP, then will start flipping the other one. We're going back to Long Island for a week too, he's been carping but he will be going with me. Adam has classes so he'll be home watching the hooligans for us. Adam will be 30 next month and I'm not sure what he'll be doing for it. He's not overly enthused, I think this year has been very hard on him and it's been a difficult transition from the armed services to the life of a civilian. I think a lot of ex-servicemen struggle with this, it's not easy and he was ill prepared for it. He's mentioned he might keep it quiet this year and celebrate next year when he's a bit more settled - we'll see. I'm still trying to figure out what I'll be knitting next, my sister in law has requested a dog sweater so I may do that small project for now and put the Dress/Robe/Sweater on hold while I figure out what to do. I have not frogged the dress yet, I'll give it a little more consideration and research before I do that. But for now I'm on the couch with Molly watching DIY TV for amusement, the current show the budget for the kitchen re-do is more than we spent on an entire house!

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