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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loose Ends

 Knitting wise I've been at loose ends - I pick it up, put it down. Start, stop, start again, different yarn, different needles, up, down, up down. My life has been following along, I am at loose ends at work, at home, what do I want? Some of it is outside my control - some of it is but I don't have the energy to deal with it. So for now I drift, letting it all go where it will, life is static ever changing. You need to change with it and not struggle against it. I've been channeling a lot of that unrest into dogs especially since that's a positive thing. Molly has been doing well on our walks, you can tell she wants to be social, how much she enjoys everyone but needs to get past that fear of the unknown. So it's step by step with her - a little more each time and being consistent. We went over to the Fairmont house a couple of days ago to start figuring out what needs to be done - the bathroom is a total gut, Stairway Of Death needs to come out, carpet of course needs to come up and the floor plan needs to be reconfigured to maximize the space and open up the living room. On the other hand the yard is lovely, the view better, the cabinets are in surprisingly great shape - just needs cleaning, new counter tops and new handles and they're good to go. We're figuring out our vacation - we're going back to Long Island for a few days, then off to see Ray of course. Adam will be staying home manning the fort, he has school so it will be babysitting the hooligans for now. I'm glad for vacation, I really need it right now. I often think per Diem might still be the way to go for me, I sometimes need to just take off for a couple of weeks, I am flighty - thank you for asking. At work they've let one of the nurses go so on call has gotten more brutal and we all know how much I love being on call.  David has been out all night two night in a row, the local festival is here and he was asked to do security. There is a lesson for you - don't say yes unless you know exactly what you're saying yes to. He thought it was a few hours each night but it's overnight. He was stressing but since he said he would, he did. He won't again. Not much else, it's been raining, the temps are dropping, perfect for reading and knitting. I've got plenty of books on my ereader of course. Not much going on, loose ends as I've said - a little of this, a little of that.

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