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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ode To Joy

The temperature dropped a lot last night - a lot! We woke to the air hovering in the 40's, when we took the gate down Molly bounced up on the bed and stuck her head under the covers, Reuben hot on her heels behind her. Some people are sad as summer quickly wanes but anyone that knows me knows that fall is my super all time favorite season. I love it! Pumpkins, apples, Halloween decorations. Sweaters, hats, heat on, chilly days, chilly nights. And it also means walks and hikes in the parks, the fun thing about here is there are parks all over. Actually, since it's such a rural area I think any land not being used or owned they stick a little fence and a sign - Voila! Park! Today David and Adam took off for work early, since he's in college all week David pays him to work on the weekends since we need to get a move on. Molly has been doing well with her little walks so today I took her all by herself and we went to Friendship Park. She did well, a little nervous but I notice each time we go it gets a little easier. I'm seriously hoping by the middle of October we can venture to Coopers Rock. If we can get Reuben past his car sickness he can come too but he'll be hunting so he won't be getting gypped on the activities! We don't know if Molly will be able to go hunting too but if not she can be the walking dog. It's still hard at times for me, Pearl loved that park so much and we spent many happy hours there. I took her there a week before she passed away and that day stands out in my mind when I think of her. It was a wonderful clear blue sky and we had such a nice time  - I was given one of those rare gifts of a last day. The one we always wish for whether it be a beloved pet or beloved person - that last day together, just like it's always been, no sickness, no pain, no grief. I'm grateful for that memory and like Molly I'm moving along a little at a time and we are both making strides.  I'm still reading daily, I've been going through the Sue Grafton novels, I'm up to D is For Deadbeat and will probably read a couple more then read something else for awhile. The problem with being able to have the entire series at your disposal instead of having to wait for the next one is if you read them one after another it gets repetitive. I have been knitting - but not so much. I'm seriously rethinking the dress thing. I have a pattern for a full length robe and if I can find it might do that. The sizing is defiantly off and even if I block it it will still not be big enough for anyone human. But the idea of frogging what I've done so far - that's hard. Because you keep thinking if you let it go a little more, it will be right after awhile. There's an analogy in there somewhere. So I'll hunt around for that pattern today and tonight I think I'll start - yikes! - ripping it back. Arrgh says my pirate heart.

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