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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

 Things are moving along - or as the Buddhists would say "life is static, ever changing". Simple words that seem to cover most of my life. Adam has left his job at Wal-Mart, David has gotten busy enough that they can work together on the weekends. He needs help but not a full time helper and with Adam's college schedule he can work the weekends with David instead of Walmart. My Wednesday off has slowly morphed into a Saturday for us, we've moved the weekly shopping and errands to that day now. We are also walking the Hooligans in the park down the road together - this third time went very well for Molly. One of the park workers was there and he came over to chat - Molly was nervous but not pulling and barking. She even let him (quickly) touch her nose before hiding behind me. We are adding a little to her day each week and she's doing very well. I think she really wants to be social and friendly, she just needs to get a little more confident. This morning we went to Sears to get David shoes - and walked out with a receipt for a gazebo!! We walked by one that was exactly what we wanted on clearance, but not low enough for us. I asked the guy if we could do better on the price - he checked and it turned out to have been reduced again, they just hadn't marked it. I'm getting very bad at the haggling, both of us are actually. One thing that buying and selling houses has taught us is you can ask - even at Lowes and Sears - if they can adjust the price. Lowes and Home Depot often have returns or damaged marked down, what most people don't realize is you can make an offer on it. Nine times out of ten they'll drop the price just to move it along. So David will be picking it up on Friday which is also when the shoes go on sale for 40% - works for us. On call last week was horrible and that is an understatement. The on call at this agency is what really makes me consider my employment with them as I'm expected to both answer all calls and do admissions. I started with the admits on Saturday morning at 7:15 and did not crawl in the front door until almost 5:30 pm. The entire day my phone rang and rang and rang which is bad when you're trying to sort through medications or do any kind of patient teaching. Most agencies I've worked with have the managers answer the calls and the staff do the visits which I have to say is a lot les stressful.We started off that if we worked the entire weekend we would get a day off the following week but that seems to have disappeared as fast as it came Don't get me wrong it's not like this ever weekend but when it is it's overwhelming.
. I'll be glad to be off this weekend, I'm not planning on doing much at all. A little cleaning, Molly to the park, some knitting. I haven't been knitting too much this week and am rethinking the dress thing. I have the bottom part done and have started the skirt but due to the miscalculations I've performed it will either fit a ten year old girl or my cousin Amy who fits into very tiny clothes. On the upside it's at the point where I can watch TV and knit without screwing it up too badly so I'll have to decide this weekend. I've been reading a bit more, I'm on D is For Deadbeat by Sue Grafton - I am so hooked! I bought all of them except for V and W - Kobo had a big sale of her novels and I bought a slew of them in one shot. So I have my weekend lined up - sort of - and will have to live through the next couple of days of work. And I admit it, fall is looming right around the corner and that for me is play time!
The Foreclosure so far.

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