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Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Dog Has Fleas

 I have not been posting because our Mac Book is dying - that's a pain. My Ipad will not post pictures on my blog so I'm forced to use the Dell computer. It was easy to download our pictures onto it - but then I couldn't find them -ARRGH. So I'm super behind in my blogging. I'll be out of order, I'll write about our vacation later and other assorted things. We came back from vacation to find both the Hooligans infested with fleas and I do mean infested. We have not had fleas in years and neither these two have had them. Poor Reuben has had issues in the past with allergies and this was no different. So in addition to fleas he has hives and is a most unhappy camper for the time being. They had their Pet armour for fleas but this was a super invasion and our uninvited guests just ran right past it and hopped on the Dog Buffet. So my last two days of vacation were spent spraying, washing, and washing the dogs again - Reuben is being dosed with benedryl until he can stand being in his own skin again - and I'm not kidding. He's red, raw and full of bumps. The carpets have been sprayed, steamed, vacuumed, the furniture  and beds stripped down as far as they can go, the cat has been sorted out too - and as of today we are almost flea free. Reuben is a bit better and no longer looks like a science experiment, but we'll be continuing until they're all gone. They've been having a good time, with the lovely fall weather we're out in the yard a lot getting ready for fall. Davids' been buying plants and planting, mulching the leaves. I've been clearing paths in our woods and Molly has made it her personal mission to keep us safe by rolling in deer poo to keep us under the coyote radar apparently. My neighbor Hazel came over today to collect the Hated Rhubarb - I tease David that's the only reason she talks to me. She has managed to sneak it into conversations and I've noticed she worries about it's health and what it's been up to lately. David had taken down the little fence around it and mowed - I could have shot him! We were out there forever chicken scratching trying to find it again. I told him if we didn't locate it HE had to go tell the neighbor that has been waiting since spring for this moment that he lost the frigging rhubarb, I was really annoyed since I've been protecting since spring so it can go to it's rightful owner. But we did find it and she took plenty, I told her if more comes up she's welcome to come get the rest. I'm walking the rail trail with Charlene and Libby tomorrow, it will be Molly's first walk with others that she does not know. We can no longer go to Friendship Park - on Thursday we headed there with the dogs for our weekly walk to find it gated shut! And no, you can't sneak in either.  I was pretty upset but I understand Coopers Rock is still open, the park about two miles from here is too so it's not like we have no where to go but still it's annoying. Adam is currently in Ohio where he has met up with friends and will be there for his 30th birthday. That's right I will have a THIRTY YEAR OLD CHILD. I'm glad he's spending it with friends- he actually has good friends from the navy that have all moved to that area so I think he's considering moving there too. Today I've not done too much, just a little here and there, mostly hanging out with the dogs.  I had a rough day yesterday, I left the house at 7:15 am and didn't get home til 9:30 at night, then had another 3 hours of paperwork since I'd been running all day. I finally crawled into bed around 1 am and all I could think was really, I am getting too old for this.

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