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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rainbow Bridge Again and other Sundry Items.

So I still cannot figure out how to get the pictures from my Ipad to my blog so when I'm on it you have to see the old pictures. What ever. It's been a tough couple of weeks, hasn't it? Work continues to see saw, some days it's great others it is not so hot. The government shut down and Obamacare  has every one's panties in a knot. David thinks we all have to sign up for it and I thinks it's only if you don't have any at all. Whatever. I've lived through Kennedy Nixon carter Reagan bush - I'll survive Obama. Anyhoo  we had another candidate for the Rainbow Bridge, Claw has been ok but the past week started to decline. She could no longer jump up on the cat section of the counter to eat which was ok. But she fell off the couch the other day and had a lot of trouble getting up. Yesterday I woke to her sitting next to me in the bed, struggling to breath after getting up on the bed. Her vision is almost gone,we're not sure if she can hear, she is not even making the effort to harass the dog, one of her favorite hobbies. It was time. David took her to Dr Hydes and she passed on quietly. I'm sure the rainbow bridge will be in chaos from now on as soon as her furry little paws land on the other side. I called Jackson to let him know - Claw was his first cat and the last pet we ever have cremated. I was surprised by how upset I got - but she's my last physical contact to Mikio,and Setsu and those wonderful days. All things must pass but some are harder to release. Jackson will release her ashes, along with Copper and Mr. Lee at middle beach where we'll find our final resting place someday. We're not getting another cat we are trying to downsize. Adam is currently home holding down the fort David and I are currently in NJ visiting Ray then will head out to LI for a few days. Adam has school so he got elected Chief Dog Wrangler and Cat Servant. We haven't been home in about four years so it should be interesting.

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Donna said...

If I take pictures with my Ipad that I want to use on my blog, I email the pictures to myself, download them, and use them from there. There may be an easier way, but I'm not a computer nerd.