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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Forget Your Lunch Money

 About a month or so ago I was at Michael's and stopped to talk to a woman who was doing a crochet demonstration. Her name was Dolly and when she found I was a knitter invited me to join her knitting group at the Hotel Morgan down in Morgantown. It's on Tuesday nights and since I have Wednesday off I figured that would be a good fit with my schedule. This would be a nod to the phrase "the best laid plans". The first two weeks were covered by my vacation - from Tuesday to Tuesday. Then I was on call Tuesday. And then on call the next one. Sigh, a whole month of Tuesdays. Yesterday however, I was determined to make it and brought my sock bag along with me to work in the car. I also planned on going to the walk in clinic after work since I've been flirting with an ear ache the past week and since the group doesn't start till 6:30 I would have plenty of time since I'm usually done by 4:30. SO we have our weekly meeting at work, they forgot to give me a schedule I DO have a student to take with me on the visits I don't have, I get a schedule and end up spending the next hour trying to get my patients in a line. We head out about 10 - or so - and despite my racing don't get back til 4:45. I went in to drop off some paperwork and ended up of course yakking for a few minutes. I soldiered on and got the doctor's about 5:45 - and of course it's packed. I thought about a minute, made an Executive Decision,got back in my car and stopped off to buy Excedrin. I can go to the doctor's today, can't I? I got to the hotel a little early and then vacillated. Don't you hate doing anything new and unknown like that? I was worried - what if they weren't meeting tonight? What if it was the wrong place? What if I walked into this swanky hotel with my loud little knitting bag wearing my Halloween scrubs and couldn't find them? Honestly, no matter how old you get it's always the first day of kindergarten somewhere, isn't it? I sneaky Pete checked my email and found I had gotten a reminder, I double checked the address and got out of my car. I had to ask at the desk, standing behind some out of town business man waiting, but the desk clerk knew exactly what I was talking about and told me they were where they usually were on the second floor. I went up the marble steps and from the landing I could hear them, I went down the hall to the right and  found about 8 women of various ages knitting away, eating candy and laughing. I sat between Martha ,retired from WVU Athletics and Joann, displaced from Hurricane Katrina but decided to stay. I was a little nervous of course - it's hard when you're in a room full of people that know each other and you know no one, but they were so nice and welcoming I got over it very quickly. We're going to be making baby blankets for the babies that don't survive for Ruby, they also do charity work at this group. I was glad I made the effort to go and am very happy to be back in a knitting group. I suppose I should go the doctor's now, that ear is not going to fix itself.

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