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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

They Won The Battle But Lost The War.

 The Hundred Year Flea War raged on for a few days longer - David tries very hard not to give into the conventional method of calling the vet and getting the twenty dollar pills. He prefers to waste a moderate amount of money on herbal potions and sprays, gleaning the Internet and emailing fellow Voo Doo Practitioners.The end result always is we spend twice the amount of money, the house and dogs smell of a variety of things ranging from camphor to cedar and Reuben goes from Science Experiment to Hot Mess. THEN we buy the pills, Reuben gets a couple more doses of benedryl and life goes on. He finally broke down on Monday and called Dr. Hyde and everyone is flea free and the house only smells mildly of a weird concoction. I remain on call for the week which is a stinking hot mess to boot - no it's not that bad, I just tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill and remain in that camp until the end of the week. I'm off today so the dogs went for their weekly walk in the park together. The weather is notsogreat so we did the close park. Molly is a super walker, Reuben not so much. Molly has completely changed in the past month, she's really getting into the getting out into the world and seeing new things. We'll be at Coopers Rock again this weekend and will most likely hike to Raven's Rock or the Henry Clay Furnace after doing a little turn around the main park for practice. Our walk with Charlene went extremely well and Molly had no problem with walking with Libby the Labrador. David continues with the foreclosure, the wiring has to be all redone so that will be the next project. His friend Morgan is an electrician so they'll do it together and he figures it will take about 2 or 3 days. The outside is almost done at this point and he's started on the upper deck. I finished the dog sweater I've been knitting and mailed it off today for Cooper The Recipient. Since we were doing a run to the PO I also mailed off the second sweater I made for my cousin John to replace the first sweater which was more suitable to either a very long armed woman or a fancy pirate of which he is neither. I frogged the dress I'd started, yet another hot mess in my string of Hot Messes this week - there was just no hope of it every fitting a human being unless someone knows a preschooler who's over five foot tall and weighs about 55 pounds. Hmm. SO my new plan is to start with a lace weight sweater, make a waist band and then add a skirt knitting it from the top down instead of the other way around. That should work. I'm clearing out my knitting closet too, the shawls have won all the awards they ever will - the large green one was donated for a raffle for a person in need, the little yellow one was tucked in along with the dog sweater. John's sweater is gone, there's a few more things that need to go but that does not all have to be done today. One thing at a time.

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