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Friday, November 15, 2013

Being Old Takes A Lot Of Time.

After a few months of wishy washing it, I finally picked a new GP. or PCP. Or MD - pick your poison. One thing about being in home care is you do get the lowdown on who's naughty, who's nice and who you shouldn't sent your cat to, let alone a human being. I had three doctors that got the big raves but one was out of the running because you can never get in to see him. I requested the other two and let the girl up front pick (well, technically, I said I'd like either Dixon or Mitchell and she said "ok, you have an appointment at 2:45 on the 13th and did not tell me who so it was sort of like a Game Show Like Atmosphere). Anyhoo, it was Dr. Mitchell and he was just as nice as all his patients think he is. I did well except for the bit where I Have To Lose Weight, that lovely 30 pounds just likes to sneak back on when I'm not looking. My vitals were good but we did do an EKG which I have NEVER had - you will be pleased to know my Zombie Heart is still beating away, more or less. I've been a member of the Brady(cardia) Bunch since I can remember so I hang out in the 50s while I'm awake.  When I'm asleep it probably beats once a minute but I figure at the very least I'll never wear it out - I'm sure there are certain people that would claim it's because I never use it - la la. He signed me up for a mammogram (sigh) and I have finally been forced to stop evading the Dreaded Colonoscopy where we didn't even entertain comments or excuses. My reflexes are not as good as he would like so there goes the Ninja Moves and he thinks my thyroid needs a blood test, along with a fasting glucose so that would be no coffee tomorrow morning, sucks to be me some days. As I get older I feel like a walking house of cards - my family history has breast, colon skin cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, gout, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts - it's a wonder I get out of bed each day. But I do and my diet starts on a daily basis, I exercise every morning and I try to eat right. They're supposed to call me with appointments for the further testing, I'm trying to not let my Wednesdays off turn into Medical Mayhem Day - I mean it's easier to schedule things then so I don't miss out on work but it kind of ruins the whole day. I had scheduled it in the afternoon so I could take Miss Molly for her Wednesday Walk. Reuben went hunting - or at least his version of it where he runs around like his hair is on fire and and David yells at him. Yes, he needs a little bit more training, since Pearl is not around to teach and keep him in line he's been a wild thing and David is not appreciating his Mad Scooting Skills. Molly and I went to the park nearby, the next time we'll drive the extra 10 miles as I found the Warrior Trail is actually Walking On The Road and that is super NOT fun. Waste of my time as I spent the whole time thinking it would lead to the actual trail and I had to keep hauling Molly up short to keep her out of the road. A fun time was had by no one, the next time we spend the extra time so it can be fun.

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