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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Call Of Duty

 I am on call the third Saturday in a row, arrgh says my pirate heart. I was on call the first Saturday because one of my co-worker's spouse had an accident (he's OK) and they needed someone to work it. . Then I was on call. When we did the on call schedule last week  I accidentally scheduled myself for this weekend because I forgot October ended on a Thursday - I thought I would have a week in between. Which I don't. So I did an admit this morning  and was home by noon. I could have been home sooner but I was noodling about on the back roads which I cannot help. I honestly feel like I need to drive down every back road I see, that there might be something extraordinary and I'll just drive right by it in my hurry to get nowhere faster. And I do usually end up finding something  David and his friend Rich were getting ready to leave with Rueben for pheasant hunting. They got one, Reuben scared up a half dozen and then wandered off. David found him with a couple of farmers - so someone will be wearing a tracking collar from now on until he's old enough to know better. I have no doubt if he got lost someone would take him as he's obviously a purebred hunting dog, but he's likely to find himself staked out behind the farm house as opposed to his cushy little bed next to Molly so you think he'd have better sense. Since I'm tied to the house this weekend Molly and I headed out to the woods where I've been making paths and fighting the stinking briers, some of the vines are almost as thick as a snakes and pretty lethal. We're making pretty good progress and it gives me something to do when I'm outside with the dogs.  In knitting news I frogged my sock!! Yes I stinking did!! I've been trying to do a new type of heel and it was not working at all, it was rather lopsided but instead of just pulling the heel needle and frogging that back I pulled all the needles and lost my place completely. That will teach me not to frog and watch Will and Grace at the same time.

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