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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How The Other Half Lives.

 We bought this hardtop gazebo back in September, it was a floor model and marked down a lot - less than half price. I thought it was so swanky looking with it's little curlicues and draped curtains all around - and it matches the fancy outdoor dining set we bought to boot. It's a year round hard top and I'm hoping we can use it that way. So the store disassembled and David brought it home - and there it sat. It came with no instructions was the main problem, peering at the picture I'd taken at the store did little. So a couple of weeks ago I hit Google and- if you know how to look and I do- found the instructions online and printed them out. Today we got it put together and it's finally done. It came very nice, we're putting the curtains away til spring but it will protect the furniture at least. Molly and I took a stroll around Friendship Park this morning, it's pretty chilly but very sunshiny and Molly really loves her walks now. We're past the worst of it, she most likely will never get to the point that strangers can pet her, but that's ok with me. She's able to walk by other people and dogs without getting upset and enjoys hiking just as much (more) than I do. While I was out walking I  strolled into cell service and my phone announced it had voice mail - from work. Arrgh said my Pirate Heart. I have to talk to them about this on call nonsense before I blow a gasket. It is beyond me that I can be assigned an "afterhours" visit at NINE IN THE MORNING - REALLY?? Apparently I am just being given the option of doing it during my day off instead of after four.. Given the fact that the 70 mile round trip involved would have sucked up most of my day "off" I was a little annoyed to say the least. I suppose it's a little better than it just being sprung on you after four, but really? If I'd been called and asked to do it I would have grumbled of course but I think it would have been easier to swallow. Acck. They managed to cover the visit so I didn't end up having to go but it was more than enough to get me ranting in the car after having left the park early to get home to go out and do the visit and it convinced Molly she will never want to work in home care. Actually, Molly is quite happy in her position of Favored Pet and Chief Couch Occupant so I doubt she's ever entertained the idea of going into home care.  Enough of that.  I went to my knitting group last night and my one finished sock was widely admired - a lot of people showed up, so many we had to get more chairs! The room was filled and it was so nice sitting and chatting while knitting. The group encompasses a variety of women so there's never any lull in the conversation. We discussed Sons Of Anarchy (I'm not the only fan!), Dr. Who, the school system, Christmas, out of state drillers, etc.. We're having a Christmas party on the 17th which should be fun. I'm so glad Dolly invited me to join and my Tuesday nights are looked forward to. Since I have time between work and the group I've started doing the grocery shopping after work and that way on my day off we're not always spending it at the grocery store, what a great deal.

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