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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Daily Bread

 I had fasting blood work yesterday - and I really really hate that. A Lot. I woke up and announced to David that life was no longer worth living, what was the point of getting out of bed? He felt this was the lack of coffee talking and ignored me. My doctor's office has it's own walk in and is open 7 days a week which is wonderful. Dr. Mitchell had told me if you show up about 8:50 they open at 9 and you can be pretty much in and out. I left in good time despite being on call and some one calling at 7:40 am and wanting to have a conversation, but I wrapped it up and  got there before 9 bu still had to hustle to beat out all the senior citizens that know this too. Even though my Ninja Skills have diminished over the years I  managed to be first on the list and only had to wait 10 minutes. The person doing the blood work was very nice and appreciative of my big, blood spurting veins - I have the type of veins that you could dart from across the room and be successful. I've been practiced on by new nurses over the years because they have a success rate of 100%, you would have to be blind and drunk to miss. I also had to give a pee sample which I thought was a bit nervy since I was told not to eat or drink anything - humph! As soon as I was done I bunny hopped over to Books A Million that makes the BEST coffee in the universe. I didn't know if I should drink it or hold it whispering "I missed you". I drank it. I did my shopping, forgetting the requisite two items (no matter how hard we try we ALWAYS forget something!) and came home to drink more coffee. Yes, I am addicted and I super do not care. While doing everything short of infusing my coffee  I watched another gazillion episodes of Sons Of Anarchy, my latest obsession - David says he can only watch it so much due to the extraordinarily high body count per episode.  They are constantly shanking, stabbing, shooting, exploding, hacking, biting, slapping, kicking, running over and pushing people off of buildings. One of the characters is a pediatric surgeon and I wish I had her schedule since she has more than enough time to run around with the bikers when she's not being kidnapped or accidentally offing people herself. I sit and knit while I watch all of this, I've got one sock finished and started the other. I've pretty much given up the dress idea for now and will revisit it if I ever find a yarn that would work well. The yarn I had bought for that project I've found is just not practical. The weight and material (raw silk) are right but in order for it to be a tight enough knit I would have to use size 1 or 0 and it would take a million years to do it. But I can use the yarn for shawls so it's not a waste. I'm still  clearing paths in the woods, Molly and I will not be walking today as the weather is too iffy - we've already been rained out once today so I think this Wednesday will be our walking day.

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