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Sunday, June 15, 2014

All things Considered.

I do enjoy NPR for awhile on my way to and from work. The show All Things Considered is one of my favorites - it's just a mix of every topic you can think of - and more. The wave of illegal immigration of unaccompanied minors escalating due to violence, an interview with a jazz artist, the struggles of Iranian women with education. Sometimes it's a hot topic, sometimes it's something totally off the wall - but it's fun to listen to and you actually learn quite a bit. If I'm invited to a dinner party six months from now I'll be the Queen Of Chit Chat and Obscure Topics.. We took the dogs for a walk this morning - due to my working some weekends and David being out of town it's been awhile. Reuben's attitude is sort..."eh". Molly's is over the top exuberant can't-contain-it joy. It's hard to get the harness on her due to the leaping and running. Reuben has gotten much better in the car, no more throwing up and this last ride he seemed to very much enjoy it - head out the window, ears flapping in the wind. David wore his fancy new watch I got him for father's day, it not only tells the time, but has a compass AND can tell you the barometric pressure. In the event we ever drop him down a canyon he's prepared. We took a different path this morning which was fun, I had to pull Molly from the little pond because if I remember correctly there are snapping turtles in there. Next weekend I have to do another Saturday visit, but that's OK - I really don't mind once in awhile. I've started taking pictures again, but stay out of the abandoned buildings. Unlike the backwoods of West Virginia there's a good chance I'll find more than a raccoon or a nest of squirrels. I've calmed down (a bit) with the shopping but make great use of the post office which is right across the road. Summer is almost here, our yard is so green it doesn't look real, the flowers are blooming and I continue to work in the woods clearing paths and keeping the ones I've cleared, well, clear. It's grows back so fast! I'll have to take pictures in another month, the growth is so thick that the paths I've made are starting to look like green hallways. I've made a couple alcoves for the chairs I brought out there, I have one in a sunny spot for cooler days and one in a covered spot for hot days. The dogs have gotten the idea if they don't wander too far - or come right back I'll let them muck around, doing whatever Important Dog Business they feel needs addressed. My ereaders are getting great use, but I need to be careful. Yesterday I was walking and reading and caught my foot in a root - down I went. I'm OK, a few bruises and my wrist hurts a little, but nothing too tragic. My ereader was fine too, thank goodness! I honestly cannot live without it, not a bit! My nose is constantly in a book since summer is right around the corner - don't you love summer reading? Mine tends to involve vampires, warlocks and wizards - so enjoying it. I continue to knit - slowly for now as I tend to be outside when we're home. I usually get home between 6 and 7, change into my yard clothes, grab the dogs and we stay out for an hour or so. I tend to feel guilty about the dogs being in, but I'm pretty sure I mind it more than the "poor dogs" snoring away on the couch in the air conditioned house do!

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