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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Girl

I had to do a visit on a client today - Bayada's policy is we do a weekly visit on new clients for a month and if the nurse just happens to only be weekends - so be it. Given the fact it's a 3 hour round trip for a half hour visit there has been some concern in the office. But not all of the visits have to be done on the weekend and..... it's really not hurting me. Since I'm new to the city it's all a big adventure, none of that been there done that stuff yet.  If I have to go in on the weekends it gives me to time to look around without getting stuck in traffic. I had an incident during the week where I had to pick up meds - I found the pharmacy but couldn't find a place to park. I circled around a few times, with people on my tail of course making it impossible , it was the middle of the city. On the 3rd time around I spotted a small street behind and pulled in what I thought were the pharmacy spots. I was only going to be a couple of minutes so my parking was not so great. When I came out this woman wearing big stretchy pants with her hands firmly planted on her hips marched over and gave me What For. Apparently I had accidentally parked in the dentist spot AND had parked over the line. I did apologize but she was so invested in yelling at me I figured I'd let her continue, sometimes its' more time efficient to get yelled at and I didn't have time for this. She said her piece and stomped off - I got in my car and made it to the client's in plenty of time, but it was just frigging annoying wasting all that time looking for a spot.  So I made time this morning for a little driving around the city.  I left around 10 this morning as I wanted to see the Whole Foods in the middle of town - the good news is it was easy to find. The bad news was it's Sunday and it's PACKED. I found a spot in the back of the parking lot, nabbed the last small cart, brought my re-usable bags (if you don't you're almost sneered at since you obviously don't Care About The Environment. You probably even Hate Kittens.). It was the usual crowd - there's a percentage of people that feel the need to dress like they live in an organic tree house, all hemp and Birkenstock when they shop at the organic based stores. Not me - had my orange rubber sandals and my bags from Wegmans made out of some material that will far outlast mankind. Shopping was fun since I could combine it with sightseeing, I got online which was not too long. I noticed behind me was a mother with a  young child and a baby, old enough to walk strapped in her cart. I asked her if she wanted to go ahead of me, but she smiled and declined, saying she would be OK. The baby was at that evil age - not that the baby was evil, but you KNOW what I mean. They're all screaming and hands, what ever you want them to do, they don't. The moment she said this the baby bent it's little legs in the cart and like Sampson, broke the bonds that bound her in the shopping cart. It started randomly grabbing while the sister danced around the cart. I very politely said "are you SURE you don't want to go ahead of me?" The nice thing about not being in a hurry is you can be kind instead of looking at your watch and you can let the person with the exploding baby go ahead of you. So we switched places and I was very pleased to see the cashier call someone over to help her get the groceries to the car too - people can be very kind, can't they? I stopped at a yarn shop but did not buy anything, I saw yarn I liked but would have had to buy a bunch to make anything- and I really didn't want it. I saw the client who's mother was aghast at how far I had to drive until the Dad asked me how my shopping was going - totally lost the sympathy vote. Did not shop the way home, but found a great graveyard to have lunch in. My gas light went on so I did what most people would do, took a picture and posted it on Facebook. I managed to make it to the gas station - my tank takes 13 gallons I think and I pumped 12.67 - hooray me! I'm back to knitting my socks, I did the heel on the second one in the car and when I tried it on last night it was way too short so I had to frog it all back - yuck!

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