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Friday, July 31, 2015

A Conservative Liberal Right Wing Greenpeace Point Of View

I had posted about Obama flying the flag at half staff for that drug addled Whitney Houston and not the five soldiers that were gunned down in Chattanooga. I was of course, instantly corrected - and I was wrong.The governer of NJ flew the flag for that waste of space, not Obama. My fault for listening to AM radio, I should know better. But I was asked if I was a conservative since I hate Obama so much I actually voted in the last election just to make one more vote against him. And I do hate him, I could not believe he was re-elected. But that does not make me consevative. Obama has complete disregard for our military - he will allow illegal aliens to collect benefits and stay here if they have "family ties" (pregnant criminal that managed to give birth over the border). And yet he's cut our military - you know, the people that keep America free. And yes our military is overblown but I'd rather be up to my ears in military than illegal aliens. And yes he did sign for gay marriage, but seriously that was coming anyhow, wasn't it? Just like civil rights and women being able to vote, you can't stop change. Saying he was responsible for the enactment of gay marriage would be the same as taking credit for the lake filling just because you're standing at the head of the stream. Gonna happen no matter where you stand. His health care is a mess, he managed to raise the insurance rates in all but six states and yet I think Obamacare covers, hmm, not many I believe. And most doctors won't take it. I don't disagree with everything he does, equal pay, paid for birth control - but most of what he has done is ineffective at best, destructive at worst. But all of this - is usually why I rarely post anything political on my facebook page. Because it does nothing but irratate others and well, me. You end up fighting and making Grand Statements to a group of people that do not want to hear it. Which is fine because I don't want to hear anything you have to say either. There. I said it. I have no interest in your politcal view and no matter what you say, you are Completely and Utterly Wrong. Which is ok because I heard you say that about me. Yes you did. Did too. Did too. Shut up. See? Fighting already. Your politcial view is your own, just like your opinion on god, abortion and Coors Light - and nothing anyone says will change it but you. I have changed my opinon on some things just from reading and hearing what the candidates have to say, but never from getting lamblasted on Facebook. So I will continue to make snarky comments about Mr. Obama and you can choose to ignore me. Free country and all of that!

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Donna said...

Please let me know if you find ANYBODY worth my vote!